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AMD Week in Review

posted 4/3/2010 9:38:50 PM |
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tagged: review

Here we go, another week gone by. Don’t know about any others out there, but we’ve had some pretty good weather here in Michigan the past week. .so it’s been hard to stay inside. Hope everyone else has been enjoying decent weather. I know..Skwirl mentioned in a blog something about snow….so, hopefully she is getting some decent weather out her way. I’d send some of mine, but, this is one thing I tend to kinda, sorta, inaway, get selfish. Alright…before I go getting my ankles nipped… off to the Review…..

Sunshine79 kicks it off with “Something To Make Ya Smile”..She always makes us smile with her presence here ..but..on to her blog. After a night out with some friends, she got on her computer and stumbled onto some funny help wanted signs. I just never realized cab drivers were required to have criminal records. Makes ya want to take the cab doesn’t it?

RevDocLove gave us some lessons on “Aussie Internet..” I wonder if the little girls who come here from Australia get confused when they see Barbies here as dolls rather than the bbq? Not being an Aussie..I didn’t know they called their bbq’s “Barbies”. Then again, it took having a British friend telling me that “fag” over there is actually a cigarette. Should have seen my reaction when he mentioned he was going out to “fire up a fag”.

Wordsofwit blogged about “TV Viewing Questions” Reality TV? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron thing? I know they claim to be “reality”, but, in “reality”, how much of it is actually staged for the cameras? Only reality show I ever really liked was America’s Funniest Home Videos. (maybe I should have said that in my comment on that blog?)

RJ53 was on a roll..we have 2 in a row from her: Reality Shows..she wants to know which of us Pervians are brave enough to be on t.v. Not me! And then after this blog..she has “At the risk of being a blog whore here is another one: How much is too much?” When talking about relationships…when one has had enough..they should say so.

soft_touch938 said “Good Saturday morning peeps!” She just stopped in to say hi and fill everyone in on what she’s been doing. I still think it’s so cute she has baby fish!

DesertSmile stopped in to share a “Belated Birthday Package”. Books on digital photography? Uh oh! A photographer??? I’m camera shy…gotta hide! And what is it with people and peeps?

KitKat25 asked “What’s Your Favorite Board Game?” Mine is still Sorry! I’ve played WAHOO before, and it’s fun too. Cribbage?? Never heard of it.


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Apr 3 @ 9:44PM  
cottoncandydragon stopped in with “What a coincidence!” Imagine…..a different cock!

NightOfOld shared some “Financial planning” Well, now I know what I missed that day I skipped financing 101.… I’ve been doing this all wrong!

sawduster gave us something to think about in “why whiskers” And yes DesertSmile…I did google whiskers.

Kitkat25 shared “Compatibility, Astrology, and Relationship Deal Breakers” You mean there are deal breakers in relationships? No one told me about that. Seriously…lies, manipulation, boredome, and selfishness….those would be some deal breakers.

whisperingcomet says “What a rip off” Yep, shipping charges can sneak up on you. Wonder how her “new best friend” is working out?

PinkToeNails says “Dammit!!! Where’s my kitty!??!?!” If she had my kitties at her house…there would be a lot of mice! Now my dog, Tazz, she would have nailed that mouse. Let that be a lesson..sometimes the dog is the better mouser.

Ewe_wish blogged about “Menu Item: 2 slices of bread and a piece of Ewe” Looks like she will be busy busy busy in April visiting with her son before he heads off for duty. Hopefully they have a wonderful time and her son returns home safe and sound.

KitKat25 asks “What Brought You To AMD?” Well, ya know, I heard about this little town on the internet called “Pervia” and just had to check it out. I stay because there are some really good people here.

Sunshine79 blogged “Heard of Bedazzle, But Vajazzle??” Wow!!! Crystals for the “va jay jay”! What will they think of next??? Maybe I don’t want to know.

