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Three slugs, not taser, bring down dog

posted 4/20/2010 4:40:15 PM |
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I just read this article in the newspaper. Did the police do the right thing, or do you think they were wrong for shooting this dog?

BLUE ASH - Scottie Bullock, whose Chihuahua mix was shot and killed by a Blue Ash police officer last June as the dog bit the hand of another officer, received a $100 fine in Hamilton County Municipal Court on Monday for violating the city's vicious dog ordinance.

But Bullock said he believes it was unnecessary to shoot his seven-pound dog, Jack, and he might appeal his conviction.

"It was poor judgment on the part of the police," he said after the hearing. "I feel they ought to pay me. Shooting the dog was excessive. It never should have gone that far."

Officer Ken Johnson, who was bitten on both hands by the dog, declined comment during the hearing.

But a lawsuit Johnson filed against Bullock earlier this year says he "suffered severe injury to his hands and arms, causing pain and suffering and scarring which is permanent."

Blue Ash officials have defended Johnson and Officer Roger Pohlman, who shot the dog three times before he released his grip on Johnson's hand. His Taser had had no effect on the dog.

Bullock was convicted by a jury on Feb. 25 of violating Blue Ash's vicious dog ordinance.

At Monday's sentencing hearing, Judge Melissa Powers said she didn't consider the offense serious enough to warrant probation.

Bullock will have 30 days to decide if he wants to appeal the conviction and pay the $100 fine and court costs.

Blue Ash Capt. James Schaffer declined comment on Bullock's sentence or his criticism of police other than to say, "We respect the decision of the court."

The police report describes the incident this way:

At about 10 p.m., on June 5, police went to Bullock's house on Cooper Road after a woman reported that the dog had bit her ankles as she jogged past. But Bullock wasn't home.

He and family had gone out of town for a funeral and had accidentally left Jack in the fenced-in backyard of Bullock's parents, who live next door to him. They had meant to place the dog inside his parents' house and have neighbors care for him.

Police officers were unable to catch the dog. The dog latched onto Johnson's left hand and wouldn't let go. Pohlman shot him with a Taser. When that had no effect, he placed a 9mm pistol against the dog's torso and pulled the trigger. The dog didn't release his bite until the third and fatal shot.

Since the incident, Bullock and his wife, Sharon, got a new dog, a Chihuahua they named Manny. They said Jack's death is still painful to them and their three children.

"Every time we let Manny outside," Sharon said, "the kids are worried he's going to get shot."

The Cincinnati Enquirer

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Apr 20 @ 4:51PM  
Also, do you think the owner should in fact bring a lawsuit for the loss of his pet?

Apr 20 @ 4:56PM  
I think that's fuckin' bullshit. There was no reason to shoot a 7 pound dog. I think there needs to be some serious cop ass kickin' goin' on in Cincinnati. I respect an uphold most evrything a cop has to put up with but that is just bullshit. Sounds like the dog was even in a fenced in yard. What the fuck are they going inside a fenced in yard and shooting the dog for. I have a 7 pound Pom Chi and yes they can bite and bring blood but I doubt there was any serious or long lasting damage done to the cops. I guarandamntee ya if it was my dog there would be some ass kickin' goin' on. Sounds like to me it was just a couple of asshole cops not sayin' they all are but anyone that thinks there are no asshole cops have their heads up their ass or somethin'.

Apr 20 @ 4:57PM  
Nothing can replace the pet but I would bring charges just for the hell of it just to see the son of a bitches pay out.

Apr 20 @ 5:04PM  
That is sad, yet kind of embarrassing for the police to say the least. We had an incident in Fort Worth two weeks ago where a cop shot at a pit mix and missed hitting the sidewalk. The bullet shattered and fragments injured two kids.

Apr 20 @ 5:12PM  
Sounds to me like someone should have called animal control to handle the dog. That would have been the proper way to handle trying to round up the pup. This is not a pitbull we are talking about but a very small dog. Sounds to me like the cop used poor judgment which resulted in him getting his hands chewed up by the animal. Next question is was the jogger and the police on that person's property and was the dog just being protective. Some dogs are very protective of their owners and their property. I had a dog named Bach who was a sweetheart until someone who he felt did not belong stepped onto my property. I saw him take the whole seat out of some Jehovah Witness's pants one time as they were running out of the yard. They came to the door in spite of a no tresspassing and a beware of dog sign. Bet they never did that again. Point is if you do something stupid what do you expect to happen?
Do I think he used excessive force? Can't say because I was not there.

Apr 20 @ 5:28PM  
When they brought down Blackbeard the pirate (Edward Teach) it took them twenty seven severe stab wounds from a sword and shot him five times before they finally dropped him.

I'm just glad that dog wasn't as tough as that.

Apr 20 @ 7:24PM  
Well i am probably going to catch shit over this but when the taser wouldnt get the dog to release shooting him seems to me a good choice I dont care what his size you dont think a 7 lb dog should be at what size should one be shot for not only attacking pedestrians but also a police officer? So should the officers stop and weigh the dog prior to shooting it? Sad that the dog had to be shot.........but in a lot of places a dog bites someone they are put down maybe they applied excess force...........but I wonder what anyone else would have done in the given situation.........easy for us to sit here and say damn the dog only weighed 7 lbs.........but he was latched onto someone and wouldn't let go........I am not sure anyone else would have reacted differently................Also sad that the kids had to lose their pet......but I can tell you if a dog bit my kid......I would shoot it in a heart beat...................heartless bitch ain't I? The fact of the matter is......the owner knew it bit people and it should have been kenneled up so it didn't ..............

