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A Reflection of You

posted 4/20/2010 11:41:45 AM |
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I was thinking of bedroom decor after reading OHT's blog and a couple of other specifically from RJ. I think we tend to decorate our homes to match what we like and we don't think about how other people will look at it...........not that that is wrong.........I would rather live in a house decorated with what I like than try to live in one I decorated to make a good impression on others..............which is probably why RJ has swords, knives and crossbows in her bedroom

I did take the time and look around my home and wonder what people's impression would be if they came into my home. My living room and dining room is one large room with dining on one end and living in the other. I have mostly pictures of my family on the wall of my living room/dining room.......In the dining area I have on one wall my china hutch and a large bakers rack. On top of my china hutch I have 2 very large stuffed snow leopards........wearing my late husbands berets he had when in the Army. Yea I know its not really dining room decor but I suppose the large bakers rack holding 30 some cookie jars probably isn't either. But it is what it is and I like it.

Years ago when Gary and I were first married I was going to take a pic with my web cam so that I had an updated pic to put on a site I belonged to. I took the pic and had it posted for almost a year before someone finally asked me what was hanging on the wall behind me........I almost died of laughing and was rather embarrassed when I realized what it was. You see my late husband served time years ago in chilicothe state prison. He tried to escape twice in the 9 months he was there and when they decided to give him early release due to over population and his not being a violent crime, when they walked him to the gate the guard who he had become friends with pulled off his set of handcuffs and gave them to him. He told Gary that should he ever decide to break the law again to just put the cuffs on and set down and wait for the police cause he was too fucking stupid not to get caught. Those handcuffs were hanging on the wall behind me in the pic. It did however explained the kinky emails I had been receiving for that year............

Look around yourself right now..........if you had a web cam attached to your computer (well I am sure some of you do) and you took a picture of yourself.........what would be in the background that you wouldn't have noticed? Would you be embarrassed by whatever was in the picture beside yourself?

For me its really nothing of any interest. Due to my illness I sit in my recliner and have a big window behind me so you would see the outside..........I do have a beautiful tree in the front yard you might get a glimpse of..........LOL Hell I would be more embarrassed by the pic of me...........since I am in a lot of pain today so I haven't went and took a shower yet.....hell I haven't even combed my hair yet................LOL

So what would be in your pic..........and RJ if the crossbow,swords and knives would be in yours..........i wanna see the pic...........

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Apr 20 @ 11:43AM  
I got a sheep rug and blanket in my bedroom!

Apr 20 @ 11:52AM  

I got a sheep rug and blanket in my bedroom!
Oh that's just awful............Im hurt well not really but damn close........... Ewe got to be kidding.............right?

Apr 20 @ 11:53AM  
Ummm I'm just gonna plead da 5th M k:)

Apr 20 @ 12:05PM  
what would be in the background that you wouldn't have noticed? Would you be embarrassed by whatever was in the picture beside yourself?
I must be a vampire because as you can see I don't cast a reflection. I honestly have seen pictures on here where you see filth in the background & I don't mean poor living conditions they can't help but it's either just plain laziness or they just live like that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Speaking of rugs my sister has a tan throw rug that I swear is shaped just like a dick that I give her shit about. Every time I go to her house she bitches about dirty feet so I ask if she'd mind if I stepped on her dick & she gets pissed.

Apr 20 @ 12:07PM  

You may fool the others with that Handcuff story. But I know better. You've had them on me.

Apr 20 @ 12:09PM  
Mine seem to be wandering from my bedroom recently to other parts of the house. LOL I removed some of the lower ones and locked them away when David came to stay with me so right now there would be hooks with nothing on them. What would be behind me right now is a peace symbol poster. I am not kidding. My kids laugh about that combination in my room. I moved from a small rented house to here and what had been hanging in a hallway had to go somewhere. My mom's stuff took up 3/4 of the house so mine got pushed into 1 room because she did not like my taste in things. That would be a whole other blog about combining households. And there is a picture of my two sons in their uniforms hanging right beside the peace symbol. so that is what you would see. Once I took a picture and realized my nightgown was laying across a chair in it. I did some editing on the pic before it went out to anyone.

Apr 20 @ 12:39PM  
Yanno.... I have a Den and I had done that up with the Critters/Mounts....!!
But I have come to realize that this is My Fucking house, Why Hide some of the things I Care about in this World in the Den?!!!(Speaking of Wildlife/Nature!)
Also I have come to the conclusion...that most likely...I will be single for the rest of my Life!!!
If I meet someone..and she don't Like what my decor is....Tuff tittie!!!
I'm hoping to find someone that Will help me add to my Critter collection!!!!
Would I take down the Mounts/Fish that I have Up for someone? Yeah I prolly would, (Move everything back to the Den.... ) but she will have to be Very Special to me!!!

Apr 20 @ 12:48PM  
Tuff tittie!!!
Haven't heard that in a while. I like them soft & consider them no good if they are tough. I don't think a lady would appreciate them being tugged on like beef jerky.

Apr 20 @ 1:02PM  
Pic behind me? You would see my kitchen..the microwave, sink, dish drainer with dishes in it, my phone stand, ceiling fan, stove, kitchen table with my old computer monitor on it, and my entry way door. Oh yeah, and the calendar hanging on the wall by the door. And...occasionally one of the dogs wandering through.

Apr 20 @ 1:11PM  
It's usually what's on the table next to me that I forget about in pictures!

Apr 20 @ 1:26PM  
Depends on which angle the picture is coming from.. it's current angle all you'd see is the sliding glass door and a sofa covered in pet hair cuz it's their sofa.

Apr 20 @ 2:01PM  
There would be nothing that I would be concerned about. The only odd looking thing in the picture would be me.

Apr 20 @ 2:23PM  
Well, in my bedroom I have some tiger pictures in frames on my east wall. Below those pictures is my loveseat with a couple of jumbo plushies of a regular bengal tiger, and a white tiger next to each other. I do collect tigers and all. The feline is my favorite animal.

Apr 21 @ 12:23PM  
And N0 there's not whips n chains in my bedroom Ewe!! Spare beedroom? Not gonna tell so there! Lol

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A Reflection of You