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Screwing or Making Love While She's on Her Period

posted 1/3/2007 1:45:51 AM |
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tagged: sex, straddle

I have earned my redwings before, and really I don't feel the need to ever do that again. But the thought of making love with your lover while she's on her period is pretty kinky (not to mention quite messy). I have never done that before with any of the ladies I have been with, it's really never come to that and ever really took an interest in it all that much. But I think I would actually let her straddle me while she is on her period whether or not she's bleeding heavily or a mild bleed. Other than the redwings thing, the closest I have come was in the back seat of my car and she was on her period. I wanted her to take her pants and panties off and straddle me while I still have my pants on. She did that and it did leave a blod stain where my zipper was. I finally made it home and took my pants off and threw them out of the way. I didn't get them washed till like two days later and when I picked them up to look at them the zipper has rusted pretty badly before I washed them. Those were my favorite pair of pant's too. My thought was WHOA! I never thought blood was that powerful and ate threw and rusted things out. What's the strangest encounter that you have ever had with a period? Also, would any of you men actually do it with her while she's on her period, and women, would you do it while on your period?

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Jan 3 @ 2:01AM  
the thought of making love with your lover while she's on her period is pretty kinky

Compared to some of the stuff you have thrown out on the blogs, this is as close to mudane and boring as you might ever get.

Jan 3 @ 2:01AM  
I don't know about other women, but i am more horny then. Yes i've done it, and although it is messy, it's quite fun. I've only had sex with one man when i was on my period, and that was my ex-husband. It didn't bother him, we would put a towel on the bed so we didn't mess up the sheets. I do think the shower is the best place to do it (clean up is soooooo much easier)

Jan 3 @ 2:31AM  
I've found a few hit their sexual peak during that time. They get hotter, wetter and kinkier for a few days. But, far as goin down on them? I've only done that twice. Heat of the moment thing.
I remember my brother going to Dunkin' Donuts after parking with his girlfriend. He walked in with blood all over his face. Didn't realize it til he pulled his money out & saw it on his hand.
I'll stick it while their monthly visitor is around. But, I'm not lickin it........unless I'm really buzzed or they're really hot & new. Allright, I broke the rules once or twice.
Usually, period time means I Finally get a lil head. So, I been playin that card for a few years. 2 or 3 days a month, I get oral without giving any. In fact, tomorrow will be day 2.
I'm waitin for menopause and hot flashes. And, dentures........Mmmmmm! Gettin old ain't all bad!

Jan 3 @ 2:41AM  
Wow,,,strange blog subject for you,,,I have had the sex during period in the shower,,my x was insatiable during those times,,,but I do not think that I could stomache and angel kiss (oral) luck I'd catch a clot...

Jan 3 @ 3:18AM  
Yeah I can attest to the horniness of ladies during their period. Wow, ride that wave! And thanks to Straddle for finally returning to base so that poor innocent me can relate somewhat with the sex topic. .

Jan 3 @ 3:38AM  
not me...i am not horny during aunt flo's visit...but right before i go crazy....

Jan 3 @ 3:42AM  
I personally would never do it, it just doesn't sound very sexy to me.

Jan 3 @ 3:48AM  
I agree with belle, I'm more horny on my period. My boyfriend/fiance and I make love in the shower or just have anal while I'm on my period. I'm into bloodplay and if it were an option I'd just do regular sex, but he isn't into bloodplay. It may not sound sexy to some, but if you're completely intimate with your partner then there's no reason either party should be ashamed or grossed out by it.

Jan 3 @ 5:02AM  
Like a friend told me, if boys can play in mud they can fuck through blood. I don't have a problem playing like that and getting dirty. its nothing a shower won't take off when you're done. With it giving off a little extra heat and lubrication, it can be fun. Damn, maybe I just part vampire.

Jan 3 @ 6:20AM  
I'm with Reiko on this one, there is no way,,,,,,,,,,,but I guess it would be a really good time for the guy in my life . Although that is something I really enjoy anytime

Straddle you still amaze me!

Jan 3 @ 6:32AM  
It's been my experience that some women like it and some don't; some will and some won't. So just go with the "flow" HA HA HA.

Jan 3 @ 7:45AM  
i will admit i've done it a couple times (in the shower, so much cleaner) But i'm not sure i'd be all that keen on letting someone go down on me in the shower, i'd think that would be akin to tonguing or sucking on a bloody nose >:P

Jan 3 @ 12:15PM  
Sex during her period doesn't bother me, although I do keep oral out of it. Yes, women tend to be more aroused during that time.

Jan 3 @ 10:02PM  
OK...I'm just a freak...I'm horny all the time, especially right before my period and then when I'm on it! But then again, I want it all the time! If it's something your scared about, do it in the shower or a pool.

I have been licked while on my period, but thats before the tampon comes out....after it comes out....LET'S GET IT ON!! Just make sure you have a towel handy and some peroxide in case you make a realllly BIG mess!!!

Jan 4 @ 10:34AM  
I am really horny when I have my period. I have sex in the tub or shower.

Aug 25 @ 10:11PM  
i agree that you are the horniest when youre on your period, must be all the hormones
i have had sex while on my period but only when its right at the end so theres not too much "mess" i have to say im so much more sensitive and cum so much easier too!

Nov 30 @ 2:25AM  
I agree that the female hormones are raging during their period. It never bothered me to make love to my former girl friend during her period. Or even go down on her, for that matter. She appreciated it too because it would relieve some of the cramping she would experience. I was actually turned on by the thought of being in her during her period. She came and got relief. I came and got relief. (LOL) It was a win/win situation for us. Of course, it DOES help if you actually love the person you're with. The understanding and acceptance are then just naturally occuring in the relationship.

Jan 15 @ 5:39PM  
Been a long tme since I've been in a periodic situation at all, but my thoughts on it are pretty simple:
(1) Put a towel down, as it can help prevent hard to remove stains on sheets. Not a bad idea to rinse towel in cold water afterward, but for some reason towels are less prone to stains than are sheets. Also, towels are usually less expensive.
(2) ya might not wanna lick the honey jar, but come on...her CLIT ain't bleedin'! And it won't stain skin. Honest! It'll wash right off yer chin, guys.

Feb 4 @ 10:58PM  
I don't really have any problem with the whole sex on a period be honest I just did it last night and she blew her top twice before I could drop my first load. But yeah, some chicks are much hotter during that time of the month

Feb 17 @ 10:21AM  
I have done it but not because I wanted to.It was always the man that wanted to have sex,it`s too messy for me and I dont like {email address removed} guy was so into oral sex that even the blood didn`t stop him,nasty boy !!!!!! Yuck.

Mar 26 @ 10:32AM  
how is it that you think of these things? how much free time do you have to think of these off the wall things...

while she is on her period... i think thats the one point where i draw a line in the sand

Jun 15 @ 10:55PM  
[B] I am very horney when I am on my period and usually enjoy being fucked up the ass when on it with a guy I know very well. I do not see anything wrong with fucking a woman while on her period it is just blood and if you are using protection than you have nothing to worry about with her. The only time it is uncomfortable is is she has bad cramps with her period. As far as oral no way that is definetly out. I am very bi and if my lover is on hers I will rub her clit and suck her tits to get her to cum while she is on it. I would never leave her hanging for wk without a orgasim.

Jan 7 @ 1:33AM  
I guess i will earn my redwings tomorrow. my gf is otr and we are getting a room next town over. I don't know about oral but like someone earlier posted the clit don't bleed.I want to fuck her though and see if it;s better for her. wish me luck. lol

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Screwing or Making Love While She's on Her Period