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TV Viewing Questions

posted 3/27/2010 10:22:31 AM |
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For the guys: If you are by yourself, or there is no advantage to doing so if your are with a woman, how many of you guys willingly watch shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, Survivor, etc. If so what shows?

For the women, same question only the shows are sports.

BTW, why do they call them reality shows when overwhelmingly most shows only have beautiful people on in unreal or unnatural situations?

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Mar 27 @ 10:39AM  
I watch American Idol and Survivor..They can't be too bad..
AI is in it's 9th or 10th season with top ratings for watchers,
and Survivor is in it's 20th season..
And called the father of "Reality" shows,
which is always in the top ratings

Besides, all I can get here is local broadcast channels

Mar 27 @ 10:56AM  
I watch "Can you Duet"....when its On.... and there's another show that I watch that takes Rock stars...and gives them a chance to Go "Country"....!!! The name of the show escapes me!!!

Mar 27 @ 11:13AM  
The only sports that I watch is Pro-football...hubby likes baseball and if he's watching that, I'll read or do some sewing.

And neither one of us likes reality shows!

Mar 27 @ 11:29AM  
all I can get here is local broadcast channels

I would hate to think about enduring that. Beyond sports, the TV would be on very, very rarely.

I would rather watch commercials than reality shows.

Mar 27 @ 11:38AM  
My mom and youngest sister watch football and basketball games together. When there's televised Florida Gator games on tv, my sister and her boyfriend and my mom and youngest sister all sit around to watch and holler at the game, its cute.

I watch tv online, and that tv isnt something lame like reality shows.

Ok, I watched last year's American I"dull" because my friend brought an attractive contestant to my attention.; but after he was cut, I stopped because its rigged and fake.

Mar 27 @ 11:39AM  
Get with the times, Bruce. Shows such as Survivor and Big Brother are watched by a lot of men too. You come off as if you don't watch certain shows, then it's not viewed by a lot of men, and rather by women. That's simply not true!

Now, to answer your question, I don't mind watching certain shows that she may be interested in, as long as she's willing to do the same for me. But I'm not the type to force my shows off on her, and I expect the same thing. If I'm going to watch some of her tv shows, it's going to be because I want to.

If I'm watching sports on tv, I wouldn't have a problem if she sat down next to me and started playing with me and giving me a blow-job.

Mar 27 @ 11:59AM  
If getting with the times means watch crap I don't like, then I am proud to be outdated. As for shared viewing, there are three TVs here so she can watch what she wants, I would watch what I want and if it something we both enjoy, cool. There is nothing wrong with somebody doing something by themselves. I find it self centered to push something on somebody that you know they have no interest in.

Mar 27 @ 12:05PM  
Watch what you will, and if you think it's crap then you think it's crap. But you have a way about you to where you think everything you watch should be watched by all men.

I find it self centered to push something on somebody that you know they have no interest in.
I would agree with this statement. But as I stated earlier, you have a way about yourself to where you do come off this way.

Mar 27 @ 12:12PM  
I just watch whatever catches my attention at the time. I don't really do reality shows. I just think the are scripted and stupid most of the time. There is a reality bridal show in WE called Bridezillas that my daughter likes. One woman went on tv to say they scripted the show to make these brides look as bad as possible and while the wedding was real at the end nothing else was. They were told if they wanted the honeymoon at the end they would have to follow the script. I personally would have told them what they could do with their script but that is just me. I just do not see the point of reality tv when none of it is real.

As for sports, it depends on who is playing. If I have a reason to be interested in a team I will watch. Otherwise it is just a bunch of guys doing guy things to me. If I don't care who wins, what's the point?


Mar 27 @ 1:09PM  
Sure ynot,,.assuming ya have a GUN to my head lol otherwise no fuckin way!

Mar 27 @ 1:34PM  
I think that in some relationships, the TV can force a person to choose between "caring" and "wanting to be" with the other person if they are pressured to do it. I am a big believer in accommodation but not much into compromise.

Mar 27 @ 2:31PM  
If I'm watching sports on tv, I wouldn't have a problem if she sat down next to me and started playing with me and giving me a blow-job.
How does watching men compete make you think of sex? Do you like men in tights? Let us pray you are watching a woman's sport at the time.

Mar 27 @ 2:41PM  
No no, Flave. What I'm saying is that if she was bored with me watching tv and she wasn't into watching what I was watching at the time, then she could surprise me with a blow-job.

Btw, did you ever buy that new blow up doll for yourself?

Mar 27 @ 3:21PM  
I will watch figure skating competitions but I don't know if you'd consider that a sport. As for sports...nada.

Reality shows? I classify them along the same lines as Simpson's, Family whatever show and all those adult cartoon shows. Sorry people but I think anyone who watches that ______ is one french fry short of a happy meal.


Mar 27 @ 3:22PM  
Btw, did you ever buy that new blow up doll for yourself?
Nice try guy but if doesn't have two tits & a heartbeat I'm not into it. Thanks for clarifying this my friend I was beginning to wonder. Well to answer the question from Bruce my lady friend live in watches Dances with the Stars & I just simply go to the back room & play a game on the play station 3 or watch a different program on the back room tube. I as another option have just took a nap because the show to me is as boring as a soap opera.

Mar 27 @ 4:16PM  
this is a trick question isn't it ?

looks un-easily over his shoulder to see if mama_taz is listening and says; Are you shittin me ? thats why they invented cable tv and bars for.watching paint dry is more interesting than re-hashed crap

and then says loudly, yes I like watching Idol and the new episode of dancing with the stars ? yaah I just can't wait for it to come back on. <--- oop's wrong one, my bad it was supposed to be this one.--->

greenie for a fun blog

Mar 27 @ 6:02PM  
I'm not really into reality shows. I love KISS, and Gene Simmons has a show on, Family Jewels. I admit to watching it off and on..but I haven't really been watching it for quite a while now. Just not interested.

Sports...I will watch the Red Wings on tv. Football, I will watch if I'm at my parents house and Dad has it on. Baseball....I used to watch a lot..but now, I might turn a game on to see how the Tigers are doing. Other than that...I don't really watch sports.

Mar 27 @ 6:07PM  
I like to watch The Biggest Loser.... that's about the only one I really go out of my way to watch. Dancing with the Stars is fun to watch just because I love to watch people dance, any style of dance!
I have never watched American Idol, I don't think.... or Survivor or even Big Brother.

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TV Viewing Questions