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I have an Idea.....

posted 1/3/2007 2:54:03 AM |
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There are so many great people on here....I cant believe you could find a site that has nearly as many unbelievable,respectful, insiteful and open women......I know some of you guys are gonna say I am KISSING their asses (which I am) (well not kissing but sucking and licking and everything else), but you are the folks that we are trying to teach a little to.. (baby steps) so you can have as much fun as the other guys here. AND YES SOME GUYS ARE GETTING RESPONSES(and other things)....

The Idea:

The wonderful people or administrators of this site design a 25 question test or questionaire................

This test would be a simple psychological test with VERY easy don't be afraid....BE YOURSELF........

If you do not pass....YOU do not get on the site.....

Now I believe, that this test would weed out most DICKS.............

65% would move on to another site because they would not have the time for that shit...They would be more concerned with sending "Give me some head" or "wanna fuck" emails...

20% would fail

15% would be too stupid

This is a completly open blog for ideas for the questions and I, Luvrboy will be the person to set this up......and design the final draft with everyones input.......

I will send a draft to Bear and all the REAL people on this site that do get some on get final approval.......

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I have an Idea.....


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Jan 3 @ 3:12AM  
B4 U are so quick 2 eliminate those clods who offend, remember it is they who help 2 make the rest of us look so good.


Jan 3 @ 3:20AM  

You runnin to my rescue??

Jan 3 @ 3:26AM  
Well of course ...and I think we MEN/PERVS want to keep the perv women we know HERE....the questions should be easy to see if they leave one line comments OR have some real perverted crazy erotic comments that get the women to have so much fun......and of course bring out the best of their sexuality....

Jan 3 @ 3:30AM  
answers like: do you enjoy sex while your chick is on the rag....or would you go down on a chick with skid marks in her that the shit you are referring to luvrboy? Cuz that shit is some crazy can't buy shit like like that.....

Jan 3 @ 3:34AM  
It's an idea but don't forget the site admin's tolerance level for dickiness may not be at a level that some of us might desire. Extra dicks in the membership roll translates as greater justification for ad revenue. Although on the other hand allowing too high a level of dickiness drives the good gals away, so some kind of trade-off has to be made.

Jan 3 @ 3:53AM  
Great point Bentan....But there has to be enough Good Respectful men/pervs to blow this site up......Oh wait Did I hear "the plane...the plane"...I thought I was on Fantasy Island for a bad

Jan 3 @ 7:04AM  
Bad idea.
If the test were so easy, what makes you think they wouldn't pass ?
Also If the percentages you quoted were right ?
What makes you think a lot of the good men would pass it ?
Do you think they are all smarter then the bad guys ?
And what makes you think you should write the test ?
If there was to be a test at all. It should be done by the site or the women not you.
If enough women Block these kind of people.They would get the message or leave.

I know I for one have not shown anything but respect and love to the women.
Unless they take offense to my blogs or poetry.I have emailed only two people,
and I think I did it respectfully and nicely.

No offense to you or anyone. But leave it to the site,or to the women to Block them.

Jan 3 @ 7:52AM  
First of all Luvrboy, not all dicks on this site are Men, some are Women. Second of all, what would make you think even a moron couldn't pass a simple test with Very easy answers. Third, how would you distinguish what would be the right answer, and who was answering truthfully and who was bullshitin' their way through, kinda curious!

Just my two cents.


Jan 3 @ 9:14AM  
well upon first thought it was great idea....
but upon reflection....fuck em...let em all on....handling them isn't that tuff n it's like the real world ...driving down the freeway...ALWAYS a dickhead in front of gotta roll with it..n as zena pointed out...some of them are women .....ahh the complexities ......but...still good blog dude!!

Jan 3 @ 12:10PM  
Now that ynot mentioned "freeway", I'm reminded that plenty of dickheaded drivers pass DMV written and practical tests and get on the roads anyway ... lol.

Jan 3 @ 12:12PM  
I'm with Zena on this one

Jan 3 @ 1:00PM  
I am with zena also. besides the silly ones are so much fun to make fun of like in the forums where we post our stupid email

Jan 3 @ 1:00PM  
People have been trying to stamp out stupidity and ignorance for many years...and have tried everything in the world to achieve this goal...

And no matter how many things you try or'll NEVER stop stupidity and ignorance!

And it makes no difference what you try on's not going to change a simple fact...that there'll ALWAYS be "DICKS" in this world, and many will still make it onto this site.

It's inevitable!

Jan 3 @ 2:30PM  
Well thanks for the comments and after futher consideration and of course everybody telling me so...sounds like a stupid idea...

we will just have to turn our focus on having fun with them

Jan 3 @ 2:33PM  
Zena..I think your are right on...It would be a very hard test to develop...maybe would even take 30 shrinks in a small sweaty room for 5 years to complete..

And still would do no good....Just wondered if the idea has ever been thought out before....

Jan 3 @ 3:53PM  
Would women have answer the questions? Can I still send "wanna fuck" emails?

Jan 3 @ 4:51PM  
Even the DORKS with several profiles sending the wanna fuck mail serve a purpose to the admin and us as well. The admin needs hits per day, and users online numbers that will impress ad buyers in order to keep us in free debauchery. We need something to bitch about since many of us, pretty much live and die by AMD these days.

It's checks and balances. Over all, some very intelligent well spoken people gave this site an enema when it was new, believe it or not, it's getting better!

Though I will say, welcome to the battle, all intelligent voices are welcome!

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I have an Idea.....