RevDocLove offered up some “Redneck Republic: America’s Hillbilly Hot Spots” Well, I didn’t see Deckerville Michigan in there…. ya missed one Rev. I mean, they have the Cheesburger Festival..or maybe it’s the Potatoe Festival…


Apr 3 @ 9:49PM  
soft_touch938 tells about “Live interfers with living” She was dealing with IBS. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s “Irritable Bonnie Syndrome”. Usually brought on with a bought of cabin fever, frustration when the diet isn’t working….usually goes away after a few sunny days and a good walk on the treadmill. But…got to stay away from the cigarettes… they only increase agitation.

NightOfOld shared “If Your Over 30” Isn’t it amazing how a computer has changed the English language? I remember shortly after my parents got their computer and my sister and I were talking about what a pain a computer crash is…..and Mom, she was scared to touch any buttons on that computer for a while.. till we finally showed her which buttons are “safe”, and got her computer set up to go automatically to so she can play her games.

Ewe_wish talked about “Moving On”. Mourning/grieving the loss of a loved one affects us all differently. For Ewe, it’s been 2 years since her husband’s passing..and she is moving on. For me, it’s been 8 years since Mick, and I’m moving forward. We can’t stay in one spot, life just doesn’t work that way.

RevDocLove blogs about “Couple Arrested For Not Leaving A Tip…Right Or Wrong????” Well, let that be a lesson folks…if you’re gonna have a big party/get together at a restaurant…be prepared to tip… otherwise that waitress will get pissed off and have you arrested. Ok, seriously, most places when a “big party” comes in, it is mandatory to leave a gratuity. Check before going in.

PinkToeNails shared “Sleepy” with us. A story about a dog who wanders into a neighors yard every afternoon for a nap. I’ve never had that…there is a neighborhood cat who likes to sun itself on my front porch.

soft_touch938 gave us a treat with one of her stories in “Story time!!!” Thank you Softie!!!! It was another wonderful story!

JOHN7AZ wrote about “Dolores videos taking over the world” Ok, I’ve never kept it secret that I like my hard rock/head banging music…so it took a while to realize who this singer is. And, well….just not my kind of music. But…to each their own. But wow…if you look in the videos part of this site, he has found a lot of videos by the Cranberries.

Wordsofwit asks “Would you say anything about it?” If someone I love or care about is about to wear something in public that would be totally embarrassing for both of us… you betcha I would say something.


Apr 3 @ 10:00PM  
Cootiesprayer has “Yet another surgery rofl…” I think Skwirl said it best in that blog…
Ok you... that will be enough of this needing surgery crap. You are now demanded to be in good health for the rest of the freaking year.. am I completely understood young lady?
I totally agree.

And speaking of theSkwirl…she FINALLY blogged in “Bloggity Blog de blog blog blog” Old Man Winter apparently doesn’t want to let loose his grip in Oregon… poor Skwirl has been dealing with snow… oh yeah, can’t forget about the yowling, non preggers kitty too. Hang in there our furry friend, before long it will warm up and this will be a distant memory…at least until the cat starts yowling again.

Ewe_wish got bored and did a little “story” on the “Last 3 Pages of the Blogs” And damn!!! Here I thought she was warming up to get back into doing the Review. And all the bribes in the world just couldn’t convince her to take it back up. Maybe I should go after all that wool with the shears? Nah!! She would enjoy being nekkid just to spite me.

Cootiesprayer came back with “Remember this game? :o)” She starts off with one word, and then we add onto it. And I see it’s still getting views and the occasional word added to it. Good going!

Sunshine79 shared some “Silly Classified Ads=)” Can’t help but wonder if people actually stop and think about what they are writing before posting an ad…. I mean, “Snow Blower For Sale-Used On Only Snowy Days”…DUH!!!! Don’t think it would do much good cutting grass in the summer.

