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Is my house haunted?

posted 3/31/2010 9:02:50 PM |
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Strange things have been going on in my house since my boyfriend passed away. A few night's after he passed away I was in my bed reading it was late. I put my book down because I was tired. The bedroom light was still on. I dozed off and woke with a start. Standing at the end of my bed was my boyfriend. I closed my eyes again and opened them and he was gone. He didn't say a word to me.
I thought I was losing my mind. Or seeing thing's because I was so over tired from lack of sleep since he passed away. I told a few people this and they said he was there to let me know he was ok since he passed on. I never believed people when they said they see dead people. Now I do. After his funeral his daughter came over to be nosy. That is another story. We were in my living room talking and the deer antler's fell off the wall. They had been in the same spot for over a year. They were his deer antler's. It spooked me. A couple days after that I was in my room and swore I heard him call my name. Monday I was sitting at my computer desk in my living room and there was something in my wall right by my computer. It sounded like it was scratching to get out. I am hoping that is a critter of some kind that got in somehow. Last night I was in my room and spoke outloud to him asking him if he was there. I didn't get any kind of response, I would of freaked out if I would of gotten a answer. I was thinking it was time to move since I am being haunted by his spirit.

Does anyone believe in the dead coming back to visit them? Am I losing my mind from lack of sleep?
My mom say's she has a little girl that comes to visit her. She don't know this little girl either.

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Mar 31 @ 9:10PM  
I believe that these things happen. My house had "something" in it and when I was alone, I would feel like someone was watching me and had to sleep with the lights on. I would also see "shadow people" while on the computer but thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

People also had the feeling that they would fall down the stairs to the family room.
Some people came in and "got rid" of whoever it was and I've never felt a problem since.

You may want to leave a note indicating that you wish to be left alone, or if you feel a presence, ask it to leave.

Mar 31 @ 9:19PM  
Just got done reading some of your other posts.

Wow! Something like that happened to me in August, 2008. I caught a summer "cold" and started coughing up blood. They took an X-Ray and I had 2 Nuclear Galeon Scans which showed a mass in my chest between heart and lungs.

Had open heart surgery, and a month later got an infection that almost killed me. The doctor actually told me that I would not be walking out of the hospital. Thank God that I pulled through.

I know how you feel because I was on that other end once. Take one day at a time and if I could suggest, don't forget but do let go. You need to move on with your life which I know is easier said than done. Best wishes!

Mar 31 @ 9:38PM  
If he is there, perhaps he is worried about you. Maybe he needs to know that you are ok. I think usually if a spirit does no move on it is because someone is holding them here or they are trying to look out for someone. In that case they are not attached to a house they are attached to a person. Why would his spirit watching over you worry you? If it is someone you felt close to in life their spirit would not harm you after they are gone. Let him see that you are doing ok and I think you will be seeing him less and less.

Apr 1 @ 1:47AM  
I think I would be moving if I was in that position...

Apr 1 @ 2:51AM  
I wouldn't worry and I wouldn't be scared. I would be glad that he came to see me and relieved to see him well. I wouldn't move. Relax. Nothing is going to happen. All is well and he is there to tell you so. If all isn't well it is because you are worried. Tell him he is cared for and you loved him. Tell him that you are at peace that he isn't suffering anymore and that if he needs you just ask. Hugs, it is nothing to be alarmed about. Be glad, he is looking to see of you are alright.

Apr 1 @ 9:38AM  
I definitely believe that spirits visit the living. Some you know and others you don't...........I have tons of stories I could tell you .........

If you feel you need to move than move...............but if he is there to visit you.............he will go where you are..............JMO

Apr 1 @ 9:46AM  
I definitely believe that spirits visit the living

shhhhhh...don't tell her^^^^this, but, I agree with her. Ok, all kidding aside...I do believe same as Ewe does. After Mick's death, I remember having a dream where I was driving his 68 Charger, and I could hear him, loud and clear, talking to me, yet, he was not in the car with me. And he was saying "it's going to be ok".

Also, there are times where I just feel his presence. There really is no reason to feel alarmed. Whether you choose to move or not is up to you.

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Is my house haunted?