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fucking around with the natural order of things?

posted 4/17/2010 6:52:56 AM |
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tagged: whig

I guess Im done giving a shit what people think, cuz...

There is an Indian casino maybe forty miles from here. Yesterday a security guard noticed that someone had left a seven-week old child unattended while they went inside 2 gamble. Naturally the security guard (who 2day is being called a hero for rescuing this poor child) sprang N2 action and the proper authorities were contacted and they sprang N2 action and long story short two fucking idiots were arrested for child endangerment and the kid was placed N2 protective custody. The sad part is that this isnt really all that isolated of an incident. U hear about this shit all the time.

Maybe there is a reason for that. Some people, like it or not, are just fucking stupid. For instance...anyone who would leave a seven-week old alone 2 go gamble is fucking stupid. Anyone who would drive so drunk they go the wrong way on the freeway with ten kids in the van is fucking stupid. It stands 2 reason that if one fucking stupid person meets another fucking stupid person and they decide 2 fuck, they are probably 2 fucking stupid 2 use birth control. That means that there is a chance they will have a child and that child has a pretty good chance of ending up really fucking stupid. Maybe really fucking stupid is just a level of stupidity that the human race as a species cant maintain.

So I suggest that nature, in her infinite wisdom, opted for self-correction and started having fucking stupid people do shit that was stupid enough 2 kill their really fucking stupid kids off and eliminate the threat 2 the species. No really fucking stupid kids equals no really fucking stupid genes watering down the genome, right? Then along comes humanity and in our infinite compassion we undo all of nature's hard work by saving these dumb motherfuckers from the hands of their idiot parents B4 they manage 2 get the job done and ice the little bastards. By interceding here what we have done is ensure that these really fucking stupid genes will indeed survive, and as a result we as a race may not.

Once these really fucking stupid genes make their way N2 the genome it may effect the overall intelligence of the human race. Lets face it folks...if we get any dumber the dolphins are going 2 start making fun of us. They are going 2 start mocking us in open ocean. Getting 2gether with the whales and telling jokes they know are over our heads. It wont be pretty. We cant afford 2 get any dumber. It just isnt an option!

We are a fucking dichotomy of a species...intelligent enough 2 map the human genome but not smart enough 2 keep the polar ice caps from melting. Smart enough 2 replace a human heart but not bright enough 2 stop killing one another over ideology. Perhaps the removal of these really fucking stupid genes from the human genome is a crucial evolutionary step for the human race, without which we cannot move forward on the evolutionary scale. We're just stuck here.

Wouldn't that be really fucking stupid?

Its kinda sorta what happened 2 the Neanderthal...


Or maybe I just got some really good weed this time.

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Apr 17 @ 7:43AM  
Damn...... Puff, puff pass Mr. Parker!

Apr 17 @ 1:55PM  
Sigh, I'm for sterilization of the imbecile gene. Anyone who is a carrier or actually has the disease should be summarily sterilized for our own protection.

Apr 17 @ 6:16PM  
Personally I have been too keep on "fucking" stupid people!

Apr 17 @ 6:17PM  
crap..keen...not keep...damn keyboard

Apr 17 @ 9:08PM  
There is no doubt that stupid people shouldn't breed.

In fact there should be a test for breeding "license" like for driving, well at least the written part.

No, I'm not joking this time.

Apr 17 @ 11:56PM  
Have ya'll met my cousin? No...really...have you? Cuz if anyone in this world needs to be "fixed" it's her. Then again she doesn't have smart parents either. Her grandparents on the other hand (my aunt and uncle) are on the edge of the stupid/smart border. The reason I say that is because they raised thier sons, then thier grand-daughters, not thier great-grand-children. Other than that whole fucked up mess they are loving, law-abiding, stable people. I guess it's just as well, if those kids are going to even have a chance thier mother certainly doesn't need to raise them.

In essence, I totally agree with your logic.

...and by all means, puff puff pass DS!!!

Apr 27 @ 9:53AM  
Intelligent couples usually opt for no children, one child, or at the most two children. Others usually opt for making enough children for their own baseball or football team, so intelligent people don't have a very good chance of catching up to or ever surpassing the number of stupid people.

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fucking around with the natural order of things?