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Trouble you got away with

posted 3/10/2010 10:05:09 AM |
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tagged: fun, memories

I had a fun "conversation" via email with Sunshine here last night...talking about one of my little "escapades" back in the day...I was probably 20, maybe 21 years old. Here's the story:

My sister and a couple of friends of ours were in my Dad's car. I was dropping a friend off at his cousin's house. Anyway, we were driving and smoking a joint. My friend was taking his toke, and I saw a State Trooper getting ready to pull out of a store parking lot. I told my friend not to pass the joint, to keep it down. Dummy didn't listen, he proceeded to pass it up to me, just in time for the Trooper to see it. Yep, got pulled over. And, it was a woman cop. A little background was summer, Dad's car did NOT have a/c, so, all windows are down. And, I also had a lit cigarette. Ok, cop comes up to the car, sticks her face within inches of the window and says, "Smells like marijuana in this car." To which I shot back with, "Oh really? It does?" She looked at all of us, then asked me for my license and registration. (before coming to a complete stop, my friend had time to swallow what was left of the joint in case any of you are wondering). While the cop is busy running my friend, in a shaky voice, says, "Stop being such a smart ass, you're gonna get us in more trouble". I told him to not be such a sissy. By this time, the cop came back, everything ran clear. She then asked where is the joint that was passed up to which I showed her my cigarette. Oh yeah, I got a dirty look for that. She then asked if she could search the car, and I said, "Be my guest". Yeah, I was a bit cocky at that age. Anyway, she never did search the car...she just told us we were free to go. As we were driving off, my friend was bitching at me that my smart mouth was going to get me in trouble one of these days. And I reminded him that my smart mouth just got us out of a world of trouble. I also told him next time I say to "keep it down" to LISTEN.

So...anyone got any fun stories to share from their "younger/wilder" days?

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Mar 10 @ 10:31AM  
When I was about 17, I lived in Cheyenne and some friends and I decided we'd go cruise the strip. I had just gotten off being grounded for some other stupid shit I'd done and my parents reluctantly let me go with them to "cruise the strip". Well... we hopped in the car and drove to Denver!! And just as we pulled into Denver, we had a blowout... I knew I was gonna be in trouble!! There were about 8 of us and we all have some kind of drink or drug with us. A state trooper pulled up to us and was giving us a hard time and we were scared to death he was going to search the car but thankfully he didn't. My friend Paula had family in Denver and we assured the trooper that we had somewhere to go. We ended up catching a ride with a trucker. He took us as close as he could to Paula's aunts house. I told my parents I'd be home at midnight but didn't make it home for 2 days. They were furious but never said much to me about it. I think they were just tired of my antics. It wasn't long afterwards that I moved out on my own.
Those were the days!!!

Mar 10 @ 10:38AM  
That sounds like fun. I used to sneak out of the house at night after my parents went to bed. A couple of friends of mine would help me push the car I was driving down the road far enough away from the house so we could start it without my Dad hearing it. Then go out and party all night.

Ya know...going to class the next morning hung over really sucked.


Mar 10 @ 11:02AM  
"Smells like marijuana in this car."

I grew up in Cali, there were no remote woods or fields around, so all partying was in the car before somebody had a place, usually my 65 GTO. I was so damned ignorant!!! My mom didn't smoke and I came home one evening buzzed up and reeking with reefer. My mother immediately confronted me, "You've been smoking that shit again!" That should have been a clue to the clueless, yours truly. I replied, "No, man." Then my old man piped in, "Don't give me that crap. If you you weren't doing it, then why are you calling your mother 'man'?"

Mar 10 @ 11:11AM  
My Mom did/still does, smoke, and my Dad quit smoking when I was really little. Also, Mom didn't have a clue as to what pot smelled like, but, Dad, working in the foundry, not only knew what it smelled like, he knew what it looked like. So, before heading home after smoking some, I'd use the visine and a light spray of perfume. Not too much..just a quick spritz. And then I would stay away from Dad for a while.

Mar 10 @ 11:31AM  
Slipping you a well deserved green disk.

Another story, and this is the Readers' Digest version, involves partying while wearing an expensive fleece lined leather jacket. I over served myself on pink chablis and wound up passed out in the back seat of my infamous GTO. I pewked, and all of this pink vomit gravitated to my coat and the rest of me.

I went to a laundromat and washed my shirt and tee shirt. But I knew that my jacket was a job for the dry cleaners, so I took it in the next day. I got home before dawn. My mother asked me where my jacket was. I told her that I forgot it at some peoples'. The next day, the dry cleaners called saying that they could not get the stains out of my jacket.

Busted!!! Outside of going to work or school, that car went no where for a month. BTW, the expensive fleece lined leather jacket was never wearable again as it had permanent pink stains.

Mar 10 @ 1:55PM  
So many stories so little time...............but my favorite...........

