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My visit to our local animal shelter

posted 4/16/2010 6:33:07 PM |
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I was bored today after my doctor appt and happen to be out near Sierra Haven's. They rescue dogs/cats and find homes for them. They have a no kill policy.

They had so many cats there. The woman I talked to said they had 160 cats/kittens to find home's for. They also had dogs but not as many. They don't have the room for them. This place is held together by donations only. They spay,neuter and give shots before they are adopted out.

I wanted to take them all home with me. Most of the animals are outside. Some are loose, they have a huge area that almost looks like a monkey area at a zoo. The cat's have lots of play thing's.

There was a orange cat that came up to me when I got there and was sucking up to me. He/She followed me everywhere I walked. I told him/her that I already had two cats and 1 dog and that was enough for me.

The point of this blog is if you have a animal please take care of them. After seeing all the cats they may never find a good home made me kind of sad. But at least they are getting fed, and taken care of there. Plus they have volunteer's that come and play with the animals, walk the dog's, clean cages ect.

They also spay or neurter your animal cheap if you are low income like me. I made a appt for my male cat to get fixed and it was only $10.00.

I did buy a t-shirt with their logo on it to help them out. Some of it goes towards donations.

My animals are so spoiled. I keep telling them they could be on the street cold/hungry.

Have a nice weekend everyone

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Apr 16 @ 6:36PM  
That's why my dogs and cat are fixed. And...I just didn't need Sasha popping out anymore litters.

Apr 16 @ 6:51PM  
All my animals are fixed!!! I don't want anymore puppies or kittens!!

I think it's just heart wrenching to go the animal shelter and like you, I would take them all home if I could!! For all the places fixing animals for practically free these days, there is no reason to not have an animal fixed! Unless you are a serious breeder. It kills me to see cats living out of dumpsters at restaurants or dogs walking along the highway looking lost! Just makes my heart break!

Apr 16 @ 7:03PM  
My daughter used to volunteer We ended up with 3 cats and a dog as a result. One of the cats had three legs and was the only female and a little troublemaker. Harley because he was a big cat that reminded me of a biker thought he was human. He would sit like a person and watch tv. Then there was Pee Wee better known as spawn. He was a big old Maine Coon with an even bigger attitude. Misty was a chuhuahua terrier mix and was a sweetheart. She used to curl up with the cats to sleep. Usually in the middle of my bed. All of them came from a local shelter. I told my daughter no more animals as we had a zoo at the time. rabbit, hamsters, fish snapping turtle. I think you get the picture.

Apr 16 @ 7:28PM  
Oh yeah, I'm familar with the place. I really think that this is a really good place, along with the woman that runs it.

Apr 16 @ 7:32PM  
I told my daughter no more animals as we had a zoo at the time. rabbit, hamsters, fish snapping turtle. I think you get the picture

OMG! We could almost be related! My sisters and I did that to our parents too. In sister still has a snapping turtle as a pet. She's had it for 26 years.

Apr 16 @ 8:41PM  
All of mine are fixed for that reason also.

Apr 16 @ 8:50PM  
They had a huge grey cat laying on the desk that had 3 leg's. I didn't ask what happened. Or the couple I saw with only one eye. I didn't want to know if they were abused or how I wouldn't of been able to stand it.

I hate when people abuse animals. Make me want to abuse them

Apr 16 @ 8:56PM  
There is a cat that lives at the place where I get my animals fixed... someone poured acid on his face.. he only has one eye.. he is THE sweetest cat and I just find it hard to believe someone could do that to ANY animal!! That's one disturbed person!

Apr 16 @ 9:12PM  
All of my Chinchillas have been rescues...and all the males have been fixed. Supporting your local animal shelter is definitely a worthy cause.

Apr 16 @ 9:20PM  
There is a cat that lives at the place where I get my animals fixed... someone poured acid on his face.. he only has one eye.. he is THE sweetest cat and I just find it hard to believe someone could do that to ANY animal!! That's one disturbed person!

A former childhood friend of mine got caught by his mother one day burying the kitten she had just brought home a week ago in the backyard up to it's neck. She said as soon as she saw him starting the lawn mower she ran outside, shut the mower off..told him in no uncertain terms to get into the house, unburied the kitten, gave it to me and asked if I wanted it. Yes, he was going to run that kitten over with the lawn mower. I took the kitten home, told my Mom what happened, and when Dad got home later, she told him, and we ended up keeping that kitten. A pretty smokey gray cat with emerald green eyes.

I never talked to that kid again after that. Even then I had no tolerance for someone who would be that cruel to an animal.

Apr 16 @ 9:26PM  
I don't visit Our Animal Shelter..because I just cant take it!!!
enough said!
The greenie there is Mine!!!

Apr 16 @ 11:13PM  
I know I could never work at a shelter. It would break my heart. At least the one I was at does not kill the animals.

Most of them walk around there like it is home. To them that is home.

I got a green thingy
Thanks onehornytoad

Apr 17 @ 6:20AM  
I stole a kitten one time from a neighbor of a friend..........they had abused and neglected him horribly........he was 6 months old and wasn't any bigger than a 6 week old kitten, he had cigarette burns on him and than burned off his whiskers..........when I was at my friends the cat wandered over and when I went home I took it with me...........apparently the owner realized I had stole it and reported me...........between the time I had stolen it and was reported I found out the neighbor was feeding their 2 week old baby chocolate milk.......cause they didnt want to buy formula and thats all they drank and was giving the baby bunches of whiskey so it would when the cop turned up on my doorstep to talk to me on the stolen cat............I said to the cop thank god you are here...........told them the story of the baby showed them the cat.............the baby was removed from the home when the cop and county health nurse went into the home..........and I never got in trouble for stealing the cat............but I would still do it today if I found out someone was abusing their animals.

Apr 17 @ 1:35PM  
OMG Ewe, I'd have stolen the baby too.

My siamese is not spayed yet as I have homes for as many babies as I can get her to pop in her first pregnancy.. right after that though.. it's over.. everyone will have been spayed or neutered.

I'm a buy a bag donation person.. I buy an extra bag of whatever I'm getting that week and drop it at the local foster/shelter... it's a one lady operation so anything I can do for her is good.

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My visit to our local animal shelter