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Setting the Record straight...

posted 4/7/2010 5:44:31 PM |
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tagged: whig

OK, so I'm talking 2 a friend of mine last night (U know who U are. No need 2 name names...) and somehow we got on2 the subject of slutty women. More specifically, we were discussing my attraction 2 whores and other morally depraved individuals. U know...the kinds of bitches that would just as soon fuck U as say boo. That special breed of bitch that doesn't care if a guy is married, attached or entering the seminary. My friend (who, btw, is a lady in the truest sense of the word. I don't think she has a morally corrupt bone in her body. I'm working on changing that. In fact, I happen 2 have a morally corrupt bone right here...) was talking 2 me about some of the female friends I have (here on AMD and elsewhere) and questioning my motives concerning both them and my constant attempts at getting N2 her pants as well. She commented on the fact that if there was a slutty chick who lived in my vicinity ( any of U hoes lives anywhere West of the Rocky fucking Mountains. Give me a break already...) that I found attractive I would fuck her on the spot. I admitted this was probably true.

I should probably mention the fact that I have been actively trying 2 get N2 this woman's panties pretty much non-stop since we met. Like I said, though, this one is a total class act, and my adolescent attempts at getting her 2 lower her standards have gotten me absolutely nowhere. Not only does she refuse 2 send me naked pictures of herself (a particularly irritating idiosyncrasy so far as I'm concerned, btw), but she won't even show me the one of her wearing only a bra, and that pic has been shown B4! Since the day we met she has always conducted herself with the upmost poise...a class act all the way. All of this despite the fact that she fucking WANTS me so fucking bad she can't even see straight (don't even fix Ur mouth 2 lie, girl...U know I'm telling the truth...)!!!

Anyway, she seemed 2 think that since I would be willing 2 jump all over one of these trollops in a hot second then that must mean I was somehow less attracted 2 her. Or, even worse in my opinion, that my attraction 4 her was somehow based on a desire 2 turn her N2 one of these fucking tramps. Are U kidding me? First of all, if it ain't broke don't go trying 2 fix it. There ain't a damned thing wrong with this woman so far as I can tell.

Hard as it may be 2 believe, my attraction 2 the one really has nothing 2 do with the other. The fact that I like slutty chicks duznt have anything 2 do one way or the other with my attraction 2 her or any other so-called "good girls". Believe me...there is more than enough of me 2 go around!

I tried 2 explain this 2 her as best I could, but she didn't seem 2 be getting it (and we happen 2 be talking about an extremely intelligent person here, btw. This isn't just some dumb bitch off the street...) at all. What she seemed 2 be hearing was that since I found the idea of meeting some tramp and fucking her just 4 the sake of doing it 2 be an attractive proposition, that must have meant I found her reluctance 2 participate in any of my reindeer games somehow unappealing. This is simply not true! In fact, I am pretty sure I could fuck every tramp I have ever known in one afternoon and then still go home and cuddle with my wife later that night. Again...the one simply has nothing 2 do with the other.

What my friend wuz failing 2 realize wuz that I find both of them attractive 4 completely different reasons, and if she suddenly decided 2 act slutty it might actually work against her. Her moral barometer happens 2 be one of the things I find most appealing about her. Were she 2 lose that it would be a damned shame. By that same token, if one of my whores was 2 show up dressed in Chanell and carrying a copy of Sophie's Choice we might just have a problem there as well(I say may have becuz until I get a chance 2 talk 2 her I simply won't know why she brought the book along. Could be she wants 2 put it under her ass while I'm going down on her 2 give me a better angle of approach. The point being that jumping 2 conclusions here duz none of us any good.).

I find my friend attractive 4 a myriad of reasons - none of which have anything 2 do with how easy of a lay she may or may not be. Were she 2 suddenly begin exhibiting slutty behavior I would actually find that 2 be less attractive 4 her. Dont get me wrong...I would still fuck her. Maybe even twice. I'm not even going 2 lie about that. I just dont think I would enjoy it as much. In order 4 her 2 assume this new persona she would be forced 2 abandon many of the qualities I find most attractive about her. And I doubt I would pursue her as aggressively as I have been either. Most of the reason I find her so attractive (keep in mind that except 4 a shitty face pic (when I say shitty I mean quality wise, not how she looks. She is actually REALLY pretty) she has posted on her Yahoo Messenger I've never even seen what she looks like...) is her attitude, intelligence and yes, her strong moral stance whenever the subject comes up. I ask her 2 send me naked pics knowing full well she isn't going 2. If 4 some reason she actually did send them 2 me, I think I'd fall over with a goddamn coronary right on the spot!

But the bottom line is this...even if my friend decided she couldn't take it anymore and she had 2 fuck me it wouldn't have any discernable effect on how attracted I am 2 anyone else. I really could spend a wonderful afternoon having hot, passionate sex with her in a four-star hotel, and then pick up some hooker on the way home and fuck her in the ass in an alley behind a dumpster (assuming of course it wuzn't costing me anything. I may be many things, but trick is not one of them...)!

In case U haven't figured it out yet this blog wuz written pretty much 4 her. Not only had she asked me 2 write one (resulting in that piece of crap I posted yesterday, I am sorry 2 admit...), but I wanted 2 be sure she understands how I really feel about this. She really iz a bomb ass bitch and I am lucky 2 count her amongst my friends. And, honestly, I would much rather be friends with her than fuck her. Ideally I would like both, but given a choice between the two I'm taking friends all the way.

That's all, I guess. Now, if I could just get someone 2 help me down from this soapbox we can all go on with our lives in a timely manner. And next time I blog I promise I will try 2 be funny. But, until then I will be...

Keeping U posted,


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Apr 7 @ 7:28PM  
"A speech need not be eternal to be immortal." Muriel Humphrey to her husband, Hubert, during his 1968 presidential campaign.

Apr 8 @ 1:17PM  
sonovabitch. I hate when you go get all sweet and lovable. back to being nasty and repulsive so i can lust after you some more.

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