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AMD Week in Review

posted 3/14/2010 7:26:13 PM |
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tagged: review

Ok, let’s see if I get this week’s review up in time. It sure has been an interesting week. Seems some blogs were getting views well over 1,000. Interesting. Anyway, I’m guessing some wonder why some blogs never make it to the review. Well, there is one who blogs who claims they are not part of Pervia, so, they don’t get included. Another, well, just doesn’t care anyway, just blogs away. The purpose of the review is for those who enjoy it and enjoy participating. If one doesn’t want to participate, then fine, that’s their decision. Isn’t up to me or anyone else to force them into having fun. After all, this is what all of this is about, fun. And to give some a chance to “catch up” without having to get the shit waders out. So…here we go……………………..

Sunshine79 kicks off this weeks review with Your Selling What? Wow, a store that sells assholes.. what’s next??

Now onto RJ53 who writes “blogs” Which is quite simple, what kinds of blogs do Pervians like?

ksk72 pops in with “Back at the Casino” I like this one, shows us Irish lasses are smart.

JOHN7AZ blogs about “I have a problem…”He’s hopelessly obsessed with the singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan. Is it obsession, love, or both? Any ideas on how to help this fellow? Maybe a Cranberries detox program for him?

And our very own Ewe_wish held an auction in her blog “Up on the Auction Block” Our very own Ynot7769 was up for bid….and RJ53 was the lucky winner! Congrats to RJ!!!! Btw RJ… gotta keep an eye on Ynot…….he might get a little carried away moving the book shelves and put them in the wrong room or something… or end up in the wrong….. or would it be right… Anyway, enjoy your winnings…..

RJ53 blogs about “Characters” I was thinking she was going to talk about favorite tv characters..but no, she was talking about people who are “real characters”, who stand out. Like one of the owners of the little grocery store behind my parents house who had a wicked sense of humor, and loved entertaining kids. He passed away about 6 years ago. .but I will always remember him fondly as a beloved Uncle. He, his brother, and his son and his nephew, all spoiled my sisters and I rotten.

kattoes (I love the profile pic…Maxine is one of my favorites ) blogs about “Meeting in Real Life” I personally don’t see why one would use anothers picture on their profiles. To me, it’s a lie, and raises red flags that the person has something to hide. If you’re on site and intending to meet others, don’t use a fake pic, be yourself. Lies get you nowhere but ridiculed, ignored, and a bad rep.


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Mar 14 @ 7:31PM  
RevDocLove gave us some “Lessons On Aging..” I have to totally agree with this statement; >Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.< Ain’t that the truth!!!!! Damned gravity and other things…. .

Sunshine79 wants to talk about “Sex In The Morning”… Mick was a sex in the morning kind of guy…what a wonderful way to wake up…. ummmm….yeah, ok. Oops. Personally, sex is great all the time. Although I guess the boss at work might think otherwise.

soft_touch938 says “At a glance….” Yuk, the Census! Oh well, I know it has to be done. But, I have to agree with Softie on the waste of sending letters out to inform us of the Census coming soon. Anyone who has a television and has seen the news, whether national, cable, or local, has heard about the Census…so…why does the Governement waste millions on the “info letter”? No wonder there is a deficit. And before anyone gets on the “blame the liberals/conservatives” wagon…it’s both parties that have had a hand in the deficit being so high.

Somnium says “I’m just curious as usual…” He wants to know the ladies opinons on “facials”. For those who don’t know, that’s when a woman’s lover cums on her face. (If you didn’t know…maybe you’re too young to be on this site? )

RJ53 blogged about “The past and the present”. A lot of things in our past has helped to shape us into who we are today. Some good, some bad.

lunanegra blogged about “Miconceptions and Perceptions” how did I miss this one???? I will say, everyone made good points in this blog. I don’t watch the Oscars or Academy awards shows because half the time, shows/movies win that I’ve never heard of until weeks before the awards show, or, ones that do win, were ones I found boring. And they seem so superficial.

PinkToeNails says “Something seems very familiar here” Yay!!!! Spring time weather!!!! About time! I’m ready for the flowers and all to pop up.

Ynot7769 says “Just Cause….”What was the general consensus on that blog again? I think a few were saying something about someone being “not right”?


Mar 14 @ 7:38PM  
LadyRamRod entertained Pervia with “A Few Corny Jokes…………………….” In reference to the second one…if you’re cheating on your s/o, and start to feel a little ill….that may be a good time to have the dr check to make sure there is no poison involved. Anyway LRR..thanks for the jokes!

