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Let it be known:

posted 1/3/2007 1:59:29 AM |
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I'm not really a bitch...I just play one in your life

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Jan 3 @ 2:01AM  
Oh! I like that!

Jan 3 @ 2:02AM  

Jan 3 @ 2:03AM  



Jan 3 @ 2:05AM  
But,,,behind every hot girl,,,theres a line of ten guys that'll tell ya she's a complete bitch...

Jan 3 @ 2:08AM  
No shit Weasel....a strong woman and all a guy can do is call her a bitch.....

Jan 3 @ 2:09AM  
Always,,god forbid your allowed an opinion

Jan 3 @ 2:13AM  
Kinda likes bitches. Could you smack me around a bit and call me an asshole? And, have sex afterwards?

Jan 3 @ 2:16AM  

Git Er Done!

Jan 3 @ 2:18AM  
Sure cool,,i can do that for ya,,,,it'll be 15 U.S. plus 1.00 per vulgarity...

Jan 3 @ 2:18AM  
Usually the roles we play isn't too far off with how we live our lives. Strong women I love, but bitches have no place in my life...

Jan 3 @ 2:23AM  
But 90% of strong women are automatically considered bitches because they are willing to let men know that they will not be controlled and are equals both in opinion and stance...most men want to be the dominant safety net,,and cant handle that if they left they would earn a shrug of the shoulders...

Jan 3 @ 2:25AM  
Oh Strad quit your .....strong woman just need a real man....

Jan 3 @ 2:25AM  
Strong women are Secure. Bitches are INsecure...big difference...BIG BIG Difference....

Jan 3 @ 2:27AM  
I beg the differ, weasel. I know a lot of strong women that aren't bitches, and the bitches who think they are strong women really aren't!

Jan 3 @ 2:30AM  
LBoy, quit or whining and crying around, I stated my opinion on here and now you wanna act like a little bitch?

Jan 3 @ 2:32AM  
What we really need is that announcer from the soap operas 2 let us know what's going on:

The part of bitch in Ur life is now being played by Luvrgrl

U know...just 2 cut down on the confusion.


Jan 3 @ 2:36AM  
But....strong women you like,,,and so do I,,but when have you been with a strong woman and not thought or called her a bitch,,,well,,,for being one,,but in return,,i am strong willed and love it when a woman is secure enough to come right out and tell me I'm an asshole,,,it leads to incredible discusions,,,and record setting makeup sex...

Jan 3 @ 2:40AM  
record setting makeup sex...

Make up sex is always great! Being called a bitch because I have been acting like one is ok, good even. I prefer a man that won't take my crap (I know that sometimes I just to stuff because I am cranky, in a bad mood or just to see if he'll stand up to me). Being called a bitch because he is a whiney pansy just won't be tolerated.

Jan 3 @ 2:40AM  
Well, The women I usually attract are ones that are a little classy than the average foul mouth woman. If we had differences she wouldn't be foul mouth with me. I love a touch of class in women. That's one of the many factors of a strong woman.

Jan 3 @ 2:44AM  
Maybe that is where we differ,,,give me a loud foul mouth in your face jump on the table and drop the elboy on ya for no reason other than shits and giggles tom boy...and I'll let her call me whatever the hell she wants...and my response is,,,can we make up now??

Jan 3 @ 2:47AM  
I guess we do differ then. lol Okay, weasel, we're all made up!

Jan 3 @ 3:05AM  
Strong women are Secure. Bitches are INsecure...big difference...BIG BIG Difference....

Agreed. I have found in practice that strong people (guys and gals) don't let others control them in word and deed. They remain firm yet polite and intelligent in projecting themselves regardless of the situation and how others react to them. They know when to walk away from an untenable situation and take practical steps to rectify problems. With weak people (bitches included), every little thing yanks their chain, and they either give in too easily or get stuck in a pointless rut or brawl. And all the bad stuff that happens to them is other people's fault, never their own. They wallow in their own helplessness and inability to separate themselves from other people's actions.

Jan 3 @ 3:16AM  

Enough just nailed it!

Jan 3 @ 3:45AM  
Thanks Luvrgrl :) I wanted to say by the way that you had a very nice pic up the last time. It had a nice outdoorsy feel to it with the lush greenery and campfire roaring merrily away. Pity you had to take it down because of the unwanted attention from houseflies.

Jan 3 @ 7:56AM  
I think there is a big difference between being a BITCH and being a STRONG WOMAN.


Jan 3 @ 9:18AM  
maybe this is a bit simpler.??

men that can't be pushed or manipulated tend to be known as bastards n women with same traights are bitches....

or...another deff....diff between sluts n bitches??

sluts sleep with everyone....bitches sleep with everyone but ME

Jan 3 @ 3:05PM  
a strong woman and all a guy can do is call her a bitch.....

Really? They call me Miss Nomi

Jan 4 @ 12:46PM  
You're a bitch, not a mother
you're a child and a lover
you're a sinner and a saint
you do not feel ashamed
you're our hell, you're our dream
you're nothing in between
you know we wouldn't want you any other way!

With apologies to Meredith Brooks (I love that song though)

Jan 4 @ 9:17PM  
Oh Strad quit your .....strong woman just need a real man....

If this isn't the truest words ever spoken!!!!!!

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