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posted 4/4/2010 6:36:23 PM |
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I am so upset today I could kick someones ass.....starting with my honey's oldest son. At christmas time, my honey had been hinting around that he needed a new cart for his golf clubs. so I waited patiently to see if any of his kids bought him one. They didn't. So After Christmas I started searching for just the perfect one...........its great........heavy duty but light enough its not a struggle to pull around the golf course. It has a beverage holder, ball holder, Tee holder and an electronic score pad.

After a couple months of searching I found just the perfect one and ordered it. I have had it hidden in my closet since then. I emailed his youngest son on facebook and told him that I had bought his dad that. His youngest is a good kid and asked me to be a friend on facebook after a couple of months of his dad and I dating. We have talked often and get along well. Anyway he told his sister not to buy one...........and to be honest neither of us figured anyone else would get him that.

You see his oldest 3 children are step children and since their mother died it seems that the only time they know my honey's name is when its their birthday or Christmas. So today my honey comes over and says that his oldest bought him a pull cart for all my plans and visions of giving him this great present is shot to hell........and I can't return it because I have had it longer than their return policy allows.......and the worse part is.........his birthday is in a couple of weeks and I have nothing to give him or any ideas of what to give him................and he was cheated out of a really nice golf cart for this flimsy piece of shit his son bought him......

So anyway.........i just needed to vent ............hope everyone is having a great Easter.

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Apr 4 @ 6:44PM  
Yeah, I can very much see how you would be pissed after something like this occuring. Damn, that really sucks!

Apr 4 @ 6:46PM  
Well that is a dilemma..... You don't want to outshine the oldest kid but... I would go ahead and give it to him anyway. What else are you going to do with it? maybe you could wait to give it to him for Father's Day or something. And figure out something to do for his birthday, maybe a gift certificate for a night of fun and pampering or something. Or just explain to him that you'd already bought it and it was too late to return it. Did this kid do this out of spite? Knowing you'd already gotten him a cart?

I'd either give it to him or save it for another special day... not sure what to tell you.

Good luck with it Dayna!!

Apr 4 @ 6:49PM  
Fucking step kids!

Has anyone noticed I'm is a bit of a "mood" today

Apr 4 @ 7:06PM  
I missed something I guess and I could well be mistaken, but didn't you say a few weeks ago that you got him a golf cart? Forgive me if I am off base, wouldn't be the first time.

Apr 4 @ 7:11PM  
Your right Bruce I did buy it for him but hadn't given it to him cause his birthday isnt until the 18th april..............but his son came up for Easter and brought his birthday present this weekend.

And PNT one cart is enough even a cheap one can last a few years..........just pissed that now I cant give him something he really wanted and never would have thought I would buy it for him.........and I know he would never buy it for himself............just angers me that now my only choices is a fucking gift certificate for a restaurant or book personal is that......

Apr 4 @ 7:14PM  
Go ahead and give it to him. Maybe not for his birthday but sometime soon. If he likes golf how about a certificate from a sporting goods store for his birthday.

Apr 4 @ 7:21PM  
Your right Bruce I did buy it for him but hadn't given it to him cause his birthday isnt until the 18th april.

There is a lot to be said about coordination and communication in such matters.

Apr 4 @ 9:06PM  
Since the kids never no his name other than for birthdays, christmas, and etc I say just give it to him. He can use either one he wants and the kids won't be around to know the difference. Tell him you got it awhile back and can't return it. You really want him to have it. Just don't...and I know you wouldn't; tell him how disappointed you were when he got the other first.

Apr 4 @ 10:11PM it comes.......ready???


you give it to him and tell him...''i searched all over and found this n got it months ago....i know you have one BUT i can't return it so you do what you want..put it in your closet n when your new one wears out you got THIS one...."

you thought i was gona be mean didn't ya??

Apr 4 @ 10:42PM  
I'm so sorry this happened!

Since I go all out on finding the perfect gift for my loved ones...I can totally sympathize with your situation. However, I'm in complete agreement with PTN, RJ and bunny...give it to him anyway...because your heart was in the right place when you bought it...and it's better than it collecting dust in a closet right?

I wish you the best of luck with your decision.

Apr 4 @ 10:52PM  
I agree with the others...give it to him anyway. He might think it's great having 2 carts for his golf clubs.

Apr 4 @ 11:00PM  
Give it to him and explain like the others said
Next time you see his shmuck stepson, throw some whoop ass up along
side his empty head!

Apr 4 @ 11:54PM  
offers up ynot's ass for ewe to kick

pfffft !!
and all these so called friends call that advice. ??

don't you guys know anything. when kids go blabbing and smart-ass step kids try to outshine ya, if they wanna play dirty pool then thats how you gots ta play the game, hunny.

here's whatcha do....

wait til smuck stepson gives him the cheap an nasty cart..... then sabotage it
break a wheel or somethin and then say its ok darlin, I have an even better one for you I've been saving for a rainy day.

who's do you think he's gonna remember.

and EWE come out smelling like roses.

thats what skwirl and kitkat told me they'd do anyways .. .and sunshine said give him something that won't even come close to stepsons crappy cart

Apr 5 @ 1:41AM  
Give it to him and tell him how blessed he is to have TWO for the first nine holes and one for the second nine holes....together they should last him a lifetime.

Now seriously....explain and give it to him...he'll understand. Besides, yours comes with special priveleges on the side....doesn't it???

Apr 5 @ 7:32AM  
Hey, I have to agree with most...give it to him and explain that you searched early to find just the perfect gift and never expected this to happen.
He will understand, appreciate and be thrilled with what you did........ heck, make up a little coupon book for "personal rewards" for his next 5 games, of anything under par, or whatever and put in the cart.

Just GIVE him the cart.

Apr 5 @ 12:57PM  
Oh yeah.. give him the fucking golf caddy. Oldest son can suck your big toe. You had planned and plotted and gotten him a nice one.. give it to him.

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