Sunshine79 told us about a “New Trend-Shave Your Pussy While Driving”…ummm…no, aint’ gonna try that one! Although…that was nice of the woman’s ex to steer for her while she shaves the bikini line on her way to see her new boyfriend. And what a coincidence…the woman’s name is Megan.

flavorbuster blogged about “MODERN CIVILIZATION” Wow, it is amazing the changes that we all have experienced in the last century, especially in the last 20+ years with vcr’s, dvd players, cd’s, cell phones, computers and the internet. All this stuff we take for granted, and if you look back….it didn’t exist.

soft_touch938 says she is “Rambling” Yes, the weather is great! I love the warmer weather, Spring is on it’s way! Most of the snow we had here is gone. I can get back to my walks that I miss so much during the winter months.

RJ53 asks “Which would you do?” Well, when it comes to those who are fashion challenged…I try to be nice in my comments when they ask me what I think. But, I’m also honest too if it looks really horrible.

Ewe_wish blogged about “Time” A movie about 2012, the ending of the world as we know it. Wow! Ya know, that’s only 2 short years away. I’ve got a lot to do before that happens! Well, guess no more Reviews after this one… gotta go take care of business since time is running out. Don’t know what kind of business yet…but, I’ll think of something.

soft_touch938 says “I rarely do this but…” And she’s right! She rarely ever cut’s and pastes jokes, but, this one was good folks. You gotta read it.

Sunshine79 says “Ain’t That The Truth” Yep, I’m one who says; “Get outta my way you bunch of bozos” in the morning. Hey….let’s see how cheery you are with 5 horses….errr ……dogs, jumping on your bed.

And our beloved Sunshine79 gave us the sad news in her blog “RIP Corey Haim”. Another one lost to a drug overdose. RIP Corey.


Mar 14 @ 7:45PM  
TexasRacer cried out “Help!” uh huh. 46 year old virgin? After the “was I too prepared?” blog? Nice try!

RJ53 blogged about “Modern Conveniences” Which one couldn’t I live with? Electricity. I need it so I can fire up my computer and take care of my bill paying and such. Oh, and so I can come in here and hang with my friends too of course.

B9CC1D says “USA versus World…We’re Doing It Wrong”. Well, geez, I been saying that for years now. You want something done right….don’t send a politician to do it. Ok, seriously now, and yes, that is possible..don’t faint, but, our political leaders could have done better in their handling of a lot of things. How? Maybe more diplomacy? And by that, I mean here, at home. I watch Congress on Cspan, and OMG! I can’t help but wonder if some of them even know the meaning of the words “work together”.

RJ53 livened things up with “What kind of songs would you like to hear tonight?” These are fun blogs. We get to share what songs we like, and I enjoy hearing the different types of music.

And, RJ53 later blogged about “Misconceptions” Yeah, sometimes people “get it wrong”. And, sometimes, there are those who just don’t get it. Diversity, makes for an interesting world.

Wordsofwit gave us one helluva blog in “Saint Paddy’s Day-Jib, Jab, music and jokes Now, I don’t care who you are, that was one of the best blogs in a while. It had everything, music, jokes, and Bruce with new dance moves.

soft_touch938 gives us the first of her installments in “Out of the archives (1 of ?) For those who don’t know, it’s part of a manuscript she wrote, but never published. I wish she had, from what I’ve seen so far, I would have bought the book.

Ewe_wish told us about “My daughter and I” She is just having the time of her life living with her daughter and her grandchild…don’t let her fool ya. But, yes, as much as she loves her family, I’m sure Ewe is more than ready to have her own space.

Ynot7769 comes in with his favorite question…”Ynot??? ” How do ya like that? A congressman can’t tell the difference between a calf and a dog. And this is what runs our country?


Mar 14 @ 7:58PM  
lunanegra joined in the musical fun with “Your Music” It’s amazing all the different forms and ways we can now store our music. Gotta love this modern technology.

Straddlemynose hit us with some “Political Humor!” I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, that was funny!!!!

alybai42 blogged about “I think I got more than I was asking for” Just follow the advice given and you should be ok. And Craigslist? Really? What? No one good here? I mean, AMD is just full of wonderful………….ummmmmmmmmm…..yeah..ok. Never mind.

onehornytoad69 stopped in and said “Speaking of Music” and asked Pervians to share their “all time” favorite songs. I’m sensing a musical theme for this week.

And soft_touch938 stopped by with “Out of the archives (2 of?) In this installment she shares her adventures in discovering computers and the internet. How many of us remember our first computer? Playing the preloaded games on it? I never did get the hang of freecell, or, minesweep . I played solitaire instead.

RJ53 encouraged us to share our favorite subjects in School. Ya know..I’m surprised no one said anything about sex education. Oh wait! I just did!

