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AMD Week in Review

posted 3/8/2010 1:56:17 PM |
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tagged: review

Finally!! It’s March, Spring isn’t too far away. And you all have to admit…I’ve done fairly well this year without griping and complaining about winter. And believe me, it’s been hard. I’ve had days where I would have loved to have just let loose and whine and complain about winter dragging on and on and on….OOPS! Almost caught me griping about it. Ok…oh yeah, Week In Review..that’s right..let’s go! (and yeah, I know, it's a couple days late )

We start off this week with a blog by RJ53 who asks “How much is too much?” IMHO, when in a store where there are going to be young kids, one shouldn’t dress where their ass and boobs are hanging out for all to see. My experience is that most mothers don’t want their grade school aged kids seeing an adults bare “assets” displayed.

Then we move on to Ynot7769 with “Headache??” Now let this be a lesson to all…don’t tell you s/o you have a headache too often, he/she might offer you up to a horny ape if you do.

KayJay19 wrote about “Battle scars; an Essay by Kevin” An insight in his life as a skate boarder. I’ve seen skate boarders in action, and it’s a thrill to watch. I applaud them for what they can do. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many cuts and broken bones they suffer through to achieve the excellence I’ve seen.

DeDe54 says “Hello” to all of us. She has returned home to us. She is not only a good friend, but I call her my “Sis” for she is like a Sis to me. To those mutual friends who talked her into coming back, thank you! Hopefully she will stick around this time, or else we will just have to tie her down. Wait… she might like that too much.

KitKat25 asks, “Do You Share Your AMD Persona Outside of AMD?” An excellent question…both my sisters know I have a profile here. That’s about it. There are a couple/few who I’ve given my email address to and my messenger Id. Those who I have on my friend’s list are those who I truly consider friends.

Cootiesprayer says “Yes again….chuckle” She stopped in to update her friends on how she is doing. So glad the surgery went well, now here’s hoping everything else goes well for her.

flavorbuster tells us about “THINGS YOU SEE WAY TOO OFTEN” News? What’s that? I swear sometimes it seems more like gossip than news.

onehornytoad69 says “She asked…”What are you gonna do……..if you….”This economy really stinks. OHT can’t get a truck driving job, but, he’s willing to work for sex…… Anyone out there interested?

somnium blogged about “A well used term: “Get your head out of your ass”….visualized” He gave 4 links to some rather cute superbowl commercials that didn’t get played. Don’t know why they didn’t get played.


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Mar 8 @ 2:01PM  
mo stargazer blogged about “Sex” Got your attention didn’t it? I admit, it got mine. She says it’s been over 2 months since she last had sex. Guys in her area must be blind…she’s a pretty lady.

PinkToeNails blogged about “Guinea Pigs” Ya know…I thought for a moment this would have been about…………………… nm..not going there. Now, as to being part of an experiment trying out drugs…no way. I have to really be in major pain before I’ll take an aspirin. So…being a human guinea pig..nope, not for me. Although the money would be nice.

soft_touch938 says “I think I’m going to do it….(and a confession)” Looks like she may be on the move again sometime up the road. Although, I give her credit for having the patience I know for a fact I wouldn’t have with the landlord she has. Sorry, but, friend or not, I doubt seriously if I could have held my tongue.

Sunshine79 gave us a “Superiority Check?” Yep…just goes to show us ladies have it made.

Cootiesprayer told us about “Unemployment news”. Yep, it’s gloomy here in Michigan as far as jobs go . I consider myself fortunate to have my job. Hopefully things will start to improve soon.

PinkToeNails gave us an “Update on my Mom” Looks like her Mom could be free of cancer!!! That is so wonderful!

RevDocLove gave us a “Senior Health Care Solution” So…..that is what one has to do in their retirement years? Something to consider.

Sunshine79 blogged “Speaking Of Spam….Spotted Dick Anyone? ” Was a little afraid to read this one Sunshine..but…since it was by Sunshine, I took my chances. And honestly, I had never heard of this stuff until this blog.

flavorbuster says “SERIOUSLY THIS PLACE NEEDS TO LIVE UP AGAIN!!!!” Hang in there flavor, it goes in cycles…things will liven up again.


Mar 8 @ 2:07PM  
Straddlemynose blogged about how “Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days On Earth” I was wondering what happened to that 1.26 millisecond. Ya know…I want that sunlight time back!

lunanegra took us down memory lane in her blog “Going down to the gas station…what are you getting?” While there wasn’t the “candly lady” in the neighborhood I grew up in, we had the little grocery store behind my parents house, and the owners were like uncles to my sister’s and I. They were always giving us free candy bars, pop, ice cream. So, they were our “candy men”. Wouldn’t dare call them “ladies’. Just don’t do that to Italian men.

