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What Brought You To AMD?

posted 3/28/2010 10:17:08 PM |
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tagged: blogs, people, life, entertainment

It's a fairly straightforward question isn't it?

I actually think of this question a LOT when I'm reading through the many blogs posted on AMD during any one particular day. Especially when I'm reading a really great a really great blogger I've come to know and respect. And if I'm intrigued by a particular blog...I will click on the blogger's profile immediately upon finishing their blog.

That's right Pervia...I've been checking you all out...big time!

I've probably read approximately 75% of the blogger profiles on AMD. And what I've discovered is at least the bloggers know how to fill out their profile questions...unlike some of the other members on here...I'm just sayin'...

Do you know what else I've discovered from being a part of the AMD blogging community for the past 8 months? I absolutely love the people here...I truly do. Yeah...I know...we have our difficult members, but just think of how boring the blogs would be without these particular individuals? I think the group we have in the blogs right now is a fairly ecliptic group. At least that's my opinion...and I'm sticking with it. And no...I wasn't around a few years back when there were apparently "Gods" blogging in Pervia , but I can only form an opinion on the here and now...and what I see here and now is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

So...I just want to say thanks to all the bloggers who continue to blog...and share...and entertain...and inform. It's been so much fun getting to know each and every one of you.

So Pervia...What brought you to AMD?

Me? Initially, I wanted to reconnect with some old friends I met on AMD back in 2002 and 2003. And while I did reconnect with a couple of them...I found so much more. I found some new friends who I hope appreciate me just as much as I appreciate them.

Okay...I have a second question. I know...I know...stop your complaining!

What made you stay and blog?

Me? Honestly, it was some of the wonderful bloggers who are still here today. I saw how much fun they were having...and I wanted to have some fun too. I also needed a writing outlet and although my blogs aren't usually awe-inspiring pieces...I greatly enjoy the process and the interaction with the various bloggers.

Last question...Who are some of your favorite AMD bloggers...past and/or present?

Me? Off the top of my head I would have to say WoW (You always know where this blogger stands...and I mean ALWAYS), Sunshine (One of the VERY FEW bloggers I make time for before I head out the door for work), Ewe_Wish (A sheep with attitude...what more could you want?), Night ( his poems), Dione (This gal can write. I simply love the descriptions within her stories), Luna (Another great writer...with a very kewl edge), RevDoc (Mr. Jokester himself), Softie (Her stories always make my cup of tea taste that much better), Somnium (A bit of a “mish mash” you never really know what he's gonna write about...but you know you’ll want to read it), Straddle (OMG...The way this guy combines grossness and sex...and actually gets us to comment back to that's talent) Sugar (Miss AMD herself...kind of like the conscience of AMD), Tassie (He's definitely a jokester...but with a heart of gold)...and last...but certainly not least...The Skwirl (Ms. Attitude Extraordinaire. I would not want to get on her bad side...cuz I'd so lose!). This list was only off the top of my head boys and girls and does not reflect all the bloggers who continue to entertain me with their wonderful blogs each and every day.

Your turn...

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Mar 28 @ 10:36PM  
aaaw shucks ,hey mama_taz, look we got a mention...
even if it was waaaaay down the bottom of the list here with miss skwirl ,least we's keepin good company but we can handle it without goin nuts.

and here I was gonna say the thing that drew me to this place was the gorgeous wimmin.ok so call me bias, still can't beat them tassie chicky babes.
mind you, there is one or three on here who could come close
no names mentioned to protect the guilty

Mar 28 @ 10:43PM  
Thank you so much for the compliment, Kat!

I would say what brought me over here back in Nov. 2001 was a lot of adult themes. A lot of horny women for another. But then this site really took off in June 2006 when it started featuring blogs and forums. I had no idea what a blog was and tried my hand at it. I never thought that it would have ever led to doing so many of them over time, and getting and letting people get to know me through them.

Good blog, Kat! Kudo...

Mar 28 @ 11:03PM  
What Brought You to AMD?

The link on Matchdoctor?

Been here for 3 years next month. I came for the sex, stayed for the camaraderie..because no one gets laid here. KIDDING. I like you all.

Mar 28 @ 11:33PM  
What brought me here? I was on AMD and accidently clicked on the link to here one day. So decided to check it out.

Why did I stay to blog? I just liked the blogs on here so I decided to read some and post some.

Favorite blogger? Probably Night and WoW. Others on certain blogs at times.


Mar 29 @ 12:10AM  
I started in MD and just dabbled in AMD to start. Then when I found that I could loosen my tongue so to speak I pretty much preferred the adult side.

I came here to find Mr. Right...and hopefully some fun on the side in the meantime...boy was I in for an eyeopener...

I stayed for the blogs and the friends I've made. My blogs are a far cry from what they use to be. I use to tell all and did...then I gave up the wild life and I have very little to write about.