Sunshine79 asks “Could You Be Anymore Tackier???” Wow..get sent to prison for a few months, and this guy gets a ride home in a 45 foot Ford Excursion stretch limo. Gotta wonder, will he go back to prison so he can get another ride in that limo?

soft_touch938 gave us her third installment in “Out of the archives(3 of ?) Losing a partner can be one of life’s biggest challenges for then you have to adjust to being single. And that can be quite an adjustment.

flavorbuster asks, “WOULD THIS BE CHEATING?” Ok, where in the hell does he get this stuff???? I thought with Ewe back, that flavor wouldn’t be allowed to surf after hours…. Just kidding! (maybe) And for those who didn’t have the “pleasure” of reading this blog..his question is, if a woman has two pussy’s, is it cheating if her lover fucks the “secondary” one.

RJ53 showed off her poetry skills in “Computer Age”. Awesome job RJ!!!!!

And our beloved NightOfOld gives us “WARNING: To men who drink and drive” Ok guys, listen up, Night has it right on the money…beer is a wonderful……………….nm…not gonna say it out loud.

soft_touch938 gave herself “A new look ” She gave herself a haircut. I’m thinking maybe I should take a ride to Indiana and see if I can’t get her to give me a haircut.


Mar 14 @ 8:02PM  
lunanegra asked us to list who we miss in “The Dearly Departed” Saw a lot of names of those I’d love to see come back.

RJ53 gave us another poem in “Computer Age 2” Pretty good writing.

soft_touch938 gave us another installment in “Out of the archives(4 of ?) Looks like 2004 was bust out and break loose for Softie. I remember 2004...I had just moved into my house….a new beginning for me. And to think, at that time, I had 1 dog, 2 cats, and 2 birds. What happened?????

NightOfOld tickled our funny bones with “GRANDMAS LOVE” Hawaiian good luck sign huh? I like that one! Gotta love those Grandma’s.

B9CC1D blogged “What To Do When Nobody Likes You”. He gave some very good advice…but, there are those who just don’t listen. Oh well, who ever said it’s a perfect world?

soft_touch938 showed her fiesty side in “Just a broken down old mule huh?” That’s right, she’s not going to let some wet behind the ears kid chase her off. Speaking for myself, I’ve never found her blogs boring. *sigh* ya just can’t please everyone.

PinkToeNails reminded us that it’s “Daylight Savings Time” Lost an hour of sleep…uggg!!! Oh well, I’ll take the longer daylight hours. I can always catch up on sleep later.

Sunshine79 hit a milestone in her blog “Blog 1300: Internet Dating” Yep, she’s posted 1300 blogs. Way to go Sunshine!!!

soft_touch938 offered up “Out of the archives (5 of ?) I find these installments interesting and well written. Kudo to Softie for her work. Just wish others would take the time to appreciate what she’s offering.

Ewe_wish gave us a repost of “Her Escape ~ Repost” I loved this story the first time she posted it… and it’s still a great story. Thanks Ewe.


Mar 14 @ 8:05PM  
PinkToeNails[/B] informed us about “The MAN V-DAY!!” Yep, the gals get February 14 for V-Day so now the guys get March 14.. .and theirs is easy….steak and a bj and your man will be happy. Isn’t that sweet? Makes it easy for the ladies to please him. And it’s in March too…that means, weather permitting, you can let him fire up the grill and let him play master chef with his steak.

Ynot7769 told us about “Old Dad” Gotta hand to Y’s Dad….he’s got a point. Whatever happened to a President standing up for us?

And, I’ll wrap it up with 2, yes, 2, blogs by Straddlemynose. First blog…”If you could write a book, what would it be about? What would the title be? “ All I know is…I wanna read the book about Sunshine’s Adventures! And now, to Straddle’s next blog, “If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be, and why?” I already said it, Steve Burton, no, wait, Johnny Depp.. no, wait…Mel Gibson . Wait…….Hugh Jackman …no…Luna called that one first . Decisions…….

Ok, that’s it for this weeks Review. I honestly didn’t think it would be this long…but, hey, Pervians have been busy blogging away. Good job!!! Fair warning…I only have one day off next week, so, I can’t say whether there will be a Review next week or not. I will try..but make no promises.

Mar 14 @ 8:07PM  
A very good job like always, Dawn! Kudo!

Mar 14 @ 8:41PM  
Great review sugar!! We love these reviews!! I see you even included a troll in this one!

You my dear, get a kudo!!

Mar 14 @ 8:53PM  
Great job and thanks so much for the effort it takes to compile all of Pervia

Mar 14 @ 9:20PM  
Great effort you put into these reviews sugar!


Mar 14 @ 9:40PM  
Good show, old chap as per usual.

Mar 14 @ 10:25PM  
Most excellent m'dear

Mar 15 @ 12:10AM  
Thank you for the great work... Helps me get caught up....

Mar 15 @ 5:07AM  
Great review

Mar 15 @ 10:08AM  
Great job, wonderful as always!! Greenie!

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