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Menu Item: 2 slices of bread and a piece of Ewe

posted 3/28/2010 12:43:49 PM |
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Looks around slowly...........whew.... the coast must be clear I don't see any trolls around............Well I thought I would check in today and see what is going on in AMD..........needed to take some time away from here.........damn trolls give me hives I swear.......

Actually been out of sorts for the past couple of weeks........not really sick but not feeling well either...........I found out that my son will be deployed in late October or early Nov. Not sure if he will be going to Afghanistan or Iraq but I had hoped that any talk of deployment wouldn't occur until after next Jan as that is when he will have his next promotion and he would have become an instructor........and no longer deployable. I know, with so many being deployed why should my son be excused, and in actuality even tho he will be leaving his wife and small son, he is ready to go......knows its his duty...........and I know he is in the Army..this is to be expected..........but I am not ready for this again................

Anyhoo.........I will be going to Kansas mid april for a visit with them. Haven't gotten to seen that darling grandson of mine and I want to see my son..........its been a year since I have seen him and even tho we talk 3 to 4 times a week........just not the same. They will be coming up late Aug for a few weeks on leave as my daughter n laws father is getting married...........but I want to spend as much time with son as I can.

The weather here is beautiful.........gotten chilly the last couple of nights but no snow........Which is good on one hand.........but might mean I have to give my sweetie his birthday present early since I bought him a new cart for his golf bag.........and they are already talking about playing golf soon..........Cow pasture pool ...........that he so graciously offered to take me with him.......ewwwww less exciting than watching cement set.........

I bought a new computer a few weeks back and a friend of mine who works on computers in West bygod Virginny asked me to try out PeerBlock to see what I thought about it. its a free program that blocks people from hacking into your IP to see what you are doing on the internet ........great for P2P uploading.........Not that I do any of that....... Anyway.....although it does block some sites I do frequent like my netflix that I had to go in and manually add to the OK list.......the places that do hack your ip is rather scary. The federal Govt, DEA, Homeland Security for a if they are checking my computer when I do no wrong... why are there still terrorists cells here.........oh yea they probably have PeerBlock too......... Oh yea Department of Defense and Haliburton are also watching ip I will no longer make any political comments that could get me into trouble..............

I went to the doctor the other day and took a diary of all that I have eaten since I last saw her.........wouldn't keep a mouse a live and yet i still gained weight......after talking to a specialist.....they cut my 1000 calorie diet to 650 a day......a 14 day colon cleansing ( so see for those of you who think I am full of shit may be right) and a whole handful of different vitamins...........we will see what happens..........thank God I don't have an appetite cutting down to that amount of calories won't really bother me LOL

So anyway I just wanted to stop in and say Hi to all of those who gives a rats ass..........and for the rest of you well you can kiss my fat wooley ass..........LMAO Hope all of you are enjoying the day.........

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Mar 28 @ 1:01PM  
I've missed you!! And will call you tomorrow!

Mar 28 @ 1:04PM  
gives ewe a sheeps high five!

Mar 28 @ 1:06PM  
whew i thought you were going to say your going to have a little lamb baby,,lol

Mar 28 @ 1:26PM  
Good to hear from you, Dayna. I had wondered about you. Yes, you are between a rock and hard place as it is difficult to lose weight when you are in physical pain that nullifies most exercise. Back in my rock and roll days when it seemed like every joint was subjected to being carved and rebuilt, even though my orthopods never suggest it, I got my butt into a pool for low impact rehab. and it worked for me.

That was a wonderfully well written humorous post and I'm giving you a greenie for it. Thank you very kindly. It has damned near been a wasteland for good reads on this site lately by and large IMO. But on the upside it has been largely troll free for a week or so.

Cow pasture pool
That is hilarious, I had never heard that term before, but it fits!!!! No lover of golf on this end of the keyboard.


Mar 28 @ 1:28PM  
Good ta see ya's been a trip in Pervialand and not a pleasant one but maybe we'll get a breather here for a while.

I can relate to the not losing weight... I'm still having trouble getting the damn stuff to budge. I've lost lots of inches but the weight is stubborn as hell. They sent me to a dietician and she explained to me why my metabolism is dead as a doornail so I'm trying to turn that around.

My grandson is in Navy boot camp right now in Chicago so one of these days I may be facing what you're facing. I guess for the moment I just don't want to think about it.

Anyway....glad ya slipped in ta say Hi....Hi and a hug back at ya....

Mar 28 @ 1:51PM  
Sooooo N0W ur full of vitamins?? Guess that's way better lol

Mar 28 @ 2:18PM  
Dont even say the word troll on here. If you call them they will come.

Good to see you on here. I can't really exercise due to nerve damage but found that yoga does work for me. Although I do refrain from getting into positions that will require EMS to get me out of.

Good blog and a greenie for you.


Mar 28 @ 4:49PM  
Hey ewe wooly booger ewe..Been wonderin' where you wandered off to..
I was thinkin' about siccin' Ol' Shep the sheepdog out to round you up
and get EWE back in the flocking flock!
I'm a hacker..every few days I hack up

Mar 28 @ 5:50PM  
Dropping in to say hi, Dayna!

Mar 28 @ 6:16PM  
About time you come back...I was getting all set to send out a search party for you.....well....maybe not a search party....but...

And there is nothing wrong with you not wanting your son to go overseas again. I can only imagine how hard on a parent that has to be. I'll keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

Kansas huh? Watch out for those tornadoes...never know where you will end up if one gets ya.

Weather here today sucks. Overcast, rains off and on...about 43 degrees. But...starting tomorrow, it's going to warm up...the weatherman is talking about it getting up to 73 by Wed or Thur. I can't wait!!!! I've noticed that some of the spring flowers are starting to sprout up..and the trees are starting to bud.

Peer block? Might have to take a look at that. As to watching what I say about politicians....nope. Ain't gonna happen. If they're acting like jerks, I'll call them jerks.

Mar 28 @ 8:56PM  
Menu Item: 2 slices of bread and a piece of Ewe
I'll have sum of that!!!
Welcome back lady!!!

Mar 28 @ 9:46PM  

Mar 28 @ 10:44PM  
I just got one of those thought bubbles appear over my head after reading the heading,involving a sheep farmer and his woolie girlfriend.

good to see ya back my ole friend.

Mar 28 @ 11:09PM  
It's so nice to see you back...and blogging too. What a treat for us!

I'm sorry to hear about your health. Hopefully, this new diet will help get you back on the road to recovery. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

And don't be such a stranger okay? We miss Ewe a lot when you don't drop in occasionally. Hang in there Ms. Sheep.

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Menu Item: 2 slices of bread and a piece of Ewe