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Mayhem at the Market

posted 3/23/2010 12:05:23 AM |
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When going shopping, I see increasingly see things that annoy me. One is people parking their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle thusly blocking it. I will wait for about 15 seconds and if they don’t move it, I gently will. Tit for tat, ill mannered for rude? Past a certain point (about 15 seconds) I don’t give a damn.

The other thing is people bringing their kids in that don’t pay any attention to their running around and disturbing people with their antics. Am I old school? Damned right I am in many ways. If my brother or I acted up in the store, it was hand to butt, right then, right there. But many parents now pretend it isn’t happening. Okay, I look up and out and pretend I don’t see the kid and sometime they run into the shopping cart, sometimes it runs into them. Now, nobody gets hurt, but I don’t give a damn. Their poor parenting skills and unruly kids are not my problem.

I took my daughter to the grocery store when she was five. I told her to pay attention as she wanted to push the cart, so I let her. Pay attention, yeah, right. We had to go from one end of the store to the other. While traversing the main horizontal center aisle, she wasn’t paying attention and veered off course ramming the front of a woman’s cart entering the intersection, which careened into an end of aisle display of mayonnaise. Several bottle of the mayo crashed down breaking on the floor. The kid howled like a banshee. I mentioned this to her last week and she claims she doesn’t recall it. She is so conveniently absent minded when it comes to things like that. Maybe she wasn’t paying attention.

On the same trip, I had gotten a package of pork chops. On the package was a sticker featuring Pinky Pig. He was smiling in the foreground of the sticker with a barn depicted in the background. My daughter looked it pondering then asked the cashier, a woman in her forties, “Why is he smiling when they killed him?” The lady didn’t miss a beat. “That picture was taken before he became pork chops.”

When she was around six, the whole family went to a large flea market called Traders’ Village. We knew that it was a bad idea because the kid had been acting up for a while. But it was a planned event on an otherwise lovely spring day and her mother was determined to go. Well, she kept wandering off, fingering things she was not supposed to touch. Talking and warning did no good, as it didn’t matter. It was just going to be one of those days.

We went into a booth selling houseplants. “Keep you hands to yourself.” “Damn it! I said to not touch anything!” While checking out a dracaena, I glanced over and she was tugging on the five-foot tendril of a rope hoya. It took that plant many years to grow that tendril and it was a damned expensive plant that we were not planning to buy. I went over to her and called her name. She let go of the tendril and I popped her on the ass. She went off like an air raid siren.

I turned around and there was the proprietor, a guy in his sixties. He grabbed my hand and began shaking it saying, “Thank you mister. I really appreciate that. You don’t know how many plants are damaged or pots broken because of kids.” My wife was mortified, silently fuming. She found an ornate pot that she liked and when we went to pay, the proprietor handed me a small, young rope hoya as he said smiling, “On the house mister, thanks.”

When I was seventeen, I was getting ready to go out on a date. I didn’t have to leave for about 20 minutes. My mom asked me if I had time to go to the store to pick up a couple of items and I said that I did. So I took off and went to the store, grabbed the required items and got in line behind somebody checking out followed by this middle aged woman with a couple of items. She was one of those short, fat, ugly women from New York or New Jersey with a grating voice that goes straight through the skull like fingernails on a chalkboard. I know this because she turned and bellowed, “Harry! Harry!!” Well, here comes Harry with a shopping cart brimming to the point of overflowing and he tries to cut in front of me. Bull fucking shit. I stopped the cart and said, “Excuse me, the end of the line is back there.” She chimed in, “That’s my husband.” “Fine,” I retorted “you can go back to the end of the line with him.” Harry pushed the cart forward, I pushed the cart back. He shoved the cart forcefully forward, I shoved the cart forcefully back. In so doing a bottle of catsup fell out and broke.

All of these people were staring, some mouths agape, others grinning. The cashier was a teenager and didn’t know how to resolve this, so she went on the intercom, “Manager to check out six, clean up on check out six, disturbance on check out six.” Well, the person ahead of us had just checked out, so I cut ahead of Harry’s old lady and told the cashier, “I am sorry about all of this. I just have two items. Please ring them up and I’ll be on my way.” She did while a manager was talking to Harry. But before I could get out of the store, the manager ran me down and told me, “I am going to tell you what I told them, don’t come back to our store ever again.”

