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A Continuation of a Sort...

posted 4/20/2010 9:33:15 PM |
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As some of you may have seen on the Boob Toob, my home town in East Bumfuck Oregon was chosen by a branch of the Aryan Nations White Supremacists to be their new Home sweet Hell. One corroborating article.. google it.. there are several.

I'd never been so proud of the people I grew up around as I have been in the last few months. They aren't just saying no, they are saying HELL NO.

So why is this a big deal to me? Well, I'll tell ya. it wasn't twenty years ago that there was ONE .. count him.. ONE black person in Grant County and he had been adopted by a white family. There were three Asians and they were left alone only because they cooked good food. There were very few Mexicans... and only during tree planting and or harvesting time.

Racism was a big danged deal back then. BIG HUGE.. People got run out of town cuz of the color of their skin, or their religious beliefs. Anything that made them different. Now, to be fair, most of the people who settled in the John Day valley had come from somewhere in the South.. we even have a hill in town called Rebel Hill.. where the Rebel Flag flew over the county. That's how they were raised. That's what they knew.

Does it make it all right? Hell no. But it does make it somewhat understandable.

But here, a mere twenty years later, Futtin old timey Redneckville has done an about face. Now they are standing up to the hate, and defending people's rights.

I guess what I'm tryin to say here.. so as not to step on B9's toes cuz I am not getting the gist of his blog series... Bout time people realize that PEOPLE are PEOPLE.. color is just skin.. ain't one of us pure white. We're all one shade or another of beige.

All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.
Rudyard Kipling

All the people... like us... are we.. All the people are like us. They live, they bleed, they have hopes and dreams, they have sorrows and tribulations.. They grow old and they die. Hopefully, somewhere between birth and death they find joy and peace.

Equality .. however.. the more we strive toward it, the more we push it away. It's not something to push for, to fight for or to capitalize on. It's something we all need to just ACCEPT.

*steps off soapbox*

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Apr 20 @ 9:39PM  
I remember when these assholes came to my town back when I lived in Roxbury. I was running with early 80's punk-rockers then so we weren't afraid of anything. We heckled those bastards and threw eggs at them until they gave up and left. No one had any sympathy for them.

I don't hate much. But I hate hate.

Apr 20 @ 9:41PM  
All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.

I'd be interested in knowing if he said this before or after his son was killed.

Apr 20 @ 9:44PM  
Not sure, nor am I sure how I would find out?

Apr 20 @ 10:11PM  
Ok the poem was written in a book published between 1919 and 1923 so I assume it was written after his son had been killed in 1915.

Apr 20 @ 11:10PM  
so as not to step on B9's toes cuz I am not getting the gist of his blog series
Color me stupid........but I kinda took his blogs to be more of a history lesson than anything else.......did I miss something?

I live in Buttfuck Northern all reality we don't have a racial problem like some areas...........not to say we don't have some racists bastards but for the most part we are such a mixed breed here.......chances are we are part or at least related to just about every culture........I was raised on an open Indian reservation.....there is more prejudice between different communities of the Natives than there is with the white/American Indian. I have said many times before that although I am Irish, my children are part Native American, my granddaughter is half black, and I have nieces that are part mexican. Taking that into consideration we are just family and no one cares that we are not all white. I always love what you say about there is only one race..........the human one..........and that is so very true.............but again that being said...........I would not have a problem with Aryan Nations White Supremacists if they were a non violent group. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to but when they start using violence thats when I stop believing they have a right to believe in anything they want to.

Where I lived in Ohio I saw a lot of racial bullshit. I said many times that the civil war apparently was not over down there. I remember one time in Walmart where these women kept pushing in front of this black lady......she was standing in line and they cut in front of her like it was nothing. I was in one lane over and getting more pissed.......finally when it was my turn to pay I told the clerk to hold on a second.....motioned for the Lady to go ahead of she was putting stuff on the counter she was thanking me and we got to talking about this cute outfit she had put up there that she had obviously bought for a little the next line I heard a woman say Just what we need some fucking nigger lover..........I stepped back ready to tell the woman off.....and the black lady reached over and took my arm and said Honey its not worth it........I'm use to it..........How sad that she was use to being called names........she was this sweet woman who later I found out was taking care of her sisters two kids after the sister had been killed in a car accident.......her and I ended up as friends..........from a moment of someone being so ignorant to finding a friend that later told me that it was worth the abuse to find someone that was a good person.

Well i didn't mean to write a sum it all up......I wonder why people have to be so judgemental.......they can be total trailor trash with a shitload of kids that are all dirty and hungry but they look down on decent folks just because they are a different would be nice to know that there are a lot of people that are just worthless and the color of their skin doesn't mandate that.

Sorry about taking up so much space.........a green acorn for you my dear.

Apr 20 @ 11:29PM  
Why is it that it happening in eastern Oregon or Montana is of no surprise?

Apr 21 @ 12:50AM  
I grew up in a very segregated south and I was half Indian. That pretty much says it all about how it was down here.

Apr 21 @ 1:00AM  
I don't notice color till color notices me.

Apr 21 @ 5:41AM  
I'm still trying to figure out if michael jackson was black or white.

Apr 21 @ 3:02PM  
Ewe: Yeah I just don't get why a skin color, religion or education makes someone inferior to someone else. We all bleed the same color and if you take off the skin.. I'm betting all that inner stuff looks the same. Everyone feels, thinks, loves, hates, learns... we all live and we all die.. and hopefully, if we are lucky .. there's some joy in 'the dash'.

WoW: I think because it's mostly backwater rural and they expect all of us to feel the same way that they do. They figure cuz we don't have large communities of other colors that we find them to be inferior. Not so much. Thank goodness.

RJ: yeah. for a long time the Paiutes.. aka Diggers.. were an anathema in the county where I grew up.. that has pretty much gone by the wayside now, thank goodness. I like to think that people are becoming more enlightened. Hope it's not a temporary thing.

Bunny: I'm with you. I had a friend from NYC come to John Day, he came with us to my Gran's house for lunch. Gran took me aside and whispered, "I had no idea that your friend was colored." I was a bit shocked.. I said, "yeah? I never noticed.. he's just Michael to me."

Sully: So was he... ya wanna?

Apr 21 @ 3:42PM  
People are people...and I don't give a damn what color, what they weigh, or what they drive. As for hate groups...can't stand them. Like B9 says
I hate hate

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A Continuation of a Sort...