I was driving to a craft show with a borrowed pickup and camper...........the craft sale was about 4 hours away but my sister was there and I was bringing our stuff down.........anyway............I was stopped because the cop has a "suspicion" I was carrying stolen goods. In the state of MN you do not have to turn over your drivers license you only have to present it to a cop. So i made him scrunch down to get the info off my drivers license and gave him the insurance card...he was an asshole and I had plenty of time to waste.................he came back and asked if he could search the vehicle.........I told him no ..........he said he could get a search warrent..........I told him to do that.........3 hrs later...............I was sitting there while 4 officers removed and searched all of my belongings....(craft items) the officers were bitching and moaning at him the whole time and his excuse was he had gotten a tip that there were stolen goods in a truck that looked like this. While I waited I called my attorney and told him what was going on ...........he got a good kick out of it as he called the judge who signed the warrent and demanded that the officers pack my truck back up after the search or I would be filing false imprisonment and harrassment against the cop, county and judge. Not having any evidence that i was a criminal she had signed a search warrant on a tip (that even the officer couldn't really confirm where he had gotten this when the search was over the officers had to reload my truck..........and then they were really pissed at the officer who had stopped me.............apparently he loved to stop and harrass red heads................I wonder if he still had his job after that....

Mar 10 @ 2:00PM  
The list is way too long

One that comes to mind is when I told my parents I was going to a cultural event in New York and stay with some friends who had moved up there. I went to a cultural event ok.....Woodstock. Well I didn't exactly lie

Mar 10 @ 2:18PM  
I could possibly write a book with all the bullshit stunts I pulled!!

Mar 10 @ 6:34PM  
I could possibly write a book with all the bullshit stunts I pulled!!

I'm sure most, if not all, of us could write a book on stunts we've pulled.

Mar 16 @ 6:02PM  
I was an angel when I was younger,especially while in the Marines and overseas.

Mar 16 @ 6:22PM  
This blog needs to keep going as there are so many grins and giggles in many of these stories. I can't believe I neglected a kudo, I corrected the oversight!

Mar 16 @ 6:27PM  
My lips are sealed!

Mar 16 @ 6:42PM  
I was an angel when I was younger,especially while in the Marines and overseas.

I ain't saying a word.

This blog needs to keep going as there are so many grins and giggles in many of these stories

Ok. Another one of my "stunts"...Starting in my sophomore year in high school throughout my senior year, some friends and I had a "game" of sorts seeing how many times a week we could skip school, and not get caught. My record? I made it through sophomore year, junior year, and I almost made it through my senior year. My best friend and I were on the assistant principals "hit list" for those 3 years. I can safely say he didn't like us. I don't know why.. We would head out on lunch break, smoke a few joints, and then one of us always got the brilliant idea of not going back to class. We had a friend whose mother would call in for us. Then we would spend the rest of the day getting stoned and raising hell. Well, one time we skipped out, we went to a different friends house to party, he was a friend who had already dropped out of school. Anyway, we needed to have someone call in for us to say we weren't going back, one was not feeling well, the other, a family emergency. Ok, a little background on my best friend, (btw...we are still best friends today..more like sisters actually) My friend is Mexican. Her Dad was born and raised in Mexico, he moved to the States when he was 18, joined the military and became a U.S citizen. Her Mother, also Mexican, was born and raised in San Antonio. Why give this info? Because our friend offered to call in acting as her Dad. He butchered the accent horribly. When he hung up the phone and asked us how he did, my friend and I looked at each other and said, "we're busted". Yep, next day in class, a student walked in with a little blue paper, we all knew what that came from the assistant principals office, and whose ever name is on that paper, is in trouble. So, yep, yours truly name was on that paper. I got down there to the office, and there sat my friend. We both knew we were caught..we were actually kidding around about how it took him almost 3 years to finally catch us. We finally got called into the office, and there sat the assistant principal, (btw..all the students used to call him "Pin Head".) He looked so smug, especially when he told us we were suspended for 3 days. At which point, my friend got a huge grin and her face and exclaimed "GREAT!", she actually growled it out a little bit. Pin Head's expression went from smug to, well, you could tell he would have loved nothing more than to wipe that smirk off my friends face. He told us through clenched teeth to just get back to class.

Mar 16 @ 6:45PM  
Oh yeah...forgot to mention. This happened on Friday. When I got home from school, my parents were vacuuming out the family van. I walked up to my Mom and told her I had gotten a 3 days suspension. She just said, "yeah, ok". I remember being surprised she didn't spazz out on me. It was Monday morning when I realized she had thought I was kidding. I told her to call the school and ask. She did, and I was grounded for the rest of the school year.

Mar 16 @ 6:49PM  
I think when I'm reincarnated I'm going to come back as a kid..
I had my share of misadventures this time around, but it seemed like I was working all the time..
I think I'll change that when I return

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Trouble you got away with