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Does your Pet

posted 4/16/2010 8:59:39 PM |
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tagged: pets, question

Share your Persona?

A few weeks Son was Visiting..and we talked about Dogs.... !!
My Bro...has had Chow's -,Shu-shitsu's.....(however its spelled!) and everyone of them have been Bad Dogs!!!! Everyone that he has had, have Attacked Someone!! (At least once!)
My Son told me that "Dogs were like their Masters"!!! "If they were were the Dogs"!!!
Is this True?
Does your Pet...... Act/Behave like you?

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Apr 16 @ 9:06PM  
I don't tell me:

Deifenbacher (German Shepherd) with me, lovable and mellow, relaxed around the out! He isn't too friendly.

Sasha- If a person is going to pet her..she's lovable as can be.

Tazz-Like her Daddy, Deifenbacher.

Buddy- Barks a lot. But doesn't get too close to who he's barking at.

Princess- Like her mother (Sasha) lovable.

And for anyone who is gonna ask about Deifenbacher's name...look up the tv series "Due South" and you will know where the name came from.

Apr 16 @ 9:26PM  
Lola is like my granddaughter who confiscated her. lovable but very feisty. Don't know who they could get that from.

Apr 16 @ 9:41PM  
Most of my dogs have been very good natured. Some are extroverts like Manfred, while others tend to be shy like Dierdre. But unlike me, they are not obnoxious, but they are all mouthy.

Apr 16 @ 9:52PM  
but they are all mouthy
WoW.... If someone did not know You....
Then you come off as being obnoxious...but those of that know you..know better!!! You like to..."Rattle Our Post" too speak!!!

Apr 16 @ 9:55PM  
Oh yeah..I've got also got 2 cats and a bird:

Apache, the white cat- he tends to be a loner. Not the most affectionate of cats, but known to cuddle when the mood strikes.

Little One- she's going on 2 years old, and is VERY lovable.

My bird....he's ornery as they come! I remember letting him out of his cage once...

Apr 16 @ 11:24PM  
I think I act more like my animals

Apr 16 @ 11:30PM  
As long as I am not out there chasing cars yet I am ok..

Apr 17 @ 1:07AM  
A few of my cats I think may share some from me...

Apr 17 @ 1:18AM  
If they Drink from a McDonald's Straw..........I'm gonna puke!

Apr 17 @ 1:29AM  
If they Drink from a McDonald's Straw..........I'm gonna puke!

No no, I have to buy them special little mini straws


Apr 17 @ 1:39AM  
[/QUOTE]No no, I have to buy them special little mini straws

[QUOTE] Damn good thing... I was Fixing to fill your lap up with my Lunch!

Apr 17 @ 2:08AM  
I have never had a bad dog. All mine have always been very pleasant and just as sweet as you can be. Even my rott, Pidge would sit by my elderly Mother and let her pet her and rub her ears. She could slip up on the couch and put her head in your lap and you wouldn't even noticed till it was already done. They all shared their food like sweet peas.
Now Mr. Beau Diddley was kinda retarted. I got him from an abuseed home via some people that rescue dachshunds.He used to roll over a pee everywhere if you went to pet him. I found thatout after I got him home. When I picked him up he was so happy to see me. He rolled up in a blanket I had for him in my car and made a sigh of relief and took a nappy nap on the way home. Poor Beaubie. He didn't even wag his tail for a while till he got used to us and Fiona, my other ling haired. He finally fell in love with her and smiled from then on. Pidge my rott came later. What a silly pup she was. Her feet were so big and she was just gangly and goofy till she grew into her feet.
I got Pidge from a guy that did construction for me. Yeah, I used to be a contractor. Anyhow, he ended up shooting his wife by accident while playing with a gun...ouch. I mean it was bad. Back to Pidge. She used to (cause at 6 she had a tumor in her spine and we had to put her down) rise up on her back legs and wrap her front legs around my neck and kiss me with her sweet doggy toungue...I loved my Pidge Pidge.
Now Fiona, who was my first of this group was the prettiest long haired I had ever seen. She was show quality, but so was Pidge...Beaubie was just kinda retarede!
Fiona Fiona Fiona...what a pretty sweet girl. Gut...she ruled the roost. I mean no 95lb dog was gonna tell her what to do. Ha! Fiona would chhase Pidge around and scurry her off if she wanted the attention.
My pups! They were all the best and then I got Talulah and I have never had a sweeter pup. She is prettier than pretty and acts that way too! yeah I guess the dogs act like their owners. I believe it. I am not stressed and I completely respect them, and they have all minded me without me ever having to use a harsh tone. I never tell them to shut up, or any vulgarity. They were and she is my pal. I am the luckiest owner and that's how they treat me, like they are glad I am their Mom!

Apr 17 @ 2:49AM  
ok...I forgot. Fiona...I used to call her "BUNNY" cause when I picked her ears up on top of her head they looked like Bunny ears. That's where my profile name came matter what ya think. She used to love to try and dig to china. I built her a sandbox in the back yard with a small wading pool on the side. She would dig till ya couldn't see her tail. Then she would come out and look at all of us with her blue racquetball in her mouth as if she was saying...What? and then do it all over again. Then they would all play in the wading pool (kiddy pool) and tease each other. Pidge would pool on Fionas tail and try to steal her ball and Beaubie would just walk thru it and sit there a minute during the hottest part of the day and then waddle out...he was kinda retarded. HA! Now....
Talulah found the other pups ball when I got her 3 years ago. Well...she has been a blue racquetball lover ever since she moved in. She brings it to me, I throw it, she goes and gets it and I throw it again. If I am busy, she throws it down the stairs or wherever and goes and gets it and plays "bury it under the blanket on the couch and dig holes in my blanket" This is her game and I let her do it. She only does it to that one blanket and it looks like it has been destroyed by missiles. It has taken its toll. HA! The digger...she is my sweet pea and I am stickin to her like glue! ...kinda psycho though...I mean many times do we have to play ball???EVERY FREAKIN MOMENT FROM THE TIME I WAKE UP TILL I GO TO BED AND THEN SHE PLAYS WITH IT HERSELF FOREVER...until she decides to come to bed and get her massage and snuggy hugs and kisses. Then she sneaks under the covers and curls up against my ass. I want to be her when I grow up!

Apr 17 @ 5:51AM  
Well my cat is fat, lazy and loves attention.............sound familiar?

Apr 17 @ 7:59AM  

That was cute. If there were such a dog, Flavorbuster would own it, lol
It would be a little MMA dog that kicked ass!

Apr 17 @ 1:44PM  
Molly and I are compatible.. she's a happy nutter.. I'm a happy nutter..

Cooper on the other hand is a pathetic pitiful annoying butthead who doesn't care much for men he doesn't know.. or other male dogs.. or.. yeah well you get the picture.

Apr 18 @ 10:19PM  
It would be a little MMA dog that kicked ass!
Yep my dogarate would kick ass at 185.

Apr 18 @ 11:30PM  
My chinchillas basically act like cats...yanno...they'll let you know when they want cuddles and attention...until that time...leave them the blank alone. Now they do like their personal space...which is something I have to have. Other than that...I think they have good days and bad days...just like all of us...but not necessarily the match to my own persona. Perhaps this happens more with cats and dogs.

Apr 18 @ 11:47PM  
I have a life sized stuffed tiger for a pet..
We're both pretty much alike..Lay around, sleep and collect dust..
On the other hand, neither one of us sheds or shits wherever we want to
for somebody else to clean up.

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Does your Pet