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Higher expectations

posted 3/23/2010 11:10:58 AM |
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"Single girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile" Lying eyes by the Eagles.
These lyrics stuck with me today, and I began to think about the implecations.
Beautiful girls that use thier sex appeal to move through life with greater ease than those less attractive.
Ok fair enough, guy sees a pretty girl, and wanting to impress her, he performs some act of kindness. His reward? She graces him with a smile. People being people, it's easy to imagine this girl doing this repeatably throughout life. Using her natural (or enhanced) good looks to make her life easier, achieve higher station in life, date better guys, get more oppertunities etc. No harm, no foul.
Funny how few seem to realize that beauty, like all else will fade. That beauty is a gift (and temporary at that)
I recently ran into a female friend from High School. Back in the day (Circa 1978) she was HOT. A classic beauty with a figure enhanced by natural athletic abilities and constant participation in sports. Strong, lean smart. She was the Prom Queen, and clearly out of the league of most guys in High School, unless you were the captain of the football team etc. Back this she was THE girl we all wanted to date.
Time passes, years move with thier own sweet music, and I always imagined she would marry well and live a refined life.
She had been picky, choosing to wait for "Mr. Perfect" to arrive, and hadn't noticed that as each year moved past it took something away. Added a few pounds here and there (as it does us all) Wrinkles appeared, breasts once full now sagged and surrendered to gravity. Today she is still looking for people to open those doors, flashing smiles that no longer carry the same currency they once did. She never married, never had children, and now her stongest assets have failed her. Time was the enemy. She had oppertunity upon oppertunity, but always chose to wait for perfection. The dew has left the rose.
Sad enough, happens. The point of all this? Some people just don't realize until it's too late, that they will not ALWAYS be beautiful, desireable or sought after. There will come a time when your oppertunities will fade, your suitors become fewer and farther between.
Enjoy each day for what it is. Make the most of the here and now, and know that your looks will not carry you throughout your entire life. Open your eyes to the idea that Mr Perfect may never come along, and perhaps be open to the idea that people below your "station" in life may be far more that they appear.

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Mar 23 @ 11:29AM  
Average to ugly girls tend to overcompensate and that's why I'm smarter than the typical "hot chick".

(Don't be disgusted, search yourselves and know this to be true).

Mar 23 @ 11:34AM  
Fact is 'looks' don't last for men or women... and as simple as it sounds, what's truly important is beauty from within ones' self. Very few women are able to create a successful life and career based on physical beauty alone.

During the late 1980s in Singapore, the government developed a campaign to convince young, well educated and employed women to marry men with less education and earning power because there was a burgeoning population of single men in this category. The population had decreased due to this situation. The campaign was done in order to reverse an earlier campaign of encouraging young women to be better educated with careers. This campaign was so successful it helped to create a shortage of women willing to marry below their heightened station in Singaporean society.

Mar 23 @ 11:36AM  
Kittens turn into cats. What mother nature bestows, father time will eventually rob.

Mar 23 @ 12:34PM  
Women, no matter how beautiful, age...get old. Men's attentions inevitably turn to younger/prettier.

Men on the other hand mature, look sophisticated.

A woman may dream of finding a hunk but she seldom has a problem with beer bellies, balding, added hair to ears 'n noses...she is able to see the whole man. She can find those flaws endearing if he's a good man.

Man? He just sees an old woman and passes her by for what he perceives as "better" because in his aging maturity with his sophisticated looks he can snag those pretty young things and he knows it...and often bites off more than he can chew...


Mar 23 @ 1:00PM  
Softie^^^^^^^ worded it better than I could.

I've never been one to use "feminine wiles" to get by. I always saw that as cheap and...well...stupid. Even back then I knew time would take away that which others flaunted. So, I relied on something time has rougher chance of taking away from me...smarts. I raised hell in high school, I don't deny that. But when it came to college, I got serious.

I never went to any of my class reunions....but I've seen pictures of both posted online..and some of those cheerleaders...yeah..they're a little more "round" now. Time does have a way of taking something away from us all..but, it also gives us something.....experience.

Mar 23 @ 1:22PM  
Men on the other hand mature, look sophisticated.

Some times we manure, read that as look like shit.

Mar 23 @ 2:19PM  
Sometimes looks can be a curse too. If a woman is pretty people tend to treat her like she does not have a brain. I never thought of using my looks to get what I want. I am sure it opened a couple of doors at times but if you want to stay in the room once you get there I always felt you had better have something ot offer other than a smile.

Mar 23 @ 3:24PM  
"Manners are especially in need of the plain. The Pretty can get away with anything."
-Evelyn Waugh

"As if beauty were something important. It's only something you're born with. It's not like you achieved it."
-Theodore Roszak

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Higher expectations