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Mar 23 @ 1:14AM  
You think the grocery store is bad? Try working in the children't department for 13 years in a major department store. Makes me glad of two things 1. I no longer work there and 2. I am past the age of getting pregnant. We had kids climbing the racks like monkeys, people knocking the clothes off of tables onto the floor and using the fitting rooms to pee and poop.

Mar 23 @ 2:48AM  
manager ran me down and told me, “I am going to tell you what I told them, don’t come back to our store ever again.”
Sounds like the manager doesn't have a lot of patience, and shouldn't be over the entire store.

Mar 23 @ 4:34AM  
totally agree !
and another thing, what is it with large supermarket chains that have a dozen check-outs but only chose to open two or three at a time when there are lines 8 and 10 ppl long waiting

Mar 23 @ 8:22AM  
Greenie for the story. I won't tolerate no BS either, with carts or my children or anyone elses. I've had another womans kid spit on my daughters head, all the while her mother was yapping on the cell phone about her sex life while at the pharmacy counter and her son was playing with the BP machine.

Finally, I got pissed and told her to watch her snot nosed children and not be yapping about her sex life (her kids were creating havoc) and she got mean. I asked if she wanted to take it outside. She left with a quickness. Pharmacist
thanked me and gave my daughter a little treat.

Mar 23 @ 8:24AM  
Last Friday, last Friday, last Friday....dude. Worst. Day. Ever. Ontop of having an incompetent hoochie cashier fucking up my debit because it was her time to clock out. I had to listen to a squalling brat in the dollar store.

You know how when its far away, you feel pity for the parent or grandparent but glad that shit is nowhere near you? Imagine being like right in the eye of the storm so to speak, but the "storm" is a 2yo. She was holding a bowl while her beleaguered grandmother sporting a bad wig was checking out the other stuff. It, I mean the child did a cute little dance that toddlers do and babbled something through her binky. I smiled wanly because children: A: make me nervous and B: I wanted to move my cart further up so no one would steal my place. Then it came, the grandmother snatched the bowl from the child to pay for it and she went bezerk; the kind of bezerk that no one could control and flooded me with rage because the little daemon wanted to pitch a fit on the floor right in front of my cart.

At that point, I could've mowed the kid down with my cart and wouldn't felt the least bit of remorse, or at least slid her to the side with my shoe like one does a small animal. I wasn't feeling so hot that day because of last night's dinner, not much sleep and my anxiety acting up. I glanced behind me and told the lady waiting that she could go ahead. Let someone else hear it. The child was still flipping out when the items were bagged and so the grandmother yanked her up along with her bags and removed the kicking and wailing disturbance outside which you could still hear the further away it went.

When I got in the car with my sister, I asked "did you hear that?" She chuckled, "yep". She found it funny too that I wanted to run the kid down with my cart when I told her. As her being a retail monkey, she totally sympathized. Ill-behaved kids irk me, the end.

Mar 23 @ 8:43AM  
One of the things I hate, is a piercing scream from a kid
while in a store..
I feel like slapping their parents, especially if they let the kid
continue like they didn't hear it!

Mar 23 @ 8:47AM  
Good blog Bruce! Some people just don't take responsibility for their children or what they're doing. If my daughter ever acted that way in a grocery store, I busted her ass! She knew it and that's why she didn't act that way. Some people in general just don't know how to act! And they have no regard for anyone else either.

Mar 23 @ 8:57AM  
On kids acting up and being disruptive, I know what you mean. I really hate it when I have to endure it for a while with no choice in the matter like in a restaurant, at the theater or on a plane!

Mar 23 @ 9:28AM  
Now you know why I'm 1. Not a people person and 2. Shop mostly in the middle of the night.

The grocery store where I use to shop bought minature carts for kids....what the hell was they thinking? Needless to say, I don't shop there anymore.

Lately Walmart has been overrun with screaming, tantrum throwing kids. I fear one of these days I'm just gonna lose my cool and let some parent have it but so far I get as far from them as possible.

Thanks Bruce....I do believe I see a "Bloggin' Softie Style" story forming here.

Mar 23 @ 9:59AM  
That is one reason I hate to go shopping.. They way kids are raised now a day's...
I was raised that a child should be seen and not heard by a very strict grandmother and mother.. I raised my three jids the same way..
The kids now have no respect for anyone or anything...

Mar 23 @ 10:10AM  
This blog hits it on the head as to why I hate shopping. Good job. One thing I've also noticed, is people will cut right in front of you while you're pushing your shopping cart down the aisle. They don't have a shopping cart and pop out of nowhere and walk right in front of your cart and you come to a complete stop. Well, it's that or run the fool down. And I've been really tempted a few times to do that.

