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AMD Week in Review

posted 3/27/2010 8:22:38 PM |
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tagged: review

Ok, here we go, a REAL Review…not the “easy” and “short” one I did last week cause I felt lazy. Actually, I put in a 6 day work week and was just too tired to browse through blogs, and, with all the nonsense of late, got tired of seeing the…..well,you know what I mean. Anyway…time to get back onto the fun of the review and blogs again. So…let’s see where we can begin:

Here we go! Good one to start off with. whisperingcomet says “Hello ” A very simple request here, she asked everyone to stop and say “hello” to each other.

A little backtracking here ….Cootiesprayer is back! She gave us some “Scottish Jokes”. Ya know…I knew there was a Lochness MONSTER…never heard of a Lochness SONGSTER.

RJ53 shared “All the strange and uselsess information you ever or never wanted to know” Nice to know that in Iceland they get offended if you leave a tip . Gives me a perfect excuse to not tip there. Now, if I could just afford to travel there for dinner.

RevDocLove shared some sad news in his blog “Another TV Hero Bites The Dust” For those who can remember tv shows like Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone, Fess Parker played the starring roles in both shows. He also played in the movie Old Yeller. Mr. Parker passed away. RIP “Davey Crockett/Daniel Boone”.

KayJay19 returns and says “I always wondered….” He wonders why women expect intelligene and maturity on a sex site. I’ll speak only for myself here….let the other ladies speak for themselves. Respect is more of what I would expect here. I took the time to fill out my profile and essays..all I ask is someone read them before shooting off an email. And the “form emails”…c’mon!!!!! We can spot those in a nano second.

ladykendra asked “should age matter in the search for meeting new people?” Well, just MHO, they shouldn’t be wearing diapers and chewing on teething rings. Ok, seriously now….for me, that would depend. Friends….age isn’t an issue. LTR….I’d like someone closer to my age, but, I don’t limit myself to that.

RJ53 says “The Reason I Will Never Post Naked Pictures On A Site” Well, I see her point, she isn’t going to want her kids seeing her naked on a website. Her son, he’s adult, came across a picture of her on another website…one that she had never been to. Yep, someone lifted one of her pics to use in a profile. That is just low. But, it happens.

lunanegra blogs “La Petit Mort and You” Ok…that is one HOT blog! Gotta give her kudos for that one.


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Mar 27 @ 8:28PM  
onehornytoad69 blogs about “flirting So…how does one tell is someone is flirting? Besides the obvious hit you over the head and say “I’m flirting with you pay attention!”.

goodman1959 said “presumptious bitch” That was a good one!!!!!!!!! Too bad Ewe didn’t see that one…she would have had a good comment for it.

RevDocLove asked “Anybody Wanna Join Me In My New Exercise Routine?” Hey! Sounds easy enough for me! I’m in!

lunanegra blogged about “Unobtained fantasy” All I’m gonna say on this one is there were some good fantasies shared…and if you want to know what they are… you’re gonna have to check it out yourself.

whisperingcomet wrote about “Peeking Tom…” C’mon…who hasn’t peeked into a window at least one time in their life? I told the story about my sister, our cousin, and I…and if ya wanna know the story..ya got the blog title.

RJ53 educated us on “What Females Want and What Males Will Do” And here I’ve been watching Discovery or Investigation Discovery too much. I’m missing the good stuff on PBS.

onehornytoad69 asks “What is going on here? (on AMD)” Guess a few of us were getting emails from AMD about our account information. Don’t worry OHT..wasn’t just you getting that…was a few of us.

MsHelle popped in to let us know “Beastie Boy Is Back!!” I thought she was talking about the group, The Beastie Boys…nope. She was letting us know about the sick jerk who likes to email women asking them if they like “doing it with dogs” …Some people really need help.

RJ53 asked us to share “The Perfect Evening”. Ok, that would be a night at home with my s/o, a good movie, and then some……………………… What? I didn’t think I was supposed to reveal all! GEEZ!

Sunshine79 shared some “Changes To The Dictionary” You know? They really need to stop changing that dictionary so much!! I just get words all figured out, and they change them on me!

RevDocLove shared “Ladies….A Few Hints On How To Shop For A Man” I definitely liked Rule #11...Tickets to a Red Wings game…the Lions/Tigers and Pistons…ok…But, the Wings rule!!!!!!


Mar 27 @ 8:34PM  
B9CC1D blogged about “Anonymity Anonymous” It’s a big world out there in cyber space…most people are decent, but, there will always be “the one” to get under the skin of most. Comes with the territory.

