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A couple of laughs....

posted 3/30/2010 8:46:10 PM |
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So.. update on the mouse situation... haven't caught it yet but my daughter borrowed a mousetrap from my mom. And she brought some of that really sticky paper home too. I told her that if the mouse gets stuck on that, it is going to yell until she does something with it!! That absolutely horrified her!! It was too funny to see her face! But as she was doing laundry tonight, we keep a bag in the laundry room for dryer lint. She came in here with that bag in hand and said, "I'm going to throw it under the sink and tell the mouse, 'here's your new house! Get out of mine!!!!!' " I guess she gets her sense of humor from me.....

So anyway... I got this beautiful necklace for Christmas from a friend. It's 2 stranded and one strand is snug against my neck. Well always being a little thicker in the neck than I would like... I sneezed today and it popped right off my neck!! .... I can lose all the weight I want to but will never lose my lack of neck! I thank my dad for that gift! My brothers are the same way! My younger brother works with a guy that blames everything that goes wrong in the world on my bros lack of neck! Brian can be late for work and say traffic was bad and his co-worker says, "well if you had a neck, that wouldn't have happened" lol My older brother says he went from a washboard stomach to a washtub... they're both insane!

Okay... so then I'm talking to my daughter and she's got a little problem with being "regular" I told her she needed to drink some prune juice.. she said she didn't like it! I told her she had never in her life had a prune. She said, "Yes I have!! The neighbors have a prune tree!!!!!" Okay, so she got that from HER daddy!!! I told her there are not prune trees, but plum trees and prunes are dried plums. We learn something new everyday don't we?!?!?

It's been a hellish week around here but today I found a few good things to laugh at! One at my own expense! But that's okay! I can laugh about it!!

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Mar 30 @ 9:21PM  
The sticky paper...with a mouse...not a good idea. Of course, I'm one who, even though I don't want mice in my house, I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the mouse my dog caught. Yeah, my dog...not either of the 2 cats in this was one of the dogs that caught it.

I like the "prune tree"...that was good.

Mar 30 @ 9:39PM  
When I was in show biz management, in our theater, we had a major rat problem. The city gave us this sticky paper to trap them. Well, it worked on mice as they would just say "fuck it" and die if they got caught. Not the rats. They chewed around it and took off wearing flip flops making more noise than usual!

Mar 30 @ 9:46PM  

Flip flops...... that was funny!!!

Mar 30 @ 10:22PM  
Many, many years ago I lived in a big really old farmhouse on 11 acres..
We had lots of mice in the house and rats in the barn..
I'd sit in the living room at night with just the TV on for lights
and throw popcorn out in the middle of the room and pop the mice with my sons BB gun.. That was fun..
In the barn with the rats being between the walls, I'd take a flashlight and a 22
revolver loaded with BB caps or snake shot and shoot 'em..
Great White Hunter

Mar 31 @ 12:44AM  
Prune tree. She could've fooled me!!

Mar 31 @ 1:22PM  
They chewed around it and took off wearing flip flops making more noise than usual!
That was funny

When my first husband and I got married, he started a new job that included this tiny (and I mean tiny) mobile home for us to live was in backwoods territory and it was nothing unusual for the neighbors cows to be wandering around in our yard. Anyhoo there were mice in there......i dont mean one or two I mean mice............we had dozens of traps and you could hear them going off like a drummer for a rock was horrible. if i had known i would never have moved in there.......We got 4 cats and they were continually catching mice. Me being pregnant didnt want to touch them so it was always left for my husband to come home and take out all the dead mice......and fix holes to keep more from coming in. I lived like that for a couple of months and one day when he came home from work I had everything we owned packed up.......I didnt care if we had to live out of the truck i wasnt going to live with mice a day longer..............

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A couple of laughs....