Ewe_Wish (she’s been busy this week I see. Not complaining, it’s great having her back!) entertained us with “It’s My Money and I Want It NOW!!!” So…didn’t want to deal with the Bible Doc? Giving him that story could have been fun… and just think…you could have had us all laughing even harder with a story about the look on his face after you told him all of that! *wanders onto next blog wondering how in the hell I missed that one*

B9CC1D blogged about “Blah Politics Blah Blah Liberal Blah Right.” B raised a few valid points with this blog about researching candidates stands on issues, and assessing elected officials efficacy until they’ve been out of office for a while. Most often some blog with knee jerk reactions when it comes to politics. Human nature, and, some just want to “get it off their chest”.

alybai42 asks “Is my house haunted?” She says strange things have gone on at her house since her boyfriend passed away. Maybe he’s just looking out for her? Or, maybe he’s trying to let her know he’s in a better place?


Apr 3 @ 10:04PM  
Ewe_wish brought school bullying to our attention with her blog “15 yr old Girl Commits Suicide after being Bullied.” Where were ALL of the parents in this? And the teachers? What were they doing? Sometimes it seems like society just doesn’t care anymore. It’s just tragic that a 15 yr old felt the only way to get away from the bullying was to kill herself.

Ok…just because it got over 800 views…I can’t let this one pass… Wordsofwit asked “Canned or Frozen” He put up one of those “mindless, pointless, trivial blogs that people seem to enjoy” about what Pervians preferences are with regards to veggies…canned or frozen. Now, I just have to wonder…if “fresh” was put in that question…would that have been the majority……..

B9CC1D told us “I’m Not Me”…Well, turns out this is our own Dominus, but, it’s not. To understand, you would have to read his blog. He was in a bad accident about 5 months back…he was hit by a construction truck while riding his bicycle. The accident really messed him up….best wishes to Dom and hopes for a full recovery.

Alright…here’s another one with over 800 views…. it’s PinkToeNails with “Nothing like running up your own views huh??” So……..that’s how to get over 800 views? Gonna have to try that.

rdsingle said “Apology and problems” Ok….only thing I will say on this blog is it might be a good idea to sit down with your s/o and talk with her… couples counseling because… site blogs really aren’t the best place to go public with what is going on. Best of luck to both of you..I really hope you two can get this worked out.

RevDocLove got over 300 views with “The Easter Bunny” Let this be a lesson to all bunnies…do NOT piss of a lion! Not a good idea to get the King of the jungle riled up.

And, that will bring this week’s Review to a close. Happy Easter everyone! And, I’ll say it now…I’m working non stop for the next 7 days….and chances are, I will be too tired to do a Review for next week. Just want to let you all know ahead of time.

Apr 3 @ 10:19PM  
All I know is when I went to bed it had 118 views but by the time I got up in the morning, it was to 683 views... and climbing still apparently

Oh well! What do ya do!??!

Great weekly review Dawn! You are so good with them!! You and Ewe need to team up!! you do the review and she just compiles them all into a story!

A standing ovation for you

Now take your bow!!


Apr 3 @ 10:23PM  

Apr 3 @ 10:23PM  
Now take your bow!!

Oh what the heck!

Thank you...thank you very much.

Apr 3 @ 11:36PM  

You mean I actually came out of the woodwork and blogged. Not once but
twice. And I thought I was having a bad dream.

Good blog sweety; Here's my green thing.

Apr 4 @ 1:10AM  
Great review as usual. Kudos.

Apr 4 @ 1:15AM  
Great review, Dawn!

Apr 4 @ 8:02AM  
you just keep doing a great job with this...week after week...amazing.

Oh, as for my new friend, i think this is the first time i have been online since my plain wrapped package arrived..

Apr 4 @ 8:08AM  
You do such a great job!

Leaves a cookie for the sugar

Apr 4 @ 9:28AM  

Great Job!!!

Apr 4 @ 10:16AM  
Great job as usual

Apr 4 @ 12:26PM  
I’m working non stop for the next 7 days….and chances are, I will be too tired to do a Review for next week.
I would offer to do it for you for this week.............but you would make me review all of the blogs............and you know I am too big of a bitch for that............... besides I think your reviews are done so well..........I would fail in comparison.............This week in review is yet again proof why you should be doing them.............job well done..........Bravo!!!

Apr 4 @ 10:59PM  
Another great weekly review Sugar!

Kudos on a job well done.

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AMD Week in Review