And borty239 is offering up “Bort’s Pussy Band Aid” All I gotta say is……It’s about time Borty!!!!! Ya sure kept us all waiting long enough for this one.

NightOfOld offered up2 to of his poems for us…first there is “WHAT IS LOVE???” Ya know…Foriegner had a song, “I Want To Know What Love Is”. I used to like that song, then it got played so much that I got tired of hearing it….OH, OOPS!! Ok..back on topic here…..I will take numbers 1-6 on there. Then our beloved Night wrote about “WHEN WOMEN GROW OLDER” And I still plan on fighting getting older for as long as I can.

soft_touch938 blogs “And so it is….” Funny how things can go full circle in life. There’s a chance she may be able to rent a house that she had lived in before. Hopefully it will work out for her.

lunanegra blogs about “Their Scent” I think it’s safe to say everyone’s s/o has that “special” scent. I just wonder though….how many have that scent their s/o would like to forget?

Sunshine79 informed us with “All Clear For Take Off!” I saw that on the news with the kid in the air traffic control tower. While cute, it was very dangerous. I doubt if the dad repeats that mistake.

lunanegra came back with “ One more, and last…” OMG!! And here I thought I was the special one to get emailed by ignorant asses. Oh well….doesn’t break my heart. I’m gonna have to ask Luna if I can borrow some of her answers…they are good!

viper694play is “Divorcing Vanilla” Hey viper…best wishes on the new road you will be on.

B9CC1D blogged about “Boobs-two of my favorite things” Looks like this one has boobs on the brain. But I do need to clarify “the only reason to complain”….when it’s that time of the month, sometimes the “girls” get really tender and it can hurt like hell if they get squeezed a little too hard. Other than that…I agree with the medical issues. Take good care of them ladies.


Mar 8 @ 2:14PM  
Ok, Straddlemynose went a little crazy with the quizzes… so here they are: First one, “What’s your opposite gender name?” Mine came back “Jimmy”, which is funny because I had a childhood friend by that name. He was the neighborhood funny guy..mischievous with humor. Then Straddle asked “What type of car are you?”…Mine says I’m a bmw. Damn! I was hoping for a camaro. Then there is the “What type of music are you?”..This one got it right on! Rock! Ok, on to the next quiz…”What type of underwear are you?” Mine came back as thong. Ok.. Next quiz! “What’s your personality type?” Oh that’s easy… FUN! Ok, there’s this week’s quizzes.

Now, back onto blogs….maxximuss1967 blogged about “SUICIDE! PRO OR CON?” there is no “pro” to it. All it does is leave loved ones to grieve and wonder what they missed/did wrong.

fordman09 returns with “OK Perv’s, it’s been a while, time to start some shit!!!” He’s trying a new tactic, instead of asking for sympathy sex, he’s now offering it. Wonder if this will work for him. He’s just going to have to keep us updated.

RevDocLove gave us “Possibly the BEST Blonde Joke Ever!!!” Our very own DeDe54 is blonde, and I’m sure she would not have tried to call her mom at that moment. I can just hear her now… “OH MY GAWD” is more like what she would have said. Now, I gotta run and hide before she yells at me for that.

Sunshine79 asks “New President For The $50???” IMHO, just leave the $50 the way it is.

RJ53 asks “What kind of teenager were you?” I was an angel…. but don’t ask my parents.

KitKat25 gave us a fun blog in “Gilligan’s Island…AMD Style” Mrs. Howell? Me? Yeah, I can definitely live with that! Now I’ve got money and bling and can go shopping and, and, and………

chocolatemilf says “Look at me I’m drinking again…….” Oh yeah, I have been “wound up” before. I usually go for a long walk. By the time I get home, I’m relaxed.


Mar 8 @ 2:22PM  
soft_touch938 says “Ok, it’s official” And the war is on!!!! No, not blog war. Softie finds those boring/distasteful…she’s talking about a war that some can agree with…battle of the bulge . Yep, for some, it’s time to shed the winter chubs… having a lovely stretch of weather here, I’ll be taking my shares of walks soon.

El gato said “Here’s an idea…….” and gave us a good scenario of how to deal with homicide bombers. He has a really good idea. Have a booth that detects bomb materials and BOOM, blows up the materials and the bomber too. Saves lots of money on useless trials and such.

flavorbuster exclaimed “DAMN I DIDN’T KNOW SUPERMAN WAS GAY!!!!” And wasn’t the invisible man surprised to be the one to find out.

casuallylooking is having “One of those days….” Ya know CL, most of us have those days where we think we know what we’re doing, but there are some where it’s a permanent condition and they devote their life on websites trying so desperately to prove they know at least something.