Apr 20 @ 7:28PM someone that was a 'Letter Carrier' for the Post Office for over 11 years......
Shoot the little fekker. I've heard too many times, "He won't bite, I've had him since he was a puppy, and he's never bit me".
If the 'lil chit has teeth, he can bite. As the initial call was from a 'victim' that WAS bit, all bets are off.
Obviously a vicious animal, and I'd hope that Buttock should pay ALL doctor fees, pain and suffering, and whatever other fees are due to his vicious 'pet'.
I don't care what it's weight was, it's the attitude that counts.

Give the cops larger caliber handguns.

Apr 20 @ 8:01PM  
Yeah, I'm going to be unpopular also.

Chihuahuas are bred to be tenacious little bastards and can have more tude than a rottweiler .. now sure, they are smaller, but that doesn't make them any less capable of doing damage.

If it was tased and did not let go.. shooting it seems to me the only option.

No the Bullocks should not bring suit. They should be glad they aren't facing a more severe suit.

Apr 20 @ 8:24PM  
I wonder what anyone else would have done in the given situation

There are several ways you can force a dog, especially a small one to disengage. You can grab them by the mussel and break their nose if you have to or break their jaw. Now I would not advise trying this with a mastiff.

Apr 20 @ 8:27PM  
You can grab them by the mussel and break their nose if you have to or break their jaw.
and this is better how? its ok to break bones and put them in severe pain but not ok to just kill them without torturing them first? I see your point Bruce, but I am not sure I would grab onto something that was already tearing someones hand apart...........

Apr 20 @ 8:28PM  
I read this earlier..but I had to go Play with my dog and didn't get a Chance!!
but in a lot of places a dog bites someone they are put down anyway.
People are more Worried about "Pet's" than they are People!!!
I would have used a shotgun!!! (If I was able!!)
He(The Cop!) Did what was needed to be done!!! My hats off to the Cop!!!
Remember this Blog?
Would this 7# dog kill the cop? Prolly Not...but he can and would have fucked him up big time!! I have Zero pitty on a Pet that can't be Controlled, may it be Mine , Yours, or Some Strangers!
My 2 cents!!!!

Enough Said!!!!!

Apr 20 @ 9:40PM  
Just kick the tenacious little fucker in the cojones..He will let go

Apr 20 @ 10:41PM  
every dog has teeth and there for can bite. if the dog is physcaly attacking someone put it down. but on the other hand if the owners werent home and someone entered the property they should be bitten

Apr 20 @ 10:41PM  
Good thought Doc!!! Everyone cant Kick that high!!!!

When you shoot anything.... it has to Die out..!! Meaning....
The Heart has to Stop Pumping, that takes Minutes sometimes!!!!!
The Brain or Spine shots are the only places that can Stop the action......!!! (I'm sure the Pro's can add a few places!!)
No, I'm not a Killer, I'm a Hunter...I have Only Killed once in my life.......I'll Not tell about that!(not a person!!!)

Apr 21 @ 12:36AM  
Damn it looks like some testosterone was thrown around in here & not for fucking. Well after seeing Resident Evil I just might shoot a big dog. My grandpa taught me to hit an attacking dog square in the nose & they stop on a dime no matter what breed it is.

Apr 21 @ 7:48AM  
This is exactly why we have Animal Control. There was no need to shoot a Chihuahua with a gun. What is this world coming to??

Apr 21 @ 8:01AM  
hit an attacking dog square in the nose
This is true a german shepherd once came over a 4 foot fence aimed at me.
I had a heavy briefcase and I swung it up just as he cleared the fence..
Whap!!!! Right on the ol' shnozz..He just laid down and whimpered..

Apr 21 @ 1:37PM  
The fact of the matter is......the owner knew it bit people and it should have been kenneled up so it didn't .............

I was thinking the same thing. Hey...I love dogs, any of you who know me know I love my dogs. And I would be heartbroken if any of them were shot and killed. BUT, I don't know Ohio's law on this, but in Michigan, that would have fallen under "assaulting a police officer", and the police are allowed to use deadly force when assaulted.

Now, on the flip side of this:

If the dog is in a fenced is not at large. It is contained. So..why did the police not just leave a notice on the door to contact them? Why did they go into the fenced yard? The article also states:
Police officers were unable to catch the dog. The dog latched onto Johnson's left hand and wouldn't let go.
Which would lead to this question...Were they chasing this dog? Sounds like it. So, now we have a dog defending itself.

There is a lot more to this story than what appears in the article. So it's really difficult to say who is in the right and who isn't.


Apr 21 @ 2:21PM  
It's kinda like saying...if a midget robbed a bank and the police showed up and the midget pulled his gun on them, would the other cop say...oh...don't shoot the cute little thing!
If it needs to be done, do it. People need to learn to control their pets, or just don't have any. Kinda like I always say. Anyone can have a child...that doesn't mean you should. If you aren't going to teach the child (pet) to get along in society and follow some decent rules...then don't have them.

Apr 21 @ 2:27PM  
"a woman reported that the dog had bit her ankles as she jogged past. "

Not 'contained' very well, as it was a 'pooch-dini'.

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Three slugs, not taser, bring down dog