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AMD Week in Review

posted 4/17/2010 7:48:37 PM |
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tagged: review

Ok, so last week I didn’t do a Week in Review..but hey..10 straight days of work, and I was tired! But, after a couple of days of resting…I’m back. Still trying to think of ways to bribe a certain sheep with sexy red heels to help out here ..but….she’s so stubborn!!!! Just can’t please a sheep I guess. Hmmmm…how about a Skwirl? Maybe I can get that one to help? Well, anyway..gotta get this Review going.

Well, let’s start it off right.

onehornytoad69 starts us off with the perfect Pervian blog in “ Your Orgasm’s Are Better…When You” Yeah!! Multiple choice! Always did good with those….ummmm….ok. This isn’t a test. OOPS! For the record…..#’s 3 and 5 are my favorites.

Sunshine79 gave us a chuckle with “Does This Make My Ass Look Big?” Gotta love a Grandma with bad eyes huh? Nose too big? That was funny!

whisperingcomet says “You tell me…” I just never knew there were so many types/names for sex!! Wow!

Wordsofwit blogged “A Bing, a Bang, A Boom…Goodbye To The Big Cowpie” He got to see up close and personal the implosion of the old Texas stadium.

Cootiesprayer tells us about “New smoking law”. Yep, restaurants, bars, and other public building are going to ban smoking starting May 1 here in Michigan. I can totally understand banning smoking in a doctor’s office or a hospital. But, restaurants and bars? I don’t agree with that, especially in establishments with “smoking” and “non smoking” sections. JMHO

B9CC1D talked about “Not getting what you paid for” OMG!! You mean to tell me there is FALSE ADVERTISING on sex sites???? How dare anyone lie about ……………..well, ok, I know, it does happen.

RevDocLove asked a “Technical Question For The Computer Savvy” Wi Fi for the desktop, near a “hot spot”, and “borrow” off the signal? Yes, I knew someone who did that. He never got caught. I’d rather do it the honest way..paying. I have no desire to see the inside of a jail cell.

featherone asks “Who would you choose?” If I was stranded on a Island…..who would I choose ………everyone on my friends list! Never get bored with that many people . That was easy enough.


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Apr 17 @ 7:54PM  
Straddlemynose blogged “We’ve got a birthday boy this weekend.(Chuck)!” Happy Birthday again to our beloved NightofOld!

Wordsofwit had some “Pondering Points” Ya know..if you’re going to go to any website blog for advice…you should always be prepared for hearing/reading things you are not going to like. And, quite honestly, the best advice almost always comes from those who are straight to the point, even if you don’t like what he/she says. At least they care enough to be totally, and yes, even brutally, honest.

RevDocLove told us about his “adventures” in “Damn Women Drivers” Well, Rev, moral of the story is…women are better at multi tasking.

soft_touch938 was “Doing my math…” Yeah, she talked about ratios and other stuff…. bottom line is, there are more men looking than women..or, is that the other way around? Is it a numbers thing? Or, social issues? I think it’s both. That’s an easier answer.

SpunkyRed blogged about “Shop Manager gets Fired Via Text Message!!” Well, now that’s not a nice way to fire someone! Maybe the one doing the firing felt safer? This day and age….who can tell?

onehornytoad69 blogged about “AMD…reminders, does anyone Else have them?” Ya know…like if ya see a makes you think of OHT , or, if you see a rottweiler, you think of WoW, or you see a squirrel, you think of Skwirl, or you see a sheep with red think of Ewe_wish.

And our very own theSkwirl stopped in for a few moments with “Once Upon A Time…(mabye twice)” And gave us an opportunity to share, via song, “who we were, who we are, and who we want to be”. Without video, I was a teen hell raiser, now single and content and want to be filthy rich. There! Simple enough.

B9CC1D brought up “Hurt Feelings and Hurtful People” Blog wars, trolls, debats, etc…it’s all part of the wonderful world of blogland. Now…if there was just a sure fired way to prevent troll infestation…………………….


Apr 17 @ 8:02PM  
onehornytoad69 asks “Is a good debat healthy?” Well, if they are full of good stuff like nuts, proteins…… oh ok..I know..debates. Yeah, a good one where ideas are exchanged..that’s good. Those who would rather engage in insults, talking down, and degrading others…no, that’s just being obnoxious and rude. And a waste of time.

*note here* STOP with all the serious stuff! Ya know how hard it is to make a smart ass comment with this stuff????? *end of note*

Ewe_wish stopped in with “No bits and Pieces just hunks of Junk” What? No Chippendale hunks? Just a bunch of junk? Ya know..she had me going with “hunks” until I saw “junk”. But, she finally got to see her new grandson… and I’ll bet she took the time to spoil him as much as she could.

