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Are you the type that makes your houseguest(s) take off their shoes?

posted 4/10/2010 4:51:07 PM |
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Are you the type of person that makes their houseguest(s) take their shoes off before they actually come on in the living room whether you have white or top of the line carpet, or whether you think it's just more cleaner that way so they don't track dirt or anything else through your house?

Have you ever had someone ask you to take your shoes off when you were a guest in their home? Would you have a problem with doing this?

I can see maybe one or two people in Pervia doing this with their houseguest. Of course I'm not going to mention what ones I think probably does this.

As for me, I'm thinking this happened twice with me with different people where they had asked me if I would mind taking my shoes off. Of course I didn't have a problem with doing so.

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Apr 10 @ 5:04PM  
I don't care personally. I only take them off if I see a pile on the floor upon walking in.

Apr 10 @ 5:13PM  
Only if they have dirty or muddy shoes. It isn't like someone is going to purposely step in a pile of dog shit just to come in your house. If so that's not the ones you want to let in.

Apr 10 @ 5:17PM  
It isn't like someone is going to purposely step in a pile of dog shit just to come in your house. If so that's not the ones you want to let in.

Actually, Flav, I have seen a few guys track some shit on in their house after they had stomped out a flaming bag of dog shit on their porch after they were pranked.

Apr 10 @ 5:59PM  
My house? With 5 dogs? Ain't no way I'm gonna be having my guests take off their shoes. Don't get me wrong..I sweep daily, but, I don't mop daily. Be safer for people to keep their shoes on. Now, my best friend on the other hand..she's a "neat freak"..and it's always been a rule at her house to take shoes off.

Apr 10 @ 6:10PM  

I think I've been asked to once.

As for me ? No I wouldn't ask them too. They might stink me out.

Apr 10 @ 6:20PM  
I've been asked to a couple of times...
Their house..their rules!!! I have NP with that.....Unless, the floor is dirty!

Apr 10 @ 6:46PM  
I grew up on a farm...
if you were suicidal nuff to walk inside with your boots or shoes on my momma would soon teach you how to fly back out
guess old habits ide hard, i still take my boots off at the backdoor.

Apr 10 @ 8:31PM  

Apr 10 @ 10:33PM  
I don't really care if a person takes their shoes off at the door...unless they're muddy and then it's very much appreciated.

One thing that does bother me about this practice....if you're gonna ask me to take my shoes off...have a clean floor...and a place to sit so I can put my shoes back on when I leave. I mean...please don't expect me to stand...or sit on the floor while putting my shoes back on upon leaving. That's just rude!

Apr 10 @ 10:45PM  
Well if they have nasty shoes on to begin with, they should be considerate enough to take their shoes off when entering someone's home. It's not always dirt they carry in, it could be oil from a parking lot. I try to avoid things like that when I'm out so I don't bring it in on my carpet. You should see me meandering around parking spaces when I'm out in public because of the oil spots. The dogs are doing enough of a job for me to keep up with!

I understand people who do insist on shoes being taken off but I'm only a little anal about it.. but that goes back to whomever is entering your home to take it upon themselves to be respectful in the first place.


Apr 10 @ 11:49PM  
I was raised that you take off your shoes when you enter someones house.. Or I will ask first if it is the first time going there..
Yes I like when you take off your shoes entering my house.. less cleaning for me later...

Apr 11 @ 10:42AM  
I am the same as mama...i will ask if i don't see a pile of shoes at the door. But I do have family member that will just walk right in your house regardless of the state of there shoes so it is a sign of respect I feel.

Apr 11 @ 12:32PM  
Pfft.. shoes? They can keep their shoes.. they gotta take their pants off.

Apr 11 @ 1:42PM  
Pfft.. shoes? They can keep their shoes.. they gotta take their pants off.
I kinda like your thinking there, Sam!

Apr 11 @ 2:38PM  
I am actually fond of the Islamic ideals in this case where the guest and the host have obligations to each other. The host is responsible for the guest's safety, and is obliged to offer them the things that are necessary to satisfy their needs (provided such things are available). So in other words you must make sure there's nothing dangerous in your house and that you have food and drink. You might be asked for use of a telephone or for aid with a car repair. But you wouldn't be expected to feed and house an elephant the guest just happened to bring along. The guest is expected to follow the rules of the house and graciously accept what he is offered. So you would never tell your host that a futon was an unacceptable place to sleep or that you are going to keep your shoes on when your host asks you to remove them. And both parties are obligated to be polite to one another.

Apr 11 @ 2:41PM  
I used to see this guy that when we got in bed his feet smelt so bad I wished he would just leave. He was so lusciously delicious that I had to keep him long enough to fuck him...but the smell...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...I think he had some kind of foot disease that I guess you call...My Feet Smell So Bad Even My Shoes Shun Me! answer your question. Keep your shoes on in my house...whatever makes you uncomfortable take off.

Dec 9 @ 7:30AM  
At my Dad's house you take off youre shoe's he spent 7 years in Japan. And you have to make your own bed when you get there and when you leave you have to strip the bed and take your towels out of guest bathroom ...

His wife is a trip LOL and she's from Flordia to
A red headed step mom

Dec 9 @ 11:56AM  
Nope. Just their bra and panties.

Feb 12 @ 7:02PM  
I am with THESWIRL

That way I don't have to ask "How's it hanging?"

Pfft.. shoes? They can keep their shoes.. they gotta take their pants off.

Feb 16 @ 8:34PM  
She has to take them off in my bed. Enough friction without the sand! LOL

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Are you the type that makes your houseguest(s) take off their shoes?