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Should schools be allowed to have corporal punishment today?

posted 4/19/2010 10:07:48 PM |
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I was watching Fox News last night, and they were reporting on some schools in Texas bringing back corporal punishment recently. They talked with some of the mothers in their cars and asked them how they felt about their school district bringing it back.

Most of the mothers were totally against bringing this back. Instead they would be alright with the school calling them to school and letting them disciplining their child instead of school officials paddling them.

The schools have reported that good behavior has gone up since they re-introduced corporal punishment recently.

Are you in favor of this, or are you against corporal punishment?

If anyone wants a link, I'm sure Fox News has it on their web page.

I'm totally for corporal punishment. Not child abuse, but the standard spanking with paddles is what's needed I feel. We had that when I was growing up. We even had this in high school.

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Apr 19 @ 10:28PM  
Man.......... I was a BF of a Ladies Sis....that Had kids that was Preschool.... that I have done handyman work at........OMG the Children acted the best!!! All of them!!!
At home these kids were hell!!
I told this Lady...that she really needed to give lessons!!!!!!
She don't Hit/Smack..... She lets them have privileges ..if the chap messes up..they loose something....!!!!
Its Wild!!! But its Real!!

Apr 19 @ 10:42PM  
oooops, I left off... Yeah.... Kept me Straight...!!!
Well, almost!

Apr 19 @ 10:48PM  
It all depends. My teacher in 6th grade beat one kid who was a little slower than the other students until he had a nervous breakdown right in front of the class. They had a report on another teacher who beat a kid's shirt into his back with a belt. Infortunatley the only way to stop insane individuals from abusing that kind of power is to not give it to them in the first place. If a parent did something like that to a child they would go to prison and as far as I am concerned all these teachers got was a slap on the hand. Who is going to keep an eye on individuals dealing out the punishment to make sure it is for good reason and that it does not translate into child abuse. Not every teacher or principal is a stable individual. I do not think there would be enough accountability of individuals if they brought corporal punishment back.

Apr 19 @ 11:11PM  
I think corporal punishment works well with some kids...and does nothing for other kids. For this reason...I don't feel it would be a good idea to bring it back. Also, there are those teachers and principals who should never be given this power...because they would very much abuse it. And then who would keep them in line? A very scary thought indeed.

I actually think they should be taking privileges away beginning in the earlier grades. For instanceā€¦if they see a particular kid who is prone to bullying...let's nip it in the bud during 1st Grade. Expel the little rebel if you have to. Why wait until he's in Middle School? That's were some of these bullies get their elementary school...and nothing is done about it when it could possibly be controlled.

I work with kids a lot and most of them respond quite well to a loss of privileges...or a good old-fashion "time out". JMHO

Oh...I should add that how you choose to handle your own children...well...that's a whole other matter isn't it?

Apr 20 @ 12:43AM  
Who says corporal punishment has to involve any violence at all? Even light hitting?

What about standing in place? Holding a weight, even a light one? Such things train both physical and mental discipline as well as allow for corporal punishment without having any violence factor at all.

Have a child stand up straight balancing a dictionary in each hand, and after the 5 minute mark they will feel like the world is coming to an end.

Apr 20 @ 12:54AM  
Shit I got my ass lifted off the ground by all kinds of creative paddles teachers & coaches made. I lived through it so can kids today. If that's corporal punishment then I say Hell yes ! These kids today are supposed to be tough billy bad asses being in gangs & all that shit but a good old fashioned pop on the ass with a board will definitely give them a new vision from right & wrong. You might get pissed but when did you turn into a pussy ? ...

Apr 20 @ 1:14AM  
NO!! I have seen too many times where children were in "trouble" with a teacher due to a prejudice........they were sent to the principal for the same shit that the other students were doing but because daddy wasn't the mayor, and mommy was a single parent who waitressed for a living they were treated like shit. Nope, if a student is to get that kind of discipline than the parents need to be involved and they need to be the ones doing the disciplining.

Apr 20 @ 1:35AM  
No! As a "teacher's kid" I have seen too much predjudice when it come to that kind of punishment. I have seen the principal take a paddle to the most popular girl in school and give her swat in front of everyone because HE wanted to get a point across. I have seen a teacher take a mentally handicapped to another room to spank him because he could not sit still because that day was Christmas vacation and he was disrupting the class and he was to start is vacation. I saw my own mother spank a child and I have yet to figure out what that child did. It is amazing what a "teacher's kid" sees taking place in a school and yet no one does anything about it.

Apr 20 @ 2:52AM  
Many varying points, all valid. I say it is up to the parent to decide and give permission. Then there should be, as was the case at my school, one person designated to administer the punishment. At my school the designated hitter was a PE teacher of the same gender as the offender. They had a special paddle to use also. It looked like that instrument that is used to take a pizza out of the oven.

Apr 20 @ 8:16AM  
I say no only for the fact that it can be abused. Just like a cop with a stun gun or a night stick. Not a good situation.

Apr 20 @ 3:02PM  
Nope, if a student is to get that kind of discipline than the parents need to be involved and they need to be the ones doing the disciplining.

Yeah, what the sheep said. That's always been my feeling on this issue.

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Should schools be allowed to have corporal punishment today?