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Your Story...?

posted 4/15/2010 8:39:27 PM |
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tagged: funny, question

Last Friday I was driving down a Mountain road.....Curvy and Straight down!!!!
I saw a Bee on my sleeve and a Instinct reflex I smacked it off!!!
I looked up and all was cool, Thank God!!! But..... that got me to thinking about a X GF's Bro....!
I had a "Snake" Visitor the first winter I Lived here....and when I told him the Story...he told me his!!!
He was driving down the road and a Snake Shot out from under his Seat!!!!
He was going over 45 MPH.....and he BAILED OUT!!!! No slowing turning the motor off!! His Ass Jumped out of the truck..running over 45 MPH...!!!
The Truck hit some Trees.. Hell...I think it even Totaled the damn thing!!!
He is Scared of snakes that Bad!!!
Whats your Story?
Snakes.Mice, Gators,Bats... any Critters make you crash your Ride????? Or just Freak out? Just asking

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Apr 15 @ 8:56PM  
I avoid varmits of any species.

Apr 15 @ 9:29PM  
I can't even watch a snake on TV...they creep me out that bad!!

Apr 15 @ 9:35PM  
Bees cuz I'm lergic.. I would prolly cause a massive accident if one stung me while driving.

Apr 15 @ 9:45PM  
I can't think of anything that freaks me out that much. Had a pet snake bees tend to leave me alone most of the time. Now if it were a eastern diamondback I might be a bit uncomfortable being in the same car with it. That has happened to people down here. One guy turned down the covers on his bed and found one taking a nap under his comforter. Have found quite a few snakes in the house when I was growing up. A snake came out of the kitchen cabinet one time and I am sure everyone within a mile heard my mother scream. It was only a black snake. I picked him up with the broom and put him outside. She was screaming at me to kill than damn snake at the top of her lungs. She was extremely pissed that I refused to put him out of her misery.

Apr 15 @ 10:05PM  
frogs...........................they scare the living shit out of me!

I can handle spiders and snakes and mice but keep me the fuck away from a frog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 15 @ 10:53PM  
Oh damn!! You've been such a sweetie to me that I failed to are OHT.........!!!!!! One horny TOAD!! A toad is a...........frog!!! Holy hell!!!! Frogs scare me!


Apr 15 @ 10:55PM  
Well Damn
frogs...........................they scare the living shit out of me!
Fuck me!!!! I'm just a Toad!!!

Apr 15 @ 10:58PM  
Oh you should see me if I'm in a flower bed weeding or something and I see a frog............I scream like a bitch!!!!!!!!

Apr 16 @ 2:41AM  
Calm, cool and collected here. Hell, I was told to get down on my knees and they had a gun to my head. I thought I was going to die. The gun misfired and they stole my hammer. I was reconstructing an old house in the hood and the kids came in on me and tried to rob me. All I had was a hammer. I didn't lose it and am alive to tell the story. I don't sweat shit...even in the garden.

Apr 16 @ 6:16AM  
I think I was around 17 or 18 and there was a very large bee in the back window. I pulled over and was standing on the side of the highway when a state trooper pulled over ( I still lived in Ohio) he asked what was wrong when I showed him he looked at me like I was nuts UNTILL I told him i was allergic to them he then proceeded to get it out of my car for me I thanked him and we were friends for some years till I moved away back in 86

Apr 16 @ 8:07AM  
My ex- wife had a bizarre thing happen to her when she saw a spider ... her nipples would get hard & thats no bull shit. She was terrified of them & guess what because of that I never killed any of them.

Apr 16 @ 8:14AM  
I meant to say because her nipples got hard I never killed any. Well as far as myself goes I have a hissy fit if a tree roach gets on me. People call them different things but them big son of a bitches that fly & kamikaze at your ass when you spray them.

Apr 16 @ 8:36AM  
The only things that creep me out when I am around them is when I encounter stingrays of jelly fish when swimming in the ocean, especially if they are between me and the shore or boat.

Apr 16 @ 8:42AM  
Bees and hornets...they get me running every time. Spiders, snakes, mice, rats, all of that, doesn't faze me in the least. Let me see a bee or hornet, and I'm a total coward and will admit to it.

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