Cootiesprayer popped in to ask “Would you report this” A date she had, showed up with a “friend” that made her (Cootiesprayer) uncomfortable. All I’ve to to say is just because someone makes you uncomfortable, isn’t cause to call the cops. Now, if you have proof of someone breaking the law..then yes, call the cops. Bottom line, cops aren’t going to investigate on a “feeling”.

whisperingcomet stopped in to say “Hello everyone” A nice little discussion blog on what everyone did with their day. And after that she did a blog about “POF” Apparently she’s been having “fun” trying to post in the forums on POF…her posts keep getting deleted. Comet…they’re prudes over at POF… stay over here where it’s laid back and fun .

RevDocLove gave us a taste of his poetry style in “As I Get Older’n Older” ummmm….what was I gonna say? My “forgetter” is working overtime today. Oh well….I’ll probably remember later…then again……………oh boy …that damn “forgetter” is kicking in again.

shyguy140 said “And They Walk Among Us” Don’t you just love to plain stupidity of questions that attorney’s can ask? For example: “ ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep,he doesn't know about it until the next morning? WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?” I mean, seriously…..if one dies in their sleep…I don’t think they’re going to “wake up” the next morning.. cause if they do..then they’re not dead. Right? Oh no..too much thinking…I need a Tylenol now.
I think I have super extra strength.

alybai42 stopped in to tell us “I love a loved one” Yes, her boyfriend, who has been having health problems, has passed on. Best wishes and condolences to you alybai.

Straddlemynose returns to his kinky side with “Ladies, would you let your lover finger you or suck your nipple while driving?” Ya know…now the question is…..Does HIS lover let him do that while she’s driving?

Sunshine79 said “Warning: Offensive Horoscope” All I gotta say to this is…….Yeah, I am the forgiving type….BUT…I can, and do, hold grudges…sometimes. No one will come to my funeral? Fine! Then I ain’t going to yours either!


Mar 27 @ 8:46PM  
Wordsofwit wrote about “Mayhem at the Market”. Who hasn’t experienced the running, screaming kids in the stores? Or the rude people who block the aisle and act totally clueless to the fact. It’s no wonder I don’t like shopping. Want some real fun? Try shopping for Christmas…talk about seeing the worse come out in people!!!

Sunshine79 shared a “lovely” email she got from a scammer in “Best Regards…..Love Scammer” Don’t you just “love” the ones who start off with saying how much they “love” you, yet this is the first contact by them.

themama says “Kids are raised with no respect for others..” I hate to say it, but, I’ve seen where that is so true . Yet, there are responsible parents out there…. Just don’t see them often enough.

Guiltless blogged about “Higher expectations” Yep, reality is, if a woman is “hot”, or, a “knockout”, she gets attention immediately …but…….while the males are clamoring for her attention..they fail to realize that some day, gravity is going to play a cruel joke, and all that “perky”’s gonna sag . Unless of course the woman wants to try looking like Joan Rivers . You ever see her lately? She’s had so much plastic surgery..she doesn’t even get facial expressions anymore!

Dione wrote “The metamorphosis of fantasy to reality” Wow!! All the changes that we have seen in so little time. I can remember being a kid, and cable tv first coming out…not many people had it…it wasn’t a mainstream thing yet. There wasn’t even cordless phones yet, let alone cell phones. But, when we look at written word, I say, we are responsible for what we write and what we read. I personally don’t feel any one entity should monitor it..then you’re talking censorship. It’s tricky at best.

Lisa46 wrote “Itinerary of a sport team in a hotel” That was almost too accurate! I’m wondering if Lisa has ever worked in a hotel??? I’ll tell ya…those late check outs are a bitch!!!!!!

lunanegra blogged “So what does it say about me?” That you’re smart, not going to “settle” for less. I also agree with WoW’s observation about the younger generation being “flaky, flighty”.

RevDocLove says “Be Careful What You Post In Blogs” Ya know Rev, speaking for myself here, I’m used to your humor this one was an eye opener. And IMHO, I think some are going WAY too far with this health care issue. I see no cause to spout off threats against ANY of our political leaders. You don’t like the way they are working..(or not working )…you, the voters, are the “boss”..don’t re elect them.


Mar 27 @ 8:53PM  
lunanegra asked “Last Real Date?” Date? What’s that? Do people still do that? Ok, all kidding aside, I will say that dating today, such as it is, (or isn’t) is so much different from years ago. Seems most “dates” are concerts, clubbing, or parties. Not much of going to movies or eating out anymore. Just the sign of the times..each generation has their own ways.

Cootiesprayer asked for “Your favorite day” Any day that I work. Or, that my dogs behave…and let me tell ya…that is not very often.

Somnium writes about “Our crazy legal system” Want to know why it’s so crazy? Easy….be the one to write/type all those legal documents …..they will drive you crazy! And reading them? Yeah…try that one!

B9CC1D asked “What’s your worst “hellhole”?” I realized after reading some of the responses, that the “hellhole” I complained about way back wasn’t so bad.