Think stores are bad? Try a hotel. Parents letting their kids run up and down the halls, sometimes the kids will be throwing a ball. All while the staff is trying to push these big carts full of laundry and supplies for cleaning the rooms. And, because you're on company time, you have to be polite. It is very hard to smile and say "excuse me" when I would much rather say "get your fucking ass back in your room and out of my way!" Kids will be running to the room, and the parents/grandparents will be behind them..."no running in the hallway". Yeah, those kids don't listen..they keep right on running. Then there is the infamous tantrum in the middle of the hallway because a kid is pissed off that a sibling got to use the key to open the door to the room,or, pressed the button on the elevator. Or the ear shattering screech from the 2yr old who just found out they are now going home and don't want to, and proceed to throw themselves in the middle of the hallway kicking and screaming with no regard to the fact that the cleaning person is trying to get through. And does the parent pick the kid up to move them? Hell no!! Like a total moron..they stand in the doorway of the room telling this tantrum throwing kid to stop and get in the room. Hello?????? Kid is throwing a tantrum...pick him/her up and take him/her into the damn room!!!!!

OOPS! A little mini rant. Sorry. Good's a greenie for you.

Mar 23 @ 10:25AM  
sometimes the kids will be throwing a ball

Oh yeah, that's another delight in a store; these 12 inch inflated play balls. I have never seen anybody buy one but more often than not, some rug rats are playing with them. Then you always have the kid that tries to take the ball from a littler one even though there are 100 other damned balls in the cage.

There is something in a five year old that makes them think the store is a soccer stadium. I had seen a few times where goals were scored by knocking items off of shelves, once even a display being knocked over. I had one kid many years ago kick a ball in the grocery store that I caught on the fly. I put it on the top shelf and he screamed bloody murder...tough shit, tit.

Mar 23 @ 10:38AM  
Oh yeah, that's another delight in a store; these 12 inch inflated play balls. I have never seen anybody buy one but more often than not, some rug rats are playing with them. Then you always have the kid that tries to take the ball from a littler one even though there are 100 other damned balls in the cage.

Yep, I've seen that plenty of times too. And no one does anything about it..even store employees.

I remember my sister and I doing that in a Kmart. I was 10, she was 8, we had gotten one of those balls and started a game of dodge ball. Lasted for all of one or two throws before Mom told us to put it away or else. Don't know about the rest of you..but when my Mom used to end an order with "or else"..the "or else" was a ass whooping. And Mom was NOT afraid to swat our asses in the store if we had it coming. And it wasn't no "love tap" like what I see was a swat that stung. Oh, and if we dared throw a tantrum on the floor...she just walked away. And when we got home....we were sent to our room and not allowed out until she was ready to let us matter how much we begged or cried about it.

Mar 23 @ 10:50AM  
Perfect title and refreshing reading... a greenie for you.

Like Softie, I prefer to do my marketing late at night because I do not want to think bad thoughts or want to hurt children from the ages of one to sixteen while I'm shopping! The person who signed-off on the mini-carts for children in supermarkets should be responsible for taking care of all children misbehaving in the store for a minimum of ten years.

Do you think our tolerance of bad behavior in children decreases as we age? Personally, even as a child I abhorred bad behavior in children and adults. It wasn't tolerated when I was growing up and the same in my own household. There are good parents out there, but I don't see them often enough!

Words such as 'please' and 'thank you' aren't heard as often. A simple yes or no has become acceptable, but the sir and ma' am is a rarity. Consideration of others isn't ranked very high, yet a sense of entitlement is increasing in our abysmal politically correct society. The emphasis is placed on the superficial while ignoring the festering negativity just beneath the surface of which bad behavior is only part of the outcome.

Mar 23 @ 10:58AM  
Which is one of the many reasons I DON'T have kids Like Sugar said try working in a hotel and have sports groups come in. When I get back I'll post a paper we had going thru the hotel (behind the scenes) Personally when I see a kid (brat) acting up in public I try to catch their eye and give them a mean look. Scares the shit out of them and they shut up Have I mentioned lately I don't do kids?

Lays greenie on the table

Mar 23 @ 11:00AM  
people will cut right in front of you while you're pushing your shopping cart down the aisle.

My. Gawd.

That is the most annoyingest thing to do while in a supermarket, next to just standing there and staring right in the way of a product I am fixing to grab.