DickSlippery alerted us to “Terror in the Heartland” Oh no!!!!! The Sesame Street muppets are revolting!! Take cover…and watch out for Oscar the grouch…he has quite the smelly arsenal. See…the media wants all to believe it’s the work of a suicide bomber.. but it’s really the muppets tired of having their strings pulled.

And Sunshine79 popped in with “Hardy Har Har!” So….8 something is the square root of 69? See? Ya do learn stuff here in Pervia.

Ynot7769 asked “Ynot Boycott IRS??” Wonder if he did boycott? And if so… did it go? Haven’t heard from him…hmmmmm….. don’t suppose those IRS folks didn’t appreciate his brand of humor maybe?

Onehornytoad69 asked “Do you get an “Attitude” from, of all things, lack of sex. What?? Lack of sex? Says who?

We had a new blogger stop in this week, Tammy_Lynn wondering “Where Oh Where has my decent picture gone” Welcome to the wonderfully “slow as molasses on a cold winter’s day” world of AMD picture approvals! Give it time, might be a year or two before they finally get around to it.


Apr 17 @ 8:07PM  
B9CC1D put forth “Chop it Off- The Body Part Quiz” Interesting……. I will say, an interesting point was raised… we can all say we would give a limb or body part to save the life of someone..but, when it comes down to actually doing so…………..what then?

Straddlemynose asked “What was your first serious long term relationship?” Oh here he goes again….relationships. That love bug has bitten him so hard…’s almost easy to feel sorry for him……………NAH!!!!! Maybe if he would let us know who it is………… c’mon Straddle..ya know you’re driving us crazy with this.

RJ53 had a “Sex Question” Yeah, a sex question in Pervia! So..while having sex with someone..did I think of someone else…………..

flavorbuster blogged about “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPERM” What can I say? You just got to love the way this guy thinks!!!! Or not…it’s up to you.

Sunshine79 had a blog “Hello, I’m Here To Return My Child” If you hadn’t heard, a woman who had adopted a Russian child, sent the child back because he is “violent and mentally unstable”. On the one hand…I think to myself…if this was a child she had actually given birth to…she sure couldn’t send him back, would have been kinda hard…But, on the other hand, the adoption agency should have included all medical records associated with this child so she was informed of things of this nature.

NightOfOld had a “Serious Question for the Ladies” Well, it’s like this…women see the bling on the wife’s finger and decide they want some too. Oh c’mon…. do I have to be serious? This is the Review. Ok..honestly, why women go after married men is beyond me. Could be like some said…it’s “safe” worries about commitment. Or, it could be the adreniline rush of “getting away with it” for others. Why do men do the same? Have a woman put a ring on her finger..and men are after her too. I’ve seen it both ways.

And now we have onehornytoad69 with “Understanding Women!!!” What’s this with not understanding women? I got an idea ladies…why don’t we get together, and draw up a map of sorts for these poor fellas? Whaddya think? No? Yeah…I say it’s more fun to keep them guessing!


Apr 17 @ 8:14PM  
Wordsofwit wrote “The Crystal Ball” How did I miss this one? Only change I see in 2015 for me is to have my degree and working in a law office. That’s what I’m planning on.

And lets welcome a new blogger..purplesage who wrote a very steamy Short Story”. wow!

B9CC1D started a short series of blogs “Thought Control” Amazing isn’t it? A so called “free” society, yet, works of art in many forms, literary, music, film, and such are being banned in this country. Honestly, I’d like to decide for myself whether I find the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn offensive or not..(btw…I’ve always liked that story and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer).

And poor onehornytoad69, he had “Shit Happens!!!” Hey! Neighbors dog was trying to be “clean” at least by covering it up.

Wordsowit blogged about “Mom not Being Madonna” Thankfully, my own Mom falls under the “June Cleaver” type… stay at home, took care of my sisters and I, and the house. Don’t know how I would have dealt with it if she were promiscuous/sleazy.

DickSlippery blogs “Its like they’re looking in a mirror..” I think he’s got it solved that whapper and valentine are indeed one and the same.

whisperingcomet said “Let’s plant” With my dogs, there is no way I can plant a garden in my backyard. But if I could..I’d have some tomatoes, cucumbers, taters, watermelon, and green peppers.

Wordsofwit had “The eternal question (humor attempt)” So…why do stale cookies go soft and stale bread hard? As for stale jokes…never saw them.

purplesage gave us “Another short story” Again, HOT!! I sure hope she sticks around an writes more..she’s good.

girlcountry asked “What are our roles???” My role? Hmmmmm….I like the comedian. No, wait! The heroine..(and not the drug either! ) No…too messy..could be painful. I’ll stick with comedian..not as long as it isn’t slapstick . Oh! I don’t think that’s what she meant.