Somnium came back with the sad news “Robert Culp, who starred in “I Spy”, dead at 79”. Ok, I don’t remember the show I Spy, but I do remember the episode of the Cosby Show where he guest starred and he and Bill Cosby talked about the show.

soft_touch938 is “Just sharing” Yep, it’s a mean and selfish world out there. I at least try to smile and say “thank you” to the cashier at the check out. I guess working in customer service has made me realize the importance of such a small gesture like a smile. Nowadays…people are always in a hurry, are rude, and not friendly.

And then Softie comes back with “Just a quickie here but I gotta tell ya……” Ya know..she starts off announcing she’s a “grandma” and I’m thinking her daughter had a baby and thinking of all those warm fuzzy baby things …..and then she drops the bomb and tells us her fish had “babies”. Cute Softie!!!!!!!

PinkToeNails asked “What in the world is going on here?” She noticed 4 blogs on the main page where the authors are looking for sex. Ummm….yeah…this is a sex site… that’s what everyone says it is. I dunno …should we believe everything we are told?

lunanegra says “So yeah…” Her 9 month “drought” is over …she “got laid”. All I gotta say is: Woooooooooohooooooooo!!!!


Mar 27 @ 8:58PM  
RJ53 says “There are some sick people out there.” She posted a link to an article about a face book incident where a woman met a guy on Facebook, met him, and was raped by him. Ok, no means no, but, what kind of message did she send to this guy in going back to retrieve pictures he had taken? IMHO..if she was worried about those pictures, she should have told the cops she was concerned about what he would do with them..let the cops get them from the guy. I feel for her, and I hope the creep is sentenced, but, I do have to wonder about her intelligence level.

Wordsofwit gave us “WoW’s Blonde Joke” Yep, a joke he made up himself. Imagine that sneaky toad getting a blow job from a princess looking for her prince. Guess she couldn’t tell the difference between a frog and a toad. Oh yeah….she was blonde.

DesertSmile blogged “For those of you old enough to remember” A music legend has passed away..John Maestro. I don’t remember him, but I do remember it being reported on the news. RIP John Maestro.

Sunshine79 proved that lawyers can’t be trusted in “The Godfather” Poor Enzo!!!!!!! He tried to give the money back..but the lawyer wanted it all for himself… as if he wasn’t getting enough $$$ keeping the Boss out of prison..sheesh!!!!!

Ok..Sunshine79 also gave us some fun in “Sexy Name Decoder”. For those who haven’t tried it yet…go for’s fun!

And…finally, Max49 where have you been?????? Don’t tell me Ewe_wish has had you in confessional all this time!!! Well…then again, a sheep with sexy red heels…… nm! Anyway…Max49 shares “Japenese Customs” with us……wait a minute …you went from a 45 degree angle to 90 degree angle… what about the 50 degree angle? Or the 75 degree angle???

And that brings this weeks review to a close. See? A full review this week as promised. Now I’m gonna go to bed and hopefully not be dreaming about keyboards and computers. I must admit…it was so nice to go through blogs this past week and not have to pull out the bullshit waders for a change. Keep up the fun everyone!!!!!!

Mar 27 @ 9:28PM  
Very good job as usual, Dawn! Kudo!

Mar 27 @ 9:36PM  
Haven't been on here much lately but I enjoy reading your reviews! Good one there sugar!


Mar 27 @ 9:44PM  
Wow ......Are your fingers tired?

Awesome ....That's all I can say!!!

BTW.... you were/are the one I was/am "Flirting" with...

Mar 27 @ 9:50PM  

Mar 28 @ 12:26AM  

Awesome as always sweety. I really enjoy your reviews.

Greenie for you.

Mar 28 @ 3:12AM  
Kudos for a great review

Mar 28 @ 8:00AM  
BTW.... you were/are the one I was/am "Flirting" with...

Uh oh!!! Do we have a connection!??!!?

Great review Miss Dawn!!! Fabulous as always!! and a kudo to ya!!

Mar 28 @ 11:05AM  
Most excellent as usual Sugar

Mar 28 @ 11:13AM  
excellent reviewing as always sugar. :o)

Mar 28 @ 1:22PM  
And…finally, Max49 where have you been?????? Don’t tell me Ewe_wish has had you in confessional all this time!!! Well…then again, a sheep with sexy red heels……
I will have you know that Max and I no longer fool around in the confessional..........we use the baptismal pool now.........

Great review..........glad I didnt have to go digging thru all the blogs........while i was gone LOL

Mar 28 @ 9:31PM  
Good Job

Mar 28 @ 11:20PM  
Kudos...on another great review. Thanks so much for all your hard work Sugar.

Mar 29 @ 12:24AM  
Great job sugar.....

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