Since I'm dependent on a ride, I only got so much time to shop and people want to sllllloooooooowllly dawdle and conversate right in the middle of the aisle or let their kids play while I need to pass through. Get little Madison and Jayden out my way, same goes for Quintisha and LaDarius too.

Mar 23 @ 11:03AM  
Do you think our tolerance of bad behavior in children decreases as we age? Personally, even as a child I abhorred bad behavior in children and adults. It wasn't tolerated when I was growing up and the same in my own household. There are good parents out there, but I don't see them often enough!

If I may paint with a broad brush, I think the roots of it go to the parents of today being the first generation of people that were, in many cases, products of single parent homes without a lot of parental supervision due to the parent(s) working.

Mar 23 @ 11:37AM  
When I worked in Penney's the thing that was more annoying than the kids were the senior citizen mall walkers. They would gather up with their friends in the store usually right where they were blocking the elevator from people with strollers who were trying to get their two year old upstairs who had to ue the bathroom right then. The kid would be crying because they needed to go and these people would not move. Finally I called security on them and they moved them out of there. These people never bought anything and seemed to think they owned the place.
I perfected the Mom look. That usually shut up the little kids when they were screaming in the store. I do not blame a two year old for crying I blame the parents. A two year old is like a man shopping in the ladies dept with their wife. There is a short range of tolerance before they want out of there. Yet you have parents who will drag the kid around the mall for hours from store to store. The child is tired and wants lunch and a nap and the parent just keeps on shopping. At that point they are pitching the fit because they have just had enough and cannot take any more. Older kids need their ass whipped. But you know if the parent did it in the store some busy body would pick up their cell phone and call the cops and social services and the parents know it too. My oldest son was the one who pitched a fit in the store when he was a kid. He also got his butt spanked once we got home. And at the first sign of a meltdown his butt was hauled out of the store and we went home. I had a system when the kids were small and I knew we had a lot of shopping to do, like back to school shopping. If everyone was good and did not give mom trouble they got to go to the store and choose something off the dollar wall as a reward. They did not get to pick out things often due to the lack of money so for three dollars I shopped in peace and so did all the rest of the customers. Who says money can't buy happiness.

Mar 23 @ 12:54PM  
A couple of other scenarios. People who block an entire aisle visiting with each other....and they will not move to let you through unless you ask them to.

And people who want to look at what I'm looking at. I use to allow them to keep edging me away until they just took over...I don't anymore.

Oh...and people my opinion...are in the wrong lane....sorta. It's my theory that you "drive" a grocery cart like a car...keeping to the right. I use to be the one to give when people were coming at me head on and I don't do that anymore either. It's funny to see the looks on their faces when I stand my ground and just stare back at them.

Mar 23 @ 2:20PM  
Yesterday I was in Walmart in the fifteen items or less line & naturally as one has mentioned already only two check out lines were open. This hispanic kid kept piling candy & toys in the cart while the cashier was ringing up what mom already had. She asked the boy to make up his mind on what he wanted & to put some of it back but she did not enforce a damned thing so the kid got his way until I had enough & told the mom that she had a lot more than fifteen items & shouldn't be there in the first place & secondly her kid has added at twenty five items more, & last but not least the result of the bull shit has been holding up the whole fucking line. I was second in line behind her with only three items & yes my ears were burning !!!

Mar 23 @ 3:06PM  
People have come to view "entitlement" as "rights".

Mar 24 @ 1:16PM  
Ok I'm gonna play the parental advocate for a moment here. Not that I agree with allowing children to be animals... but...

Consider, we have legislated ourselves out of responsibility for anything. Any form of discipline to a child with half a mind to, can result in our incarceration. Unfortunately, the powers that be fail to realize that every child is different. Time out works for some, loss of privileges works for some.. but some of em need a heavy duty reminder on the seat of learning that this action is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.

Do that and you face a possibility of losing your children. How do I know? Been there. At this point in time any physical contact with a child can be dangerous. They call it unwanted physical contact... there's no real definition other than physical contact that causes the child physical harm or emotional distress. Frankly, having my arse smacked caused me emotional distress.. but guess what I learned? I learned to behave politely in public. I may have been a royal turd at home but in public I was miss manners. My children were raised the same until the state decided that I was a horrible child abuser.

Ok that having been said.. how come there's a leash law for our dogs and not one for our other critters such as children?

Mar 24 @ 1:32PM  
how come there's a leash law for our dogs and not one for our other critters such as children?

