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Tattoos & The Workplace

posted 4/20/2010 1:20:05 PM |
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tagged: fuck, tattoos, life, work, sunshine

I'm sure some of you caught an eyefull of that chick Jesse James cheated on with Sandra Bullock. She was covered in tattoos, worse yet.....she had a very ugly one on her forehead. WTF? Who tattoos their forehead? Alright, I'm straying from my original subject here, lol

What is your opinion of tattoos in the work place? Should men be allowed to show tattoos on their arms/neck while assiting the public, ie: Bank, restaurant, nurse, etc? Should women be allowed to do the same? Do you find it offensive? Or is it something that doesn't bother you one way or the other?

Bottom line, should tattoos be allowed in the workplace or hidden?

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Apr 20 @ 1:27PM  
That is up to individual employers. But visible tats are verboten by many employers and are deal breakers. For many people, the tats are expensive in lost wages.

I'm sure some of you caught an eyefull of that chick Jesse James cheated on with Sandra Bullock.

Who gives a damn, their marriage is nobody else's business.

Apr 20 @ 1:34PM  
Hmm.. well, for me it would depend on what the tat was depicting. If it were offensive in some manner, racial, sexual etc.. then yes by all means it should be covered up when working in a public place. However, if it's just a picture and not something that can be construed as offensive.. then what the hell? Why not? Just don't ask me about facial piercings..

Apr 20 @ 1:40PM  
Well if the workplae had a dress code you wouldn't see them. I know by me if thier arms have tatoos they have to wear a long sleeve shirt. But we are very proffessional . If it is a casual place then I dont care and some are cool and conversation starters. Especially on women


Apr 20 @ 1:44PM  
As far as I am concerned they can be covered in tats from head to toe and have rings hanging everywhere they could think of to put a hole. I don't really give a fuck. I worked with people in the past covered in tattoos and they were some of the nicest people I have met and tended to be more of the creative types. I would hire them in a heartbeat but I am sure a bank manager might not feel the same way. I think people put too much into someone's choice of body art and unless it is something that is directed at someone else I really do not see what the big argument would be for not hiring them.

I saw the woman that Jesse cheated with. So what if she has tattoos? Come to think of it she is probably much more a part of the world Jesse comes from than Sandra will ever be.

Apr 20 @ 1:47PM  
My daughter works as a cook in a restaurant so they dont say shit about her tats but when she was waitressing they made her cover her arms..........yes she has tats ............I think they are disgusting..........and I think its her right to have them..........but ewwww all of her friends have tats too.........and I don't like them either.........i dont have a problem with ppl having them thats their choice...........but I would prefer if the person is a professional such as a doctor, lawyer whatever that they dont have one showing................


Just don't ask me about facial piercings..
That comment brought something to niece had a friend who ran a daycare.........and she had to close it down cause she didn't have enough business to keep it going........all she was caring for was her sisters 2 kids............she was sitting at my sisters one day and said I dont know why people dont seem to want to trust me to take care of their I looked at her........tattoos on her face.......her eyebrow pierced twice......a nose ring........a tongue ring.........and a lip ring.........long exaggerated black tears tattooed on one side of her face and her hair shaved completely off on one side I said to her...........yea go figure...........

Apr 20 @ 1:47PM  
It isn't like they can scrape them off & put them in their pocket & put back on after work. If they got tattoos on most likely the boss hired them knowing this so it shouldn't matter.

Apr 20 @ 1:49PM  
The hotel I work at has a strict policy of no visible tattoos, only visible piercings allowed is ears, and that is limited enough for 2 sets of ear rings..and, they cannot be dangling ear rings..they are to be either very small hoop, or stud ear rings. Only rings allowed are wedding bands. Men can have mustaches, but must be well groomed and trimmed. Women cannot wear nail polish, unless it's clear coat.

I personally don't care if a person has tattoos or numerous body's their life to live, isn't up to me how they live it.

Apr 20 @ 2:00PM  
I have gotten used to it. I don't have any tatoos and probably will never get one. I have scars and they tell a story. I don't wnat my skin to be a playground of my imagination or the creative palite of anothers skillful endeavors.
Should they be covered. Hell, it is kinda like asking a giraffe to cover it's spots these days. Most have so many they would have to dress like monks or nuns to cover them all. I look for loyalty, professionalism and not what ones religious code, tatto beliefs/expression, or even political preference to decide whether they are a good person to be associated with. All in all, if their boss says it is ok, then I am not going to worry about it. They had to pass interviews and likely drug tests to get most jobs that require bonding. Honesty goes a long way with me.

Apr 20 @ 2:16PM  
Personally, I think tattoos look pretty tacky...

Apr 20 @ 2:16PM  
long exaggerated black tears tattooed on one side of her face

If I am not mistaken, that is gang thing.

When I was in the staging business it was not a concern usually. But it was up to the client. For example, you could not have a visible tattoo if you were going to work with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. But we did have one guy briefly who was required to always cover his arms because of his tat, a swastika.

Apr 20 @ 2:29PM  
I am reminded of the blog that I posted that is pretty funny and related to this post.

Apr 21 @ 6:00AM  
I have tattoo's. the ones on my arms are tasteful, one is a tger and the other is a galaxy with a heart in the middle of it with my wifes name in it and there are star bursts swirling around it with our kids names in them.
usually when i am working around the general public i wear long sleeve shirts, some ppl seem to feel intimidated when they see tatts.
I don't like looking at gruesome ones, or ones that are just a jumbled up mess.

as for piercings.... I have a 29 yr old who looks like she fell in my fishing tackle box, I don't like them but each to their own i suppose.

Jul 29 @ 2:36PM  
worse yet.....she had a very ugly one on her forehead. WTF?

lol, sometime i feel like I have a tat on my forehead... it say nerd

but really, me, I don't see it as a problem unless the person wearing it, isn't going out of their way to show it off to someone on the jobs dime.

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Tattoos & The Workplace