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posted 3/30/2010 4:26:52 PM |
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Tippity toe thru the tulips.. thru the toolipps with meeee.. pfft what the hell ever.. anyone got a toboggan they ain't using? It's snowing like a penguin's wet dream over here. Penguins! I tell you Pervians, those cold footed, suit wearing bastids are trying to use Global Warming to take over the world. Want proof? Check my front yard!! *grumbles a while longer about penguins and snow and George Dubya Bush and the Apocalypse*

Right.. now, where was I? Oh yes, I recall. Happy Passover to those who celebrate such, Happy Easter to those who believe in that.. Happy Spring to those of y'all who don't believe in nuttin.. I'd wish y'all a Blessed Ostara but I'm 9 days late so.. fuck it.

As a 5 year old girl knows, Easter is the time of year when bunnies lay eggs and Jesus hatches from those eggs and we eat ham cuz it's yummy.

FUCK! It's cold out there!!

So, my Siamese cat, whom I thought was pregnant, just went back into heat. Yay.. stuck in the house with a yowling cat!

Fucking snow.

Right.. now what was I gonna say before I got distracted?

I wanna live in a Penguin free zone. Guadalajara Mexico? I unno...

So anyway..what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... I'm horny, how come no one will fuck me?

Right.. so you wanted an informative blog with a lot of good sentence structure and interesting points of view that gave you something to contemplate? Too bad.. you got me instead.

You wanted a good story? Oh well.

Bloggidy Blog, blog blog..

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Mar 30 @ 4:27PM  
I kudo'd me and I liked it!!!

Mar 30 @ 4:36PM  
Can I kudo you next?

Snow eh.......well selfesh me says..............better thee than me.......other than a few chilly mornings its spring here.........

And FYI: Easter eggs is proof that chickens fuck bunnies................

Mar 30 @ 4:37PM  
I kudo'd me and I liked it!!!

Is it better than sex

Mar 30 @ 4:38PM  
I will trade you. You send me your snow and I will send you all the pollen here that is making me sneeze and my eyes

Mar 30 @ 4:38PM  
Easter eggs is proof that chickens fuck bunnies.

Bunny? Is this true?

Mar 30 @ 4:40PM  
It looks like you blew a seal

No, it's just ice cream.

Mar 30 @ 4:40PM  
You can keep the snow. It rained here for a few days and was cold. Now the sun is out and I heard it was going to get to 78 this week..I can't wait..HELLO SUMMER

Mar 30 @ 4:58PM  
bunnies??? all I know is "bawk, bawk" means Happy Easter Bunny in chickunnie! yeah...I am thinkin it's true!

Mar 30 @ 5:27PM  
hell i was lookin for the damn a/c today....ONE of us is in the wrong place baby cakes!!!

Mar 30 @ 5:33PM  
Snow? What's that? Got a balmy 60 degrees here today....tomorrow mid 70's........and I'd better stop before I get in trouble.

And FYI: Easter eggs is proof that chickens fuck bunnies................

Now that was funny!

You could always tell the penguins they're fired. Oh, and I'll leave ya kudo.


Mar 30 @ 6:10PM  
chickens fuck bunnies.
Just goes to show you can't trust those old fuckin' roosters

Mar 30 @ 6:19PM  
I tried firing them Penguins.. but then they took over D.C. Now they are firing the rest of us. Bastards.

Listen up Y my sweet... come get me and we'll both be warm!

Mar 30 @ 6:24PM  
.ONE of us is in the wrong place baby cakes!!
Your in Iowa I am betting its you thats in the wrong place.........

Mar 30 @ 6:36PM  
Must be why D.C is so warm? All of that hot air. Hey! Maybe that's why they are so sure of global warming.

Mar 30 @ 7:09PM  
If it makes you feel any better. We had snow last week but this friday HEAT WAVE 80!!! woo hoo!....

Mar 30 @ 8:12PM  
And FYI: Easter eggs is proof that chickens fuck bunnies................

Hmmm... Had to think about that for a sec... let's see if this works- If a rooster were to fuck a bunny, seems to me the offspring would be called................ are you ready???...


But if a rabbit fucked a hen... then I GUESS you could call the offspring- Easter eggs... or maybe even...


Make sense??? I haven't had a drink yet- I think I will, after THAT comment!!


Mar 30 @ 10:53PM  
We had snow over the weekend after being nice and warm.. It really sucked.. But finally we are starting to warm back up...

Mar 31 @ 12:57AM  
I liked that bloggity, blog, blog, blog!

Mar 31 @ 6:14AM  
did you know there are some teenagers in certain parts of Australia who have never seen or felt rain, let alone experienced snow . jus' saying

Apr 10 @ 12:08AM  
Psssst..... still luv ya...

stay warm.

Apr 10 @ 1:11PM  

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