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To what extent would you go to please

posted 1/3/2007 9:44:04 AM |
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your lover, Master? I have been talking and looking into the D/s lifestyle, and thought I was comfortable with most aspects, thinking that the things that scared me my Master would help me overcome....... and I still believe that I think ....Yesterday I spoke with someone that said they had sex with animals to please thier Master/Mistress.......... my heart broke can you abuse someone like that? Ruin , in my eyes, the person that loves and adores you ? Someone help me understand ....... I am simply at a loss as to how this is an exceptable way to treat anyone ......I would like to think that anything he asked me to do I would do ,but also being sane and safe...... where does having sex with an animal fit into that ?again ....... my heart is really hurting ...... disappointment I guess........

Yall's thoughts??

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Jan 3 @ 10:17AM  
My guess is that person was into it anyway or fantasises about it. I don't see how a person can be involved with another and not already have established the 'rules'. Pretty much the first conversation I have with someone about 'what are you into' I mention no kids, no animals, no poop.

Jan 3 @ 10:46AM  
Like you said Maggie it sounds like a vulgar abuse/display of power coupled with humiliation. It sounds as though the "master" is acting out fantasies vicariously throught the "slave" that the "master" him/her self wouldn't do at all. You are right though that is very sad and I feel bad for the person.

Jan 3 @ 11:05AM  
I've been into the Master/slave life-style for many years. This life-style can go from mild, to, and, beyond extreme. And it's obvious whoever you spoke with the other into the...beyond extreme!

So if you're really interested, or you think/feel you'd be interested in this life-style...don't let what you were told by this person discourage you.

When 2 willing people enter into this life-style, the first thing they should and usually do is discuss what is and what isn't acceptable. And then a contract is written up and signed by the Master, as well as the slave.

Now I don't want to get into this too far on here, as I'd be writing a book if I were to tell you about this life-style...however...

I know we have touched base on this an earlier question you had about collars/collaring. And I also sent you an email telling you that if you had any questions, or if I could be of any assistance to you in this. That you can feel free to contact me, and ask me anything you'd like to know. And that I shall help you, and, I would answer any questions you might have.

Jan 3 @ 11:15AM  
I go as far as the guy want i like pleaseing a guy making him feel like hes more in control of what we are doing course there is a limit of what i wont do and u need to tell em if they dont like it to bad they have their limits so why cant we subs have em and when i was married then i was in contol sort of and their were things that she woulnt do.So go as far as u feel comfortable with no further

Jan 3 @ 12:11PM  
Even if I were into that sort of thing (and I am most definitely not) I would never ask my lover to do it. Some fantasies should remain just that!

Jan 3 @ 1:21PM  
It goes without saying,,,and the answer is in the question...If you choose to act like an animal, the end will serve the mean and you will be treated as an animal..Someone needs to find themselves...

Jan 3 @ 2:14PM  
I agree. Everyone has their limits and you need to agree on them before even submitting yourself to someone in the way that you're considering. Like Thenewguy2957 said, maybe she was into it anyway. Maybe she got off doing something he likes. Without knowing the full facts, you can't really judge.

If you want to be a slave, go for it, but set your rules up front. If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. Good luck :)


Jan 3 @ 2:51PM  
I don't know much about the lifestyle but I'd say no loving relationship should involve one party making the other do something they aren't comfortable with or harmful to themselves. Bestiality - illegal in many places and pretty far-out sick in my opinion.

Jan 3 @ 3:22PM  
i don't know but the whole animal thing is wrong and disrespectfull to that person but thats just my opinoin

Jan 3 @ 4:01PM  
'what are you into' I mention no kids, no animals, no poop.

I couldnt have said it better New Guy. They are my three taboos as well. As for your friend in the blog even submitting has its limits she is either so terrified of her master she just cant refuse or she was into the whole idea.
Either way that is not what it should be about.

Jan 3 @ 11:47PM  
I gave you a Kudo for the post because everyone needs to ask when they don't know the answer to a question.

Two things could be happening here IMHO.

1. A sick distorted asshole has crossed the line and the relationship is not what most people would consider to be a happy , healthy loving relationship, be it vanilla or not.

2. It's not abuse both master and slave are into this and they enjoy the experience together. Some people really do! It and a lot of other things are not my cup of tea but I am not being asked to participate.

The Master/Slave relationship is what the two people who are Master and slave agree that it means just like the collor is what the two agree it means should they decide to use one.

In a healthy relationship NO means NO! even if you choose to use a different word for it so you can scream NO! when you really mean yes.

Master and slave in my book should be a loving relationship not the horror stories you see displayed on commercial TV and in the movies.

Jan 4 @ 5:18AM  
Dear Maggie,

the life of a master and slave is one not all understand, as passion and desire is based on sharing, not all understand that equality of person is not always a factor in equality of desire fullfillment.
Animals can never share this, so this is not the part of the equation.
This so called master does not only betrat the mistress he masters, but he also betrays position he should have, as well as the unacceptable act of involving an animal, who cannot speak out or object.
Concent is the first rule of ANY sexual act. Hence his acts are wrong and invalid, but so are the acts of the woman, because in this relationship the slave is in controll. She cave upp that control and took 'charge'. You are quite right to be disgusted, upset and hurt.


Jan 21 @ 6:42PM  
did I mention what a Wonderful man he is , and how his voice makes me weak??

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To what extent would you go to please