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Give it a REST GUYS!!!!

posted 1/3/2007 12:52:47 AM |
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I hear that this is a continual photo guys whine...add a photo...guys act like they have been caged up all their lives....

Whew...what a drag....ladies and gentleman I am sad to announce the deletion of my photo. They don't lie when they say you will be seen twice as often with a photo....we've blogged about the cock shots and to no avail....the message just isn't gettin through to some of you men out there...

I am not here to be molested, harrassed, chased, attacked, smothered or anything of the like....if you think I am attractive....I would MORE THAN WELCOME your polite mentioning of such....but PAAAAAAAALLLLLLEEEEEEZE Guys....settle down.....I am not a piece of meat to be ravaged and don't apprciate being treated like one and I think I speak for MANY other fellow women on here....have you no respect? Women like to be doted on....courted....persued.....not pounced on drooled on attacked or incessantly bothered by men with 20 inch dicks BEGGING for something that can be done with their own hand.....

I have been on other dating websites before.....and NEVER was I treated there the way I have been here by so many men. For those of you whom I do have contact with I applaud you for the respect care and protection you give to those of us around here. I consider YOU all to be called RESPECTABLE HONORABLE MEN!

You know who you are!

If I am interested in responding to you....I need to try to IM me 15 times in a row and send 19 e-mails in addition with no face that all you have going for you is the size of your DICK? Well....I may be the first to admit to this...but that aint enough! Read my profile....Stupid people: Need not apply!

I like a man who acts like a man...not a child......if you know the difference:

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Jan 3 @ 1:00AM  
Perfect,,unload the other barrel,,they're still limping..

Jan 3 @ 1:03AM  
Hmmmm.....I never remembered seeing a pic of you on your profile before. Was it only posted like a day or something (yesterday or today)?

Jan 3 @ 1:04AM  

Loading the other barrel and agree with Weasell 1....
Gun's clean --- shoot another round down-range lil' lady!

GUYS --- wake tfu!


Jan 3 @ 1:07AM  
I think you are totally right with this blog. That is why my main photo is a face shot. And I do not believe my you know what is as big as my wit. Hopefully my poems on here didn't offend you. They were not meant to offend anyone.

Jan 3 @ 1:24AM  
I like you sweety. You're a good blogger and from what I can tell a pretty great person. However, this guy thing is a continuous problem that won't go away.

PS....You rock

Jan 3 @ 1:30AM  
Wonders what these men, and I use the word lightly...would think if it were thier own mothers and sisters that were getting and being hounded and treated with little to no respect...

I was chatting with someone from here on Yahoo IM the other night. And every now and then she'd copy and paste a message or a photo comment that men would send her...and I could NOT believe the shit they were saying to her, and asking her!

If any man ever said the things to my mother, sisters, or daughter, that they were saying to this girl I was chatting with the other night...I'd rip their balls off and shove them up their ass!

Now I can understand talking and saying things like get to know them...but for it to be the 1st thing you say to any fucked up!

Jan 3 @ 1:41AM  
So, are you gonna post a pic? I'm just teasin. Is that your profile pic behind the "no photo". If so, you look pretty built.
You'll have that. Just ignore it and go on. No reason to post a pic. The guys that wanna chat that're worth talkin to wanna meet your mind first. The rest will cum, if and when it works out.
Just speakin for myself, but I love profile pics like lookin4now. Nothin but an eye shot. And, she's cool as hell. Speakin with nothin other than personnality.
The rest of them dudes? Well, I apologize for their narrow-mindedness. Go ahead and keep your animinity. (Send me a pic. lol )

Jan 3 @ 1:46AM  
Sometime you have to let people know exactly how you feel, I respect that you are able to comunicate your feeling

Jan 3 @ 1:55AM  
You know I have the same problem......

Jan 3 @ 2:27AM  
I have a two-part comment, so please bear with me here. First of all, 2 U Luvrgrl I have 2 say I told U so. The saddest part of this whole debacle is that the people who would most benefit from reading this (and the countless other blogs written by other equally exasperated females) very-well expressed opinion of Urs are either 2 stupid or 2 lazy 2 read it. Or perhaps they truly believe that thiers is the ONE TRUE COCK, and once U have experienced the joy that is thier COCK U 2 will understand and appreciate it. I wouldn't know, and since I am the owner of the ONE TRUE COCK I have trouble understanding this behavior. But just becuz I do not understand it, that does not mean I should not expect it 2 occur...nor should U. Some girls do, however, and becuz they do they continue 2 be offended by these small-minded (as well as other areas, I would venture 2 guess) individuals. That's just silly. If U know something is going 2 happen, then doesn't that put some of the responsibility 4 Ur reaction 2 it on U? I don't mean 2 imply U should put up with one has the right 2 harrass another. I just wonder why U aren't better equipped 2 deal with it when it does happen.

The second part of my comment is 4 all U AMD swinging dicks. I have seen Luvrgrl's pic, and I can tell U she is every bit as beautiful as she is intelligent and articulate. Looks like at least one man figured it out, huh fellas? But fear not, my tiny-brained brethren! I will happily share with U all my secrets...4 the low, introductory price of $19.99...


Jan 3 @ 9:25AM  
but but but babyyyy you know how much i love molesticating you!!!!

Jan 3 @ 3:27PM  
Chase 'em around the curve I'll run em over! I'm glad to hear another voice is added to the fight!

Jan 3 @ 7:12PM  
Or perhaps they truly believe that thiers is the ONE TRUE COCK

The Alpha Cock!

I'm not that proud of mine but it has a nice personality.

Regardless of the medium or venue, disrespect to others is an indicator of lacking self-respect.

Jan 12 @ 7:33AM  
I agree and I'm still bitching, but I spose with the pix I have, thats the attention I'm gonna get, I brought it on myself. Yet, it still doesn't justify the mindless words of some of the raunchy men on here. I have decided to just hit the block button on the people who send me messages with the cheesy one liners, no pictures and offers for phone/cyber/cam sex. I figure it's a good way to screen out some of the losers and this way....they DON'T get a second chance to contact me......
Yes, the gun is loaded....I'm sitting on my perch....WATCH OUT DOUCHE BAGS!!

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Give it a REST GUYS!!!!