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Once Upon a Time... (maybe twice)

posted 4/12/2010 2:26:03 PM |
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Happy Monday Pervasites! How y'all doin? Me? Oh I'm doin swell... swellin in me knees, hands, shoulders.. you name it.. oh .. other than that I'm all good.

So, I was skwirlin around here this weekend for a while, reading this blog and that.. and wowzers.. did I see my Pudge troopin through this weekend? Mmmmm Pudge.. for anyone who doesn't actually know Pudge, he's one of those marrieds I'd do pretty much anything for. Not cuz of how he looks, though let me tell ya ladies.. that ain't half bad... Not cuz of how he writes, though he's obviously above the normal curve here in Pervia.. but because of the wonderful hooman being that he's shown himself to be. Puuuuuuuuuuudge!! You is missed baybeeee.

Ok nuff o that.

Methinks Father Time needs a viagra, Cuz Momma nature obviously needs to get laid! She's all confuzzled around here.. still thinking it's winter. *shiver* Craptastical weather if you are a freaking PENGUIN! Which I'm not.. even if my feet are cold right now. It's the Penguins' fault though. *mumbles sumthin about Penguins and trying to take over the world*

So, I'm sure we've played this game before.. but stuff changes..

If you were to make a playlist of your life.. what songs would you choose?

What songs define who you are, have been and who wish to be?

yes, that's three songs total.

I'll start em.

Who I once was: My Skin

Who I am: I am NOT the Doctor

Who I want to be: Shiny Happy People

So come on.. share, what are your three songs... come on.. define yourself!

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Apr 12 @ 3:25PM  
Sorry, can't Ms. Brushtail, by reason of...I'm still undefined.

Nice to see you, tho

Apr 12 @ 3:27PM  
I too think it is so very cool to see some of the "old hands" showing back up. Dominus under a different screen name readily comes to mind. I'll get to the tunes later. Waiting on business calls at the moment.

Apr 12 @ 3:46PM  
Okies then.. for Ms. Luna.. since she is undefined...


Apr 12 @ 3:51PM  
Who I once was

Who and how I feel today

What I would like to do.


Apr 12 @ 4:07PM  
Sugar, I think you pretty much nailed it. Thanks for playing!

Apr 12 @ 4:23PM  
This one for my life in general

This one by Janis

This one by Bill Miller because I can identify with a lot of it

These three songs pretty much describe my life in no paticular order. Just depends on what is going on at the time. They are all a part of who I am.


Apr 12 @ 5:12PM  
*sneaking back in to leave a kudo*

Apr 12 @ 5:40PM  
Hi, Sam!

Apr 12 @ 5:57PM  

I guess I can't play because I don't have or need Viagra.

Apr 12 @ 6:35PM  
Who I once was this, very much tells the story!!
Who I am! ........This is the best You tube had to offer...but oh well..
Who I wanna be....This fits pretty good!!! Though... Its not a woman I am worried about!
Thx made me put a little thought into it!!!

Apr 12 @ 6:40PM  

Thanks for the re-welcum weculm squirrly girrl...

I'll have to think a bit on the songs tho... I'll get back to ya.

Apr 12 @ 8:06PM  
me nuts.......ME NUTS

Apr 12 @ 8:32PM  
Those who have posted songs, great choices! I find it interesting to see who people see themselves as.. and see how that works with how I see em.

Aww Night... you can play anyway...

Pudge the Pretty.. you is always Well Cum!

Hi Shawn!

Mr. KUW... I've got your nuts right here.

Apr 12 @ 9:28PM  
I just have one mood, unfortunately. Fortunately, it's really complex.

Who I am: HERE

Who I am: THERE

Who I am: and EVERYWHERE

And in honor of my breaking rules and OHT's comment that I'm long winded, enjoy:

This ... Part 2 of This ... Part 3 of This ... and the last bit of This.

Apr 12 @ 9:45PM  
And in honor of my breaking rules and OHT's comment that I'm long winded, enjoy:
Wait a min. now...this is Not you blog!!
Ms Skwirl will you please let me cut his Nutz Off?

Apr 12 @ 9:48PM  
Ms Skwirl will you please let me cut his Nutz Off?

You're gonna need more than bolt cutters for that job, boyo.

Apr 12 @ 9:53PM  
Now now boyz.. don't make me come in there..

Apr 13 @ 12:09AM  
Who I was

Who I want to be

Who I am

. did I see my Pudge troopin through this weekend? Mmmmm Pudge.
Oh Yeah...........nice to have a reason to be having them hot flashes ...........

Apr 14 @ 5:22AM  
Okay Skwirly's late here...or very early...however you want to define the I'm not how sure if these are the best song choices for me...but they popped into my head immediately. That could be a good thing...or a bad thing.

Who I once was: I've Been to Paradise But I've Never Been to Me

Who I am: I'm Not Ready to Make Nice.

Who I want to be: Don't Worry Be Happy.

Kudos for a way cool game...even at 2:15 in the a.m.

*Hopes the kudo covers the charge of Skwirl posting the links for me. Please and Thank You in advance*.

Apr 14 @ 4:55PM  
For KitKat! Geeze the things I do for you pervs!

Who she was: I've Never Been to Me.
Who she is: Not Ready to Make Nice (good choice btw)
Who she wants to be: Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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Once Upon a Time... (maybe twice)