I was posting some chapters from my book on cyberspace...Out of the Archives...trying to push a certain blogger off the front page and now that it's over with I guess I just forgot about it. It was from a time in my life that I'd rather forget anyway.

I just throw out fluff now 'n hang around.

Mar 29 @ 8:11AM  
Sunshine (One of the VERY FEW bloggers I make time for before I head out the door for work)
Thank you!!!

Honestly, I don't remember how I found AMD. Been too long now, lol

Blog, what's a blog?? Umm...Actually, I believe it was Straddle who begged me to come play in the blogs. He talked me into it and TA DA!!! I'm still here!

Who are my faves? Well, I always love Bruce's Tommy stories. And Straddle's blogs of course are the most entertaining of them all, lol Softie's got some really great creative writings and hot, steamy love stories. And if anyone knows me, I don't do love stories, but Softie's stuff gets me every time! Ummm.....seriously I can't pick faves...I really can't. Truth be told, if I comment on your stuff, that means I liked it. Everyone here has their own style & sense of humor. I truly do enjoy Max & Rev's jokes, Sugar's week in review, KitKat's kwestions, gosh.....seriously I could sit here all day and give everyone a reason as to why I enjoy their blogs, lol

But, I'm gonna stop before I rant away & hijack this

Mar 29 @ 9:29AM  
My good friend Tassie..
We were on another great site for a long time and it shut down
so we were looking for a replacement site..
Tassie found AMD and several of us came over from
Cybersoulmate, our defunct site.
As for blogging, our group was more into the forums for a long time as a way to keep in touch..I just kinda' drifted over to blogs..
I like most of the bloggers here..No favorites..
I read them all, with the exception of WhapperValentine, and even his/hers if they're not too rambling.
I comment on the ones I have something to say on..

Mar 29 @ 10:22AM  
Around 2001 I discovered the vanilla site somehow, don't recall the specifics. I actually met and dated somebody from that site for a while that lived nearby. I came to AMD through it.

I stay for the blogs and only visited the forums once. I don't really have a favorite blogger. There are people who write very well, but sometimes the subject is of interest, sometimes not. On the other hand, there are people who do not communicate very well, but will bring up an interesting subject.

What I enjoy the most is an interesting subject that many people comment on that I want to return to, to see what people have added.

It is not that the best blogs of yesteryear are that much better than the best blogs of today. I am more of the opinion that there is more useless posts now that pollute the landscape. I don't write as many anymore as the shelf life is too short with too many people taking things personally that have anger management issues.

Mar 29 @ 11:09AM  
And no...I wasn't around a few years back when there were apparently "Gods" blogging in Pervia
Oh fuck that just about made me wet my pants..............In days of old..........we weren't gods........just legends in our own minds...........

Ewe_Wish (A sheep with attitude...what more could you want?),
Aw Shucks..........Thanks............that was so sweet..........

What brought you to AMD?
Boredom? lol actually what brought me here.......took me exactly 2 minutes to figure out I was not the type for that type of thing........but when I first joined I only played in the be honest I don't think they even had blogs then......I quit for a short time........but decided that playing in the forums would kill time and I had met a few ppl I really liked Ynot, Dominus and I rejoined.......soon I found the blogs.........and started blogging and getting to know others. I stayed for the blogging. It was a good place to do what I loved to do.....write....and I was able to read about other peoples lives.........amazing that people can live across the country and still have so many things in common...........Whodda thought?

My favorite bloggers.......I dont know.....I can't say that I totally love everything all my favorites right........sometimes what they write isn't something that is something I would be interested in just as I am sure not everything i write is in everyone elses taste........I like certain types of blogs.........I like question blogs like this one where we can all interact........I like game blogs.........I like funny ones...........cut and paste is not my favorite........but somedays i really enjoy reading some old jokes........I love reading softies stories and blogs, WOW has some good ones........tho I dont always agree with his opinions he makes me think........Rev has some cute ones.........ynot of course.......cause he is legally insane and I am hoping we can share a room at the nut house to get the family discount..............Some (some!!!!!) of straddles.......the really gross ones I tend to avoid...........but a lot of ppl do enjoy them.......and I think that this would be a rather dull site without him..........TheSkwirl is always a good read......RJ has some great ones.........Yours I always enjoy.......Sugar.....well what can i say about Sugar...........she tickles me no matter what she writes...........PNT and Comet bring smiles to my face........and they don't let shit get to them so that always makes me smile...........Sunshine.........well she is just a nut so you have to love to read her stuff.........I know I am missing some so let me sum it up like this............With the exception of a couple........most of the regular bloggers definitely make this site better.........and even if not all of the stuff they write is in my taste..........I usually find some great stuff with each and everyone......I love new bloggers that come in and want to blog.........something other than the wanna fuck and are all women fake blogs............

