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Her Escape ~ Repost

posted 3/13/2010 11:11:28 AM |
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She was 5 the first time she saw them. She was further away from home on her pony than she was supposed to be. Father had always said that she wasn’t to go past the property line but today she just needs to get away. This was her way of escaping and she could cry all she wanted to and no one was there to tell her to shut up.

She rides down an old logging road that had probably been put there 25 yrs before she was born but never grew back up. The sun was showing in between the pine trees and she would feel the warmth against her skin and that would bring a small smile to her face.

The fighting got bad the night before, she remembers. How many times she has laid in her bed hearing one of them scream, “If it wasn’t for those damn kids, I would be out of here.” Last night they were louder, saying things that she didn’t quite understand. She heard of medical bills, sick kid, and no money. She now understood the look on her father’s face when her mother would put her into the car each week to go to the doctor. She lay in bed thinking that if she just died, maybe than they could be happy and not fight. Today she just needed to escape the pain.

She found a trail that was probably made by the deer and she reined her pony to enter it. Her pony obeyed and turned and as they rode down the well trodden trail with brush on both sides, her thoughts were that she could just disappear forever and no one would know. Sadly she thought, and no one would care.

As the trail came to a small clearing, she looked out and realized that she was at the top of a ridge looking down on to a pond. She realized that it was just another run off from the river just like the one on her family’s farm. She got off her pony, and tied her to a tree, and walked over to the edge and sat down. It was a beautiful spring morning, and the birds were singing, and she sat there enjoying the quiet peacefulness of it all. As she looked down to the edge of the pond, she saw them.

She had heard them at night, screaming like a woman being tortured. Those sounds scared her, and when she would go to mama, she would just laugh. Its just a big cat, she told her one time, “daddy found one in the pig barn and shot it cause it was killing the baby pigs. That’s just its mate looking for it.” She couldn’t understand why daddy would kill a cat, but today she understood why.

She had seen mountain lions in books. She thought they were beautiful but a little bit scary. As she sat there watching, playing by the pond, she wasn’t scared at all. She admired their beauty, their gracefulness, and their strength. She watched as the mothers laid there keeping an eye on their young, but letting them adventure out on their own to a certain point. If they went too far, she would lift her beautiful head up and give a loud growl, and they came running back to her.

As the day went by, that little girl learned more about loving family than she had in her short five years of being on this earth. She learned what it was family love was, family guidance and she saw how family stuck up for each other. She found that even the smallest of the family of cats wasn’t ignored or pushed aside and she wished that she was a mountain lion too. She saw how a family could eat together and there wasn’t any fighting and when in the hot afternoon sun, they laid down to take a nap it seemed so peaceful. So unlike home, she thought, as she too drifted off to sleep in the hot sun.

She woke up later, unsure what had woke her. She sat up and saw that the mountain lions were moving around and playing. She knew that soon it would be dark and she needed to get home but she promised herself that she would return again soon to watch them. When she arrived home it was already dark and she figured she would be in trouble. It wasn’t the first time nor would it be the last, but as she walked into the house her mother was putting dinner on the table. “Oh there you are,” her mother said, “grab the milk out of the fridge will you?” As the little girl turned to do as she was told, she realized she had been gone all day long and no one even knew she was missing.

That wasn’t the last time she saw those mountain lions, many times each summer she would ride in those hills and set on that ridge and watch them. She saw many generations of Mountain lions be born and grow and she learned a lot of
her family values from them. The last time she saw them was when she was 17. She was moving off the farm into town and she knew she knew she needed to see them one last time.

She got up early, the last morning on the farm. The people that were going to board her horse was coming in late afternoon so she wanted an early start. When she got to the top of the ridge to where she could look down on them she felt something was different today. The babies who were normally off gallivanting around seemed subdued that day and all of the cats stayed real close together.

Continued in comments

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Mar 13 @ 11:12AM  
She spent most of the day watching them and when she knew she had to return home, she stood up with tears running down her face, and said goodbye. As she started to turn away something made her look back and she saw the old mama cat, one that she had probably learned the most from, looking at her. In the girl’s mind, the mama cat looked sad to. They held eyes for a few moments, and the cat laid her head down, and the young girl got back on her horse and rode away. She never saw them again.

This is a repost from January of 2008...........thought maybe some of you would enjoy reading it.

Mar 13 @ 11:39AM  
Isn't it strange that for some of us, growing up lessons aren't learned in the usual expected ways? Sad but true. I can relate to this story. Kudo to you for sharing.

Mar 13 @ 11:57AM  

In some ways I can also relate to it. Nice Blog Ewe.

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Her Escape ~ Repost