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Dammit! Where's my kitty!??!?!

posted 3/28/2010 10:37:15 AM |
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I've lived here for about 16 years now and today!! .....we discovered we have a mouse!!!! I've never had critters like that! Yeah sure, I've had a bat in the house! I've had one of my cats bring a bird in the house! And a bunny rabbit!! Not to mention a couple of voles/moles that my cats brought in but never! I have never had a mouse!! My cat Little M is a great mouser!! So we're going to lock her in the bathroom to see if she will catch it...............the bathroom?? Why is there a mouse in there???? Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful it's NOT in the kitchen!!!!!!!

I'm freaking out though, they say where there's one there's two!

Go kitty go!!!!

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Mar 28 @ 10:56AM  
Starve your kitty until it's hungry enough to get the mouse

Mar 28 @ 11:07AM  

If the Cat kills it..... a hundred more will come to it's funeral.

Mar 28 @ 11:44AM  
That ain't shit. We just concluded at two week war with rats. They got in through the dog door. I didn't even know they were here at first. They may have been here for several weeks.

I leave the dog food (dry) out 24/7. I one morning I got up and dog food bowl was empty when I was positive it was full when I went to bed and the dogs were in bed with me all night. Then the next morning I got up before dawn and saw one go under the refrigerator. So I went and got bait/poison and put a tray out between the refrigerator and cabinetry and began taking up the dog food at night. I made sure to leave a full bowl of water out for them so they wouldn't chew up the plumbing. That will get him. It got him, but it didn't get them!

There wasn't enough rat bait to feed them all and there was no dog food, so they ate my house plants and chewed out the bottom of the door where the dog food was stored. In the end, they consumed four and a half pounds of poison before everybody was dead. I was finding dead rats everywhere for about a week, probably around 20 all together.

Mar 28 @ 12:03PM  
I can send you my cat he loves chasing mice!

Mar 28 @ 12:47PM  
I would offer to send you my cat......but he is so fat and lazy no way would he be bothered to chase mice..............he might however convince them to push his feed dish closer to him........

Mar 28 @ 12:50PM  
I used to have four cats and if we ever had a mouse while I had them, I never saw them. Did fine a piece of the tail one time. Have not had cats since moving here so we had a very smart rat one time. Would not touch rat poison, could take the bait out of traps without tripping them. My son who was a night owl just kept disturbing him until he gave up and left. He was brazen, he saw you and did not run. We thought he might have been someone's pet who got out because he was just wat too comfortable around humans and he had white markings on him. He finally left and has not been back since then. I glued a piece of wood over the hole he made under the cabinet in the kitchen to get in.

Mar 28 @ 1:07PM  
Ummmm all I can think of is ya lost ur *kitty* and u realy need to find it. Mouse be damned!lol

Mar 28 @ 4:52PM  
he is so fat and lazy
Is his name Garfield by any chance???

Mar 28 @ 5:52PM  
Let us know how it turns out

Mar 28 @ 6:01PM  
Dammit! Where's my kitty!??!?!

Ohhh... THAT kind of kitty!!! I was just about to offer my help in looking for it but... then I read the rest of your blog! Damn!!!

Just try'n to help!!!


Mar 28 @ 6:06PM  
My parents have a problem with a mouse...and with 4 dogs in the would think that mouse would be a "goner". Nope. Those dogs could care less. My Mom even complained to me about how her dog, Ginger, just laid there and watched the mouse run across the floor. I keep telling my parents they can borrow my dog, Tazzy, she's a great mouser. Last year, I saw a mouse come out from behind the tv thing I knew, Tazzy had it. And this with 2 cats in the house..who didn't even realize what was going on.

Mar 28 @ 8:53PM  
Good luck with that....they can be a real Pain!!!
Oh..btw....he/they are in more rooms than the Bathroom..

I had "Wolf" rats...when I lived near a "recycle" place...hell I would sit out on the back step and shoot the bastids!!!
It took 8 plus pounds of "Purina Rat Chow/Poison" to kill them SOB's...
They would die everywhere..even in the Walls...!!! Talk about Stinking!!!

Mar 28 @ 9:31PM  
Talk about Stinking!!!

I wasn't going to mention that, but let's just say the oder in garage was so bad that I parked the car in the driveway and didn't go in there for a few days.

Mar 28 @ 10:50PM  
use peanut butter on mouse traps, its harder for them to lick off and easier for them to spring it trying.
and if you want to get really sneaky a tiny sprinkle of vanilla helps even more for some reason.

yup, i gots me waaay too much time on my hands lately haven't I , but it works so who cares.

Mar 28 @ 10:57PM  
Okay...Pink? You have to get rid of the mice BEFORE my visit. Eek! I don't do well when sharing my house with a mouse.

Of course there is one mouse I just love...and he lives in California.

I hope your kitty is on "mouse patrol" as I'm writing this comment. Hang in there.

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Dammit! Where's my kitty!??!?!