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Compatibility, Astrology and Relationship Deal Breakers…

posted 3/28/2010 4:31:23 AM |
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tagged: relationships, compatibility, life, astrology

I’ve been giving compatibility a lot of thought lately. What’s that special ingredient that makes one couple compatible…and another one disastrous? I even got curious and played with a couple of compatibility charts to see who my perfect match would be. Kind of silly right? Perhaps...but it was also interesting and very enlightening.

I’m an Aquarius and apparently my perfect zodiac match is a Libra…and my worst zodiac match is a Virgo. If I listen to Chinese Astrology I’m a horse…and my best match is a sheep…and my worst match is a rat.

Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

As I get older, I find the things that make a relationship work include those obvious qualities, as well as some not so obvious qualities. For instance…I can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a good sense of humor. Or rather I could…but it wouldn’t be very successful. Being a good conversationalist is also a must in my book, as well as honesty, compassion and intelligence. But there’s another quality I require but never seem to think of until I’m knee deep in a relationship. I require space…lots and lots of space.

I think Trisha Yearwood’s song says it best.

I like a man who's crazy about me
I like a man who can live without me too
That's what I like about you

I like a man who will lay down beside me
I like a man who will stand up to me too
That's what I like about you

Don't want a man to be my twin
Under my thumb, under my skin
Don't want a man like a shadow on the ground
With nothing else to do but follow me around

I like a man who will cry on my shoulder
Who don't mind if I cry sometimes too
That's what I like about you

I like a man who can make it happen
Who can get me laughing when my whole world breaks in two
That's what I like about you

You can be soft, honey, you can be strong
Maybe that's the reason we get along
Everything you do, you do just right
You're tender in love, tough in a fight

I like a man who will lay down beside me
Stand up to me, cry on my shoulder
Crazy 'bout me, can't live without me too
That's what I like about, can't live my life without
That's what I like about you

Yep…^^^^ that’s what ^^^^ I like in a relationship.

In fact…I’ve come to realize it’s a bit of a deal breaker for me if I can't have it. If I can’t have my privacy, space and freedom when I need it most…I can’t survive in a relationship for long. It’s just not gonna happen.

So peeps…what’s your relationship deal breaker?

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Mar 28 @ 6:06AM  
Boredom. If a person's conversation is boring to me, dead deal.

Mar 28 @ 8:20AM  
I can't deal with drama!!!!!! I also can't deal with liers....or users !!!

Mar 28 @ 10:53AM  
Take me as I am or let me go

Mar 28 @ 11:17AM  
I have never given much to the charts; sometimes they hit sometimes they missby a mile.

I am also an Aquarian so humor and good conversaion are a must for me. My first short lived married was to a Libra...disaster...but then agan he turned out to be a latent homosexual so maybe that does not count. My 2nd. to a Virgo and was a smashing success.

Why a success; because just like the lyrics to song we matched every verse. This is why in his twilight years of ill health I choose to stay and care for him.

Mar 28 @ 12:22PM  
Any man that's still here in the morning....


Mar 28 @ 1:04PM  
I have never given much to the charts; sometimes they hit sometimes they missby a mile.
Fun to read but I don't put much stock into them...........

So peeps…what’s your relationship deal breaker?
Liars, jealousy, Argumentative, and as WOW says.........Boredom......if a person is boring to me.......I don't think it could even get to the point of being a deal breaker cause I don't invest any time with them for any type of relationship.

Mar 28 @ 1:22PM  
I have a list of deal breakers that I have developed through the years.

1. A wife they kind of forgot to tell me about.

2. Clingy types who want to know what you are doing every freakin minute of the day.

3. People with addictive personalitles. (Drug, alcohol or sex additctions)

4. Psycho type tempers and personality traits

5. People who always have to be right about everything.

6. People who cannot carry on an intelligent conversation

7. People who know better but constantly use incorrect English trying to look like they are from the hood.

8. People who never do what they say they will do when they said they were going to do it.

9. Liars and / or people who tell you what they think you want to hear.

10. People who will cheat on you. If I cannot trust them out of my sight, I do not want to be in a relationship with them.

Mar 28 @ 2:49PM  
Given there is no human on this earth that isn't flawed, or dishonest- I can't say what a dealbreaker would be. The question is- do I have to put up with it? Hell no. Besides, I'm tired of saying what they are, but no one ever respects my stance enough to leave me alone and find some one else.

Anyway according to western astrology, I get along with other air signs(libras, aquariuses, and geminis) the most. Fire signs second most(sags, leos and aries). Aries is my opposite sign, and surprise! Most of the men in my life have been aries.

Eastern: Metal rooster who gets along with oxen, boar and snake signs.

Used to be hardcore into that kinda stuff, but its just silly nowadays and only for fun.

Mar 28 @ 3:29PM  

Most of those you listed go without saying and add murders and rapists to the list. Though if the rapist is a good looking woman, I will waive that one!

Mar 28 @ 5:06PM  
Most of those you listed go without saying and add murders and rapists to the list. Though if the rapist is a good looking woman, I will waive that one!

Well to me those two went without saying. Yeah you would hope it would be a beautiful woman rapist and not Bubba who just broke out of jail looking for love.

I can overlook flaws in people, but there are some things that I just won't put up with.

Mar 28 @ 5:47PM  
I always thought that this was pretty fun. Not too long ago I pulled up some of this out of curiousity just to check it out. Like DesertSmile said, I think there's some hits and misses with all of this. But I do agree that this can be fun.

Apr 18 @ 9:11PM  
Deal breakers...

talking down to me like I'm an idiot. (yes, I can be an idiot sometimes but don't make me feel like one.)

being too rigid. I'm a gemini and I need fluidity of plan.. sure let's make a plan and then let's go do whatever it is that seems right at the moment.. whether it's part of the 'plan' or not.

Abusiveness.. of any sort.. verbal, emotional or physical..I won't stand for it.

Mr./Ms. Right.. but only if his/her first name is ALWAYS

Basically if you are unable to see the ridiculous side of things and find something funny in almost any situation.. I'm not gonna be the kind of person you want. If you need constant attention and praise, move along, I'll make you miserable. If you need a plan and have to follow that plan to the letter.. I'll make ya crazy. Don't cheat on me, if you want to have sex with someone else, find yourself having romantic feelings about someone else, let's talk about it.. if we both agree and some conditions are set and agreed to.. go for it.. but don't do it behind my back.

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Compatibility, Astrology and Relationship Deal Breakers…