RJ53 blogged about “Day 1 of being a mom again (a temporary one) Yep, she’s taking care of her 3 yr old grandson for at least 2 weeks, maybe more. And she’s discovered that not only at 3 are they like the Energizer Bunny, they also love the word “no!”. Here’s hoping all goes well with her grandson and that she will have some fun stories to share.

Straddlemynose asks “Are you picky with your friends request?” Picky? Me? Nah!!! Ok…yes I am. I want to at least know the person before accepting their friend request.


Apr 17 @ 8:15PM  

As always Fantastic. Here's my green thing.

Apr 17 @ 8:21PM  
For whatever my opinion is worth, this is your best one.

Apr 17 @ 8:22PM  
B9CC1D said “Yeah! Fuck Healthcare Reform!” I’m glad he shared that interview with us. It was so enlightening! Oh…and I don’t think it was long winded.

RJ53 blogged about “Types” hmmmmmm… how has the type of person I’m attracted to changed over the years? Oh yeah!!! They must have a job!

onehornytoad69 asked “Your Story…?” Like I said, I’m a total wimp around bees and hornets.. and I admit it. Main reason I like my vehicles to have working a/c. Keeps those nasty little buggars out of my vehicle.

DesertSmile popped in and shared some “Puns for Educated Minds” I saw the one about the dog having puppies by the side of the road getting a ticket for littering and told Sasha it’s a good thing she had both of her litters in the house. I wouldn’t want to pay that ticket.

theSkwirl says “So….”Well, after the tail biting incident..she finally got to the important question of “wanna fuck”. Just a shame she ended up biting her tail before getting there. Hope the tail is feeling better.

DickSlippery had a rough start in “DickSlippery….Entrip…intre….untra….Businessman!” Man!! All of those cool things..the grill, the Bluetooth, the Pluto Plug…all his ideas and someone else profited off of them! DS…..I’m only gonna tell ya this one time…you get a cool idea…PATENT it! Then no one can steal it from you. There, I did my good deed for the month.

whisperingcomet shared some “Work drama” with us…Now really? Using face book to air ones dirty laundry? What will people think of next! Actually, I’m afraid to find out.

Wordsofwit presented an “Isolated Scenario” This was indeed interesting… what would a couple do if there were no tv or internet to cause distraction. Interesting to see how others would spend time together with their s/o.

soft_touch938 popped in with “Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!” I swear!! Her fish have more of a sex life than I do! I’m so jealous! (now that’s pretty bad…jealous of fish’s sex lives! )

Max49 shared “Rottwieler” ummmm……I’m gonna say it…there is NO WAY I’d stick my finger up any dogs ass… let alone one the size of a Rottwieler! Not unless I have 4 jet packs on a pair of roller skates. Make for a mighty fast exit when that doggy turns around!


Apr 17 @ 8:28PM  
RevDocLove gave us “A Few Funnies For The Weekend” I’m just wondering if that farmer was able to convince his wife he was only trying to milk the cow…

justme4u asked “Is 2012 going to happen or soon? What’s your opinion………” Yep, 2012 is going to happened in exactly 1 year and 8 ½ months. Comes right after 2011. Oh..wait…I don’t think that’s what he meant. Sorry!

Straddlemynose said “Me so horny” ummmm……duh!! We already knew that!

And KitKat25 stopped by and gave us 2 blogs..up first “Do You Have More Guy Friends…Or More Girl Friends?” I’m gonna call it even cause I’m too lazy to actually count. Now this one was fun to read “If You Could Make A Movie” I LOVED PTN’s idea of porn with Surv!! Ya know..haven’t seen Surv around lately…where’s he been? hiding him from us?

alybai42 told us about “My visit to our local animal shelter” I give her credit for actually leaving empty handed. I cannot go to an animal shelter…Every time I’ve entered one…I left with a dog…my old German Shepherd mix, King. OMG!! That dog was an escape artist…I swear I could walk into the local animal shelter and just ask them “Is King in his reserved cage?” I mean, the HEAD of the shelter knew my dog by name!! He was a fun dog…I was crushed when he had to be put down, but hey..he was around 17yrs, he had a full life.

DickSlippery shared his “Interview with a Canadian” DS…never, and I mean NEVER put down hockey to a Canadian… that’s almost as insulting as putting down baseball to an American. And never forget the Canadian bacon…comes in handy when you piss one of them off.

weylinalastair shared “A moment of silence” I will say, the best comment I saw in this blog was “Why shouldn't two gay people that love each other be afforded the same rights as two straight people who love each other” I have to agree. Love is love. If the consenting adults love one’s not anyone’s business. Live and let live.

onehornytoad69 asked “Does your Pet…” Share my persona? My pets? Nah!! I’m always so warm, friendly, easy going… and my crew here…..are all out brats, monsters, ya get the point?