Something about "human rights". I figure I gave birth to that human, and it is my right to keep it in check with a healthy amount of discipline so they won't become a burden to society when they're older. Fuck these "Nanny State" laws.

Sorry. I got my butt destroyed when I was little; kids these days have it way too good.


Mar 24 @ 1:39PM  
Great blog A thing that really gets to me is a person in the express check-out lane taking about 10 minutes writing a check for maybe one two dollar item.

Mar 24 @ 1:42PM  
Pffft Luna, I'm sorry but they aren't fully human until they are supporting themselves.. til then they are children. And oh my I expect some hate mail over this statement.

I got my ass blistered more times than I care to recount. Can't honestly say that I didn't deserve every one of those whoopins either.

Do I fear my mother? You better fuckin -A believe it baybee. I feared and respected and OBEYED my mother. Didn't stop me from loving her at any time though.

Mar 24 @ 3:58PM  
they aren't fully human until they are supporting themselves.. til then they are children.

I agree. In the case of my daughter, she didn't evolve into a human until around 23. She eventually became a good person and later mother. She reflects my upbringing of her much more than her mother's. It shows in her raising of my grandson, Ashton. At a certain point, there is no conversation, a spanking will take place as lines are clearly drawn.

When it came to corporal punishment, she got swatted on the ass by me for any infraction, ONCE. But I made damned sure it stung. It was clearly controlled and clearly conveyed. I rejected physical discipline after she was twelve.

Her mom didn't deal with it very often and was very much a passive personality with the "can't we just get along?" attitude. Obviously not. I recall mocking my ex saying, "Wait until your mother gets home, you'll have some conversation that you won't forget!" In other words, "Yeah, right, lady.", in one ear and out the other. And I was right.

I was much more active, with positive and negative reinforcement where as her mom took the kid to be an afterthought day in/day out with what I term to be an autopilot approach. The path of least resistance was preferred over the long term results of parenting. This would come to be a big issue in our divorce when Marty got to be a teen and rebel without clue resulting in the war at home. . After our divorce, the chickens came home to roost and my ex was in the coop.

My ex and I remained close and still are. But it became apparent that she had no control of our rebel without clue. So I did the single parent thing and had some degree of success with enough stabilization to keep the kid from fucking up her future (yeah, there were a few calls from jail).

I guess my point is that you have to do what you need to do as a parent to enable your offspring to be the best person that they can be as an adult. Sometimes that involves applying options you don't want to resort to. But the kid has put you in a position you do not and cannot remain in. Consequently, you need to do what you need to do, no matter how unpleasant. As many parents will tell you, that is much easier said than done.


Mar 26 @ 7:23AM  
So the other day I was in the dollar store...and just as I entered the store this child...who couldn't have been older than 5...throws a ball right at me. Well, I work with kids so a thrown ball isn't going to phase me much...but I wasn't about to let that lil' turd get away with such crappy after guiding the ball down the main corridor of the store with my right foot...I then promptly scooped the ball up and carried it away. As I turned the corner onto the first aisle...I turned and gave the lil' turd eye contact, raised a challenging eyebrow and started lightly tossing the ball from one hand to the other. Obviously, the kid wasn't happy...but I sure was...and would have just loved to see a parent justify this type of behavior if my actions were challenged.

One thing I grew up with was the fear of a leather belt on my arse if I misbehaved. It was very effective in controlling mine and my brother's behavior. Nothing is more threatening than a belt hanging off the closet door handle as a reminder...and I mean nothing.

When I was raising my son, I put up with very little rude behavior. If he pulled a stunt in the store...if I had to...I would physically carry him out of the store...leaving my groceries still in the cart and unpaid for. I had to do this twice. Both times my son was given a spanking once we were home, as well as the loss of privileges.

I agree with Dione's assessment in that children of today have a misguided sense of entitlement which seems to be governed by how politically correct our society has become. Good manners and common courtesy sadly appear to be a thing of the past. And amazingly, the parents of these children can't seem to understand why their kids turn out to be "rude ass" adults. It truly boggles my mind.

If I may paint with a broad brush, I think the roots of it go to the parents of today being the first generation of people that were, in many cases, products of single parent homes without a lot of parental supervision due to the parent(s) working.

I have to respectfully disagree with this statement WoW. My mom, as well as myself were single parents for large amounts of time while raising children and we did not let the kids in our charge run amuck. I see this type of behavior just as often in two-parent homes.

Kudos on a good blog WoW. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, as well as all the insightful comments. Thanks.

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