Damn didn't mean to write a book here LOL


Mar 29 @ 12:00PM  

A nudist by the name of NightOfOld
Loved to dance in the snow and the cold,
But one chilly December
He froze every member,
And retired to AMD.

I first came to AMD back in 2002. It was people like Straddle, Billy & Sundance,
Dominus, Ewe {who went by another name then}, Skwirl {also by another name},
WOW {Bruce}, and so many others. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home { like a family }.
I came looking for for someone to love, not for sex but real love. What I found was the love of a bunch of friends who I could not leave. Well eight years later, a lot of them have left, moved on. But over the years I made many more friends here. So I stayed.

Mar 29 @ 12:11PM  
What brought you to AMD?

I was on MD and clicked the link to AMD. I started playing in the forum's. Then onto the blog's more reading them than posting them. I still don't post many blog's.

What made you stay and blog?

I stay because of the friend's I have made. I met Ynot first in the forum's. I felt welcomed by many of the member's.

Who are some of your favorite AMD bloggers...past and/or present?

I don't have a favorite. I read the title and if it interests me I will read the blog.

Mar 29 @ 4:36PM  
It was free to sign up & look at stuff if you know what I mean. Well that elapsed & was cut off so I turned to the blogs which I think is the best part of it.

Mar 29 @ 6:32PM  
Sugar (Miss AMD herself...kind of like the conscience of AMD)
Oh don't know me too well do ya? Just kidding. Thank you.

The Skwirl (Ms. Attitude Extraordinaire. I would not want to get on her bad side...cuz I'd so lose!).

You can ask Ewe_wish and Skwirl both....when I first came on the blogs here, it was in the midst of a "war", and I was on the opposite side of them. Let me tell ya....they can kick ya in the ass pretty darn good when they want to...but, when the dust settled, they turned out to be 2 of the greatest people I've met on here...and I'm proud to call both of them friend.

So Pervia...What brought you to AMD?

I have a profile on the vanilla site...and I was complaining to a friend about how it seemed most of the email was from scammers, or, people who couldn't actually read the profile..and come on..any of us here who also have a profile there knows that it's far easier to read those's all on one page! So, this friend told me about this site..that it's part of MD, just more relaxed. So, I checked it out...and rarely go over to the vanilla site anymore.

What made you stay and blog?

That is easy...I've made some good friends here, and I enjoy popping in to see what they've had to say each day. I've seen references to this place as being like "Cheers", and it is.

Last question...Who are some of your favorite AMD bloggers...past and/or present?

Well, kind of from the past..but he still pops in from time to time...Dominus. He always had well written blogs. Then there is DickSlippery, who was back for a it seems he's wandered off again. And there is Softie, Wordofwit, Straddle, Ewe, Skwirl, Rev,Dione, Whisperingcomet,PinkToeNails,Borty, Max, and of course....Ynot. And yes....KitKat....(thought I forgot huh? )

I like the variety we have here when it comes to blogging. We have informative blogs, silly blogs, stories, kinky, and some just throwing out their thoughts. earned one of my kudos...and as others will tell ya...they have to almost tear em out of my hands.

Mar 29 @ 8:05PM  
I can't remember it was long ago. Usually with these things it's either something somebody says and I go hmmm I'll have to check that out. Or one of those ads you stumble upon. So I think I came to have a look-see, had the look-see and then promptly forgot about it. Recently I rediscovered it, made maybe two friends lol, and found the forums

Mar 30 @ 3:30PM  
What brought me to AMD?...a new job. Funny...the new job was all about working on a computer as the main tool in the office and I had never used a computer before. Shows ya what kinda faith these people had in me. I found this place by accident. When I first started checking out the blogs there was a war going on. I didn't comment, but kept checking in to see if it would ever end. Finally the war had subsided and I snuck a few comments in here and there till they got comfortable with me. Well a few didn't get comfortable with me, but hey...everyone has the right to pick and choose.
I come and go at will, but always return for there are people here I care about. You Kit Kat bring a delightful quality to the blogs and I am glad I have been here to experience that. ...nice is your cookie!

Mar 30 @ 3:49PM  

What brought a Skwirl to Pervia? My partner.. who has not logged on here in .. gawd knows how long now.. it's all his fault.

What kept a Skwirl here and blogging? I can't shut up. :D duh.

Who are some of my faves? Oh holy shit.. let's see.. I can start with Miss Kat here for many reasons.. Luna, cuz she's Luna.. WoW cuz he's a good friend, no matter what else you may think of him.. he's good folk. Ynot, cuz he is.. and that's all I have to say about that... Hmmm .. so many Ewe, L4E, CL, ummm.. gawd I know I'm gonna piss someone off.. Somnium.. ain't he a hotty? Dione, one smart cookie, Softy.. cuz I lubs me some Softy.. Night of Old.. how could I not? geeze so many many many others here and some who are no longer here.. I could say most everyone but cottontail and a few power-trolls who have totally turned my tail.

