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Kids are raised with no respect for others...

posted 3/23/2010 10:13:27 AM |
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After reading Bruce's blog I just had to post one also.....

We just moved into a duplex.. Now we are use to living out in the counrty mind you... So we were use to one next to us...
Now we have a young couple with a small child.. And there is where the problem begins...
You would think since they were here first the kid and his friends would not play on our side.. Yeah right.. They run all over the yard play by our windows making our dogs bark... One day the kids pulled out of the ground our water cap and was playing with it..
Now the adults you would think would be nicer yeah right....Every day banging around who knows what they are doing.. Their dog never stops barking...
And to boot Saturday night they decided to haave a party.. Now I like to have fun also but when you live in a duplex you should respect the ones next door not them...
They moved outside around 11pm and well stayed out there untill 2;30am.. right next to my bedroom window... And trust me I didn't want to hear them but I did so loud.. So drunk... My hubby said I should of woke him up and called the cops..
Trust me next time I will...
Was trying to be the nice.. Not anymore....

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Kids are raised with no respect for others...
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Mar 23 @ 10:20AM  
Glad I can't hear my neighbors and they can't hear me!!

Mar 23 @ 10:31AM  
I'm glad my neighborhood is quiet. My next door neighbor has a young son, probably around 11 yrs old. And last summer, I couldn't figure out why my dogs would go into a barking frenzy. Well, I was outside in the backyard with them one day..enjoying the nice summer weather, when the dogs suddenly ran over to the side of the fence that faces my neighbors house and started barking. I then heard the kid on the other side "barking" back at the dogs. I walked up to the fence, and calmly asked him to stop antagonizing the dogs. A couple of days later, he's doing it again. One little detail about my the back corner, there is a little waterfall/pond set up. The waterfall part of it is right up to the corner of the fence, and leaves only about a half foot of other words, if my 2 smaller dogs decided to jump over that..they could with no problem. So, here we go again, the kid is on the other side of the fence, antagonizing the dogs. I put the dogs in the house, opened my gate, went next door, talked to the mother, and then showed her my backyard and showed her where those dogs could easily jump over the fence if provoked enough. I haven't heard that kid antagonizing the dogs since. And that was 2 years ago.

Mar 23 @ 10:32AM  
typo!!!!! Meant to hit 1 not 2! I've really gotta remember to proof read before hitting post!!!!

Mar 23 @ 10:44AM  
My mother always tells me in reference to neighbors that "the Devil could live next to me and I wouldn't care, as long as he minds my own business and I keep to mines."

Well, besides every complex that we stayed at raising the rent, we always had to move out frequently because of neighbors...most of all their children.

In a brief capsule of the past 10 years I've been with my family(except when I was 23, and on my own now): Our car vandalized twice, garbage on our lawn, steps spraypainted, busted windows, someone tried to break in our apartment, few fights...

The worst in my case was having my room below some some kids room who made noise so bad that I thought that ceiling was gonna fall through. It was fine during the day, but not at 12-1am and early morning when people were still asleep. Thing is, this last place wasn't even the projects, but people with low-income had vouchers to move in and they brought their trashy ways with them.

Mar 23 @ 11:00AM  
Can see I'm not the only one...
Why are kids raised this way now a day's????

Mar 23 @ 11:45AM  
Living in an apartment can be hell. You guys need to have a talk with your new neighbors. Kids will be kids, but they need to be taught to respect other people's space and property. You neighbors also need to respect you guys as well. In most situations, loud noise must stop after 10 PM. I'd try to have a nice chat with them. If they want to be ***-holes, next time call the police. May also want to talk to the landlord and / or other neighbors.

Mar 23 @ 11:56AM  
It's hard to talk to parents about their children because they can get so defensive, as in, their children can do NO wrong! WRONG! When my daughter was younger, we lived in an apt complex that was pretty much full of welfare recipients. People let their kids run til all times of the night, didn't watch them when they were tearing things up and let them run amuck in the laundry room. How are you supposed to raise your kids right when they see other kids doing whatever they please? Well my kid learned pretty quick that she wasn't going to be pulling that shit!
I'm so thankful of where I live now... out in the country and no small children to deal with! I don't bother anyone here and no one bothers me. About the worst thing I have to deal with is a stray dog running through my yard once in a while... it's great!!

Mar 23 @ 12:17PM  
Noise does not bother me as I lived in NYC in buildings with big and loud Italian families living in them. Never really bothered me that much. I just turned up my music and kept on with what I was doing. Come to think of it those buildings were always loud with everyone coming and going. Kids would sit on the front steps with their friends after school. That worked out great because for a quarter I always had help getting packages upstairs. What bothers me is the lack of noise. Sometimes it is so quiet here I can't sleep.

