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What do you think of Ohio's new official license plates?

posted 4/4/2010 7:26:48 PM |
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Ohio started offering up a set of new license plates back in Nov. 2009. It was optional if you wanted to change to that or not. These plates are called "Beautiful ohio". The current standard and official license plates is still the "Sunburst" plates (red, white, and blue).

Now the state has reversed this decision and made the " Beautiful Ohio" plates the standard official plates of ohio, and will stop offering the "Sunburst" plates this coming Nov. (2010).

I call the "Beautiful Ohio" plates farm plates because it has on it a small red barn with a tree, along with green grass, blue sky, a black city skyline, some yellow (or gold which ever you prefer to say) as sunlight, and a bridge near by. The whole plate looks like it was colored in by a small kid using crayons. My daughter thinks the same thing.

I guess the state changed their mind about these "Beautiful Ohio" plates since 3 out of 4 people started buying them up and replacing their old "Sunburst" plates now. Personally, when I first saw them I thought they were so ugly, and I laughed at how bad the plates looked. Now, believe it or not, it's starting to grow on me. When I changed my plates back in Feb. I still opted for the old "Sunburst" plates and didn't go to the new "Beautifil Ohio" plates. I gave up my vaniety plates for the standard the standard plated because the price went up $15 more on the vaniety plates. I would be paying now $50 over the standard fee every year if I decided to keep my vaniry plates which I have had since 2004.

So anyway, let's hear your thoughts on what you think these plates look like.

"Beautiful Ohio" The new official and standard licenseplates for Ohio

This licence plate below is the "Sunburst" plates whice has been our official and standard plates since 2001.

Sunburst license plates

Now, which plates do you like better between the two? I want to do my own poll on this out of curiousity.

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Apr 4 @ 7:46PM  
C'mon, guys, tell me which plate you like better...

Apr 4 @ 7:48PM  
I have seen the sunburst many times but I like the other one better

Apr 4 @ 8:38PM  
I like the OLD one & thank goodness, we can opt to still keep the ones we have!

Apr 4 @ 8:43PM  
When I got a different car and got the tags they asked me if I wanted the new plates or stay with the old. I said I just want the sticker I had my old plates still.
The DMV is a rip off.

Apr 4 @ 8:59PM  
As long as you keep the car you can use the same plate and just get the new date tag. I would opt to keep the old tags and not spend the extra money. Answering your question. I like the red, white and blue.

Apr 4 @ 9:05PM  
They are all kind of putting lipstick on a pig to me. I have family there but I never saw much to see beyond pollution and decadent infrastructure in stagnent dying cities.

Apr 4 @ 10:06PM  
Well...from your blog...I know you're not going to like my answer...but I love the new license plate better. I think the new plate has an artistic flair to it which I find very appealing. I also like the way the new plate shocases both the city and the country. The old plate looks a bit "political bumper sticker headquarterish" to me. Anyway...that's JMHO...and I'm sticking with it.

*Sits down and thinks this really doesn't matter since I live in Canada anyway!*

Apr 4 @ 10:08PM  
and i've ponderd this..and ponderd it..and what i come up with is it's just sad when wich plate is more popular can be a blog n gain not you straddle hell you blog ALL KINDS OF SHIT ..i guess for me it's just such a mundane idea...wich plate?? pft..wichever one is on the car and is legal...if they change plates here i'll do it but not OPT for it...fuck they're just plates....maybe its me...

Apr 4 @ 10:21PM  
I like the new onws better for what that is worth. The colors look better.

Apr 4 @ 10:41PM  
We seem to have too many Ohio plates still here
How would you like to choose from 114 different plates we have in Florida??

Apr 4 @ 10:46PM  
I like the Beautiful Ohio one.

We have more choices here in Michigan.

And those are just the ones you can personalize...we have .

Here's our standard plates...I've got the Great Lakes Splendor on my van.

Standard Plates

A little see any Impala or Crown Victoria with an ordinary blue plate with white lettering...that 90% of the time will be an unmarked cop car.

Apr 4 @ 11:03PM  
We seem to have too many Ohio plates still here

People from Ohio seeking pain clinic's

Apr 5 @ 8:40AM  
I like the red, white and blue plate better! Georgia has alot of different plates too, but I just stuck to the basic one.... it has a fruit on it

Apr 5 @ 8:42AM  
S.W. Florida is the winter home of half of Ohio

Apr 5 @ 11:27AM  
A little see any Impala or Crown Victoria with an ordinary blue plate with white lettering...that 90% of the time will be an unmarked cop car.

You don't see hardly any of those cars around here anymore. Around here if you see a Dodge charger with a white guy driving it, 90% of the time will be a cop car.

Apr 5 @ 1:37PM  
I like the old ones better.
But IF life ever straightens out I won't have to worry about Ohio plates much longer... well, come to think of it I'm not crazy about Minnesota plates either though.

Oh well, luckily I don't have to see my own plates very often.

Apr 5 @ 11:56PM  
Well shawn if I was still living in Ohio it wouldn't have mattered to me.............I had veteran's handicap plates on the Camaro and purple heart plates on the neither would have applied to me...................LOL

Apr 6 @ 8:42AM  
Here in Texas, the state is now printing license plates up with high school logos. They already have them for universities.

Apr 7 @ 8:55AM  
I like the old one...the new one has to much yellow in it, kind of distracting to the eye.

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What do you think of Ohio's new official license plates?