Mar 30 @ 6:59PM  
I realized that i didn't answer part of your blog question regarding the people on here that post blogs. I have found your blogs to be very fun to where your blogs engages people and get them involved. Another thing I like about them Kat is that you throw in some information and some humerous lines. You really have a knack for writing and engaging people.

Some other of my favorites would have to be Megan's blogs. She also makes her blogs fun to participate in. And then there's Luna who puts a lot of emotion(s) in her blogs. That and with some very good humor. The girl has a lot of personality. Dayna always puts together really good blogs. She used to do the week-in-review and was very good with them. That takes a lot of talent and time as well. She also did some very good blog games on here at one time.

Then there's Dawn who now does the week-in-review. She has devoted a lot of time into this feature, and yes, she has proven that she too has the talent to write. Mixed in with her humor, that's going to last a very long time. Chuck, very good with poems. Granted, I may not post a lot on these kind of blogs, but you can't take away his uncanny knack of quick wit and line to line with his damn good talent. Rhonda does some very good questions every now and then on here as well, and I enjoy taking part in those.


Apr 10 @ 1:56AM  
I just want 2 say that THIS was an excellent blog! I usually don't go for these communal Q&A sessions, but this one was kinda cool. At least it was until I had 2 wade through TWELVE (go ahead...count them motherfuckers... I takes awhile though, so make sure U clear Ur schedule first... ) responses B4 ANYONE mentioned my name!!! (sugar sugar ba ba ba ba ba ba ahhh honey honey I love U 2 girl! Thank U 4 saving my self image from having a complete and total fucking meltdown...) OMG - Et tu Sunshine? I don't know what 2 say...not Mrs. Parker...I think I actually felt something break in my chest...I may have 2 take a few minutes 2 collect myself...

or maybe I'll just answer the questions like a good boy instead.

What brought you to AMD?

Ummmm...I dunno. Do U have any idea how long ago that was? Or how much pot I've smoked since then? Do I have 2 remind U that pot causes memory loss? I couldn't even begin 2 answer this a second...what was I talking about again?

What made you stay and blog?

They let me. And the price is right. Im not talking about the cost of membership. I mean the actual price is right. Mr. Bob Barker himself encouraged me 2 stay here and do what I do (although no one can say exactly what that is). He called me up one day in between showcase showdowns 2 let me know how much he appreciated my style of writing and 2 tell me that the tall blonde Barker's Beauty thinks Im really cute.

Who are some of your favorite AMD bloggers...past and/or present?

Well...since none of U motherfuckers wanted 2 say it I guess I will...


oh...ok... Im over it now I think. Its my own damned fault. I allowed myself 2 become fucking LAME is that? Unless...unless...could i be one of the apparent "gods"???...holy shit...yep, that must be it...Ive been feeling a little godlike of late, 2 be perfectly honest...there was that plague downtown. I did have a hand in that...OH - my check usually gets here on Tuesday but this week I didnt get it until Thursday, so I smote the mailman. Fuck that motherfucker...yep...I gotta say that this god thing is a pretty good gig so if I can just talk 2 somebody about giving the employee manual a minor, where was I? Hmmm...

Dominus was always the shit. Sunshine79 has always been one of my favorites (at least one of us remembered, huh?). Lovergirl could write her fucking ass off. Pudge2you is the only motherfucker I EVER ripped off for a blog, but fuck him. He probably still gets laid by telling bitches he knows me. Ynot's always been a pimp, but everyone knows that. I do wish he would go back 2 dressing his pecker up for major holidays, though. I think my favorite was Uncle Sam...

Quick mentions... SxzeBBW...Looking4now...CanUhelpMe...cabl_guy...MsHelle...shimer...sundance64...just 2 name a few of the real gods of AMD. They just let me hang around. Thanks guys.

And the moral of this story, boys and girls, is dont 4get 2 blog!!!

Nicely done KitKat25, btw...




Apr 10 @ 2:18AM  
Once upon a time...

The short bus brought me here.

Slippery made me stay a while (to protect my stuff...) And yes I do.

Pon-may makes me come back on rare occasions to check up on Pervia.

Apr 10 @ 1:14PM  
Yay! I'm to blame for a Pudge!!

Apr 10 @ 5:10PM  
Thank you very much!

Tossing you a greenie for a job well done.

Apr 11 @ 1:53AM  
Thanks so much Pervia for stepping up and sharing all your thoughts and opinions. I was thrilled with all the great comments...and it was a real joy to read each and every one. Now this is what I love about Blog Land...the sharing...the interacting...and the great writing.

Thanks again all rock.

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What Brought You To AMD?