Mar 23 @ 12:33PM  
Except for two years, I have not had a common wall with anyone since I got out of the military. Apartments with kids in them is one of the roots of all evil of society. Want to ruin a kid, move into an apartment. Granted, many people do not have a choice. Apartments have increased population densities with few places for kids to play. If they can't play, they get bored leading to mischief.

But getting back on the subject of her post, I will copy/paste in a comment I made on my own blog that I feel may explain it. If I may paint with a broad brush, I think the roots of it go to the parents of today being the first generation of people that were, in many cases, products of single parent homes without a lot of parental supervision due to the parent(s) working.

Mar 23 @ 1:23PM  
I'm having a problem with my neighbor upstairs over me and was having a problem with the neighbor that lives behind me... the one that lives up over me is constantly playing his music...after 10pm and once started to play it at 5:30am... I havent yet confronted him...but his days are numbered! I live in a Condo and just moved in here about 2 weeks ago. The other neighbor was having his dog go to the bathroom on my little lawn out in the front of my sunroom....I called the HOA manager and put in a complaint, they sent the neighbor a letter stating they were made aware of what they're doing and they had to pay a $25 fine. The HOA really doesnt do anything for domestic issues (such as noise complaints)...they just tell you to call the police!

Mar 23 @ 2:40PM  
The Italian kids were pretty well behaved in spite of everyone living all on top of each other in 5 story walkups. Everyone in the Village knew pretty much everyone else who lived there and those mamas did not play. If a kid misbehaved somewhere down the street you can bet mama knew it before they got home and it would be dealt with. That makes a big difference in the way kids behave. I am sure that kind of life is not for everyone, but I actually prefer it. I never wanted the house with the picket fence and the green lawn. I have the good size house with the big yard and can't wait to get out from under it and back into an apartment in a city with sidewalks and stores where you don't have to go all the way across town to get a loaf of bread..

Mar 23 @ 3:03PM  
In my neighborhood growing up, it was a Leave it to Beaver setting, but with some differences. Like June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson, the moms did not work. During the week they often got together to chat and compare notes. Every mother had the right to whip anyone else's kid. If that happened, God help you because nobody else would. It became buy one, get two free on the whuppings. Once the neighbor got done with you, before you got home, the phone call had already been made and your mom nailed your ass. Then the old man was informed about it and it got ugly because not only was your mother pissed at you, the neighbors were also.

Mar 23 @ 3:19PM  
I'll see you and raise you. Children are raised with DISRESPECT towards others.

Old fashioned style:
Child acts out in class. Teacher corrects child. Teacher notifies parent. Parent corrects child. Parent tells family. Family corrects child. Child (as long as they are normal) acquires a feeling of regret and shame for what they did and avoids the behavior in the future.

New style:
Child acts out in class. Teacher corrects child. Child notifies parent. Parent notifies principal. Principal, concerned with legal action, reprimands teacher and assembles a team of two school counselors, three more teachers, and an administrator to decide how to "help" child. Between them they generate 150 pages of state required paperwork, roughly consuming 3 hours time per person. Parent never bothers to come to meeting to sign paperwork, so nothing can be done. Teacher resumes job. Student acts out again. Other students model his behavior.

See what I mean. It's just one example, but I think it's representative of a larger issue.

Mar 23 @ 5:15PM  
There have been many excellent blogs with comments about the overarching theme over the last couple of years that tie in with kids feeling entitled, with next to no accountability and very little work ethic. And people wonder why we are getting our asses kicked in the global economy and why the kid with immigrant parents wins the spelling bee.

Mar 23 @ 5:22PM  
so loud.. So drunk... My hubby said I should of woke him up and called the cops..

BTW, in my city if the cops get called and they arrive and deem the music is too loud, they tell you to knock it off and explain that if they get called back and hear it again, they will issue a citation with a $500.00 fine. Some friends of mine failed to heed the warning and discovered that it was not a threat, it was a promise.

Mar 23 @ 10:49PM  
Fucking A right dude ....

Mar 23 @ 10:55PM  
Sign of the times

Mar 24 @ 3:58PM  
I know the feeling mama, most kids at my children's school are disrespectful rude only think of themselves little monsters...just be glad to know that some of us do try & you are a good mama & be glad our kids don't act like that :o)

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Kids are raised with no respect for others...