Apr 17 @ 8:34PM  
Well, I’m sure Ewe_wish and theSkwirl are happy.. looks like a long time pal of theirs has returned..Pudge2you told us about “the Swing of Things…” Wonder if he’s chosen his muse yet? And what about that 6th monkey? Now I’m curious..but…do I really want to know the answer?

DickSlippery asked for “A little help?” Goodness!! He’s become obsessed with comments folks! Any ideas on how to help him get over this obsession? I mean, DS with an obsession could get scary.

1bunny69 said “Get a Taste of Bunny. HA!” Our very own bunny is a television star now! Yep, she was on tv. Good going bunny!! Now don’t forget us here in Pervia when ya get famous…btw..she has a gorgeous smile doesn’t she?

And DickSlippery (he’s been busy this week!!! ) is “fucking around with the natural order of things?” Shouldn't do that.... You remember the old commercial, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" DS..ya might want to rethink this.....

onehornytoad69 is “Watching Someone Else Live Your Dream” What? Watching someone else live my dream? How? I don’t even share what my dream can anyone watch it? OH! Nevermind…I see what he’s talking about now.. he’s talking about watching people fish. Fishing is one of those sports that’s more fun to participate in rather than watch.

soft_touch938 chimes in with “Woe is me or…” Watch out! She’s feeling a little fiesty today! The can of “one coat” paint lied…got our Softie feeling a touch “crochety” (her word, not mine!). I usually buy more than I need when it comes to paint….I too found out the hard way that getting exactly what you think is enough……….never is. I swear there are paint goblins that sneak in and take your paint. I ain’t kidding..seriously…I ain’t.

Aftershox stopped in an gave a “Top 10 Internet Goblins” list. OMG! That list was right on the money!!!

Ok….that wraps it up for this week. It’s nice to see that Periva is back to the business of happy blogging. Yeah, there may be some thrown in that are nonsense, make no sense, don’t follow blog rules..but…there were some good ones mixed in there. Shame they seem to get bumped off the front page so quick..but, that’s the way of it right now. That’s why I have my favorite bloggers in my “favorites” list… so much easier to find their blogs that way. Thanks for the entertaining week everyone…keep it rolling!

Apr 17 @ 8:39PM  
Great review

Apr 17 @ 9:06PM  
Awesome job, sugar!


Apr 17 @ 9:23PM  
great job!!!

Apr 17 @ 10:11PM  
What I really want to know? Are your finger's tired

Great Job..Thanks for the mention..

Slips a kudo to the WIR queen

Apr 17 @ 10:54PM  
Great job ... Ya sure got more energy than I have to do all this. You are appreciated and I'm sending you a cookie to prove it...

Apr 17 @ 11:12PM  
Good job, Dawn! Kudo!

Apr 18 @ 1:12AM  
great job....Now I don't have to go reading all of them...

Apr 18 @ 6:22AM  
Awesomely ...Great Job!!! Thanks for your time!!!
A Greenie is the best I can do!!!
I didn't realize that I had Posted so many blogs!! Damn, I have too much time on my hands!!!

Apr 18 @ 8:13AM  
Great job!!!! Wish I could give you two cookies

Apr 18 @ 9:56AM  
My tail only required three stitches.. and I promise to try and come up with something well written, informative, interesting and possibly controversial for this week..

or not.

leaving you one of my coveted green nuts.

Apr 18 @ 10:44AM  
Most excellent as per usual Miss Sugar

Apr 18 @ 12:53PM  
Damn Sugar! You are funnier than the look on A Rottweilers face after ya stick your finger up his butt! Seriously, I think you're a genius! a tv star... was just luck of the draw that I was in that video. I do appreciate the compliment on my teeth though...I didn't want to steal the scene!
Just a great Review! Thank you for spending the time to entertain us! and a cookie comin your way!

Apr 18 @ 2:20PM  
Well, I’m sure Ewe_wish and theSkwirl are happy..
Did you look at him Sugar........even if he wasn't a darling........hes a hunk a hunk

Apr 18 @ 10:32PM  
Ya know..haven’t seen Surv around lately…where’s he been? hiding him from us?

Psst...I think Pink is hiding Surv...but can you really blame her?!

Thanks again for another great week in review. I know this must be incredibly time consuming for you...but I so appreciate them when they're posted. Keep up the great work (if you don't mind) because I've become quite I'm sure everyone else has.

You rock Ms. Sugar!

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