Sunshine79 says “Pointy Vs. Saggy ~ Boobs: Then & Now” I dunno…. I see the way bras made boobs look in the 50’s compared to today…and I much prefer todays soft, curvy look compared to the pointed torpedo. Then again, wouldn’t want to be wearing Lady GaGa’s either…pointed and shoot off electrical sparks that burn her partner to a crisp.

Straddlemynose asks “What one tv show would you bring back from cancellation?” I’m sticking with my answer(s).

lunanegra exclaims “I think….I think they’ve grown!” No…my devil horns are still…ummmm… oh!! Not what she’s talking about. She’s a lucky one…lose some weight, but not lose some boob size.

Neil1981 says “WHAT UP? ME ON A SILVER PLATTER! FUCK!” Well, I hope he feels better now that he got that out of his system. Handyman? Hmmmmmm……..handy enough to elimiate pests I wonder?

Wordsofwit blogged about “Girl Scout Cookies” all this talk about Girl Scout Cookies, and none being sold around here yet. It’s enough to make ya wanna and then .


Mar 8 @ 2:25PM  
RJ53 blogged about “Favorite Love Songs ” and then her blog was HIJACKED!!!!! A good hijacking is always fun! Need to do more of those.

And to bring this week in review to a close……our very own lovable DickSlippery with “100 mother fuckers online right now…97 of them OFF THE HOOK!!!” Well, at least he was successful on his second attempt to post his blog. I mean, what’s a week in review without DickSlippery??? (he paid me to say this ) Anyway, he was sharing an erotic dream of his…….. kind of had a different ending. But, what can I say? DickSlippery is a one of a kind individual and we wouldn’t want him any other way.

And that will bring this weeks review to an end. I know, should have had it up Saturday. So what if it's a couple of days late....

*wanders back out hoping no one notices it being late*


Mar 8 @ 2:31PM usual............kudos to you............

Mar 8 @ 2:32PM  
Great review a greenie for this one.

Mar 8 @ 2:43PM  
Kudo for such great work, Dawn!

Mar 8 @ 2:57PM  
Great review Dawn! Thanks for mentioning my Momma!!!

All my kudos for the day if I could give them all to you but here's one for now!!

Mar 8 @ 3:21PM  
Always interesting- kudos for you!


Mar 8 @ 3:33PM  

Mar 8 @ 7:46PM  
Hummm this is Monday and the review is usually done on the weekend. Sugar you got a life? Is there something your not telling us??? Great job! Leaves my cookie on the table

Mar 8 @ 8:39PM  

was this a request..

Mar 8 @ 8:44PM  
I can not believe Ynot that you would hijack Sugars blog.............I mean really.......................oh hell I have a poem for you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am a schizophrenic
and so am I.


Mar 8 @ 8:48PM  
no no no ynot! you can't hijack the week in review!!


Mar 8 @ 8:54PM  
Aw come on know Ynot...........its not that he would intentionally hijack a blog...........its just his nature to do it............subconsciously he is driven to hijack a blog...........

Mar 8 @ 9:00PM  
no no no ynot! you can't hijack the week in review!!

who me??

.subconsciously he is driven to hijack a blog........

yea thats it!!! it's like breathing.....

Mar 8 @ 9:02PM  
yea thats it!!! it's like breathing.....
wait a minute breathing is not subconscious for wear headphones that play a recording............breath in ..........breath out..........breath in............breath out..

Mar 8 @ 9:10PM  
wait a minute breathing is not subconscious for you.

thought you were NOT gonna tell people bout that? YOU PROMISED!!!

Mar 8 @ 9:22PM  
thought you were NOT gonna tell people bout that? YOU PROMISED!!!
Yea well you promised not to tell anyone I looked funny during shearing season...............but you did.........

Mar 8 @ 9:29PM  
Yea well you promised not to tell anyone I looked funny during shearing season...............but you did......

oohhhh no you don't blame me ...that was um......PTN!! yea thats it S HE DID IT!!!

Mar 8 @ 9:31PM  
PTN!! yea thats it S HE DID IT!!!
PINK!!!!! Wait a minute who told PNT.....................You did of course...................... try blaming it on PNT besides she said i looked lovely during shearing season..........guess she likes a sheep naked................

Mar 8 @ 9:47PM  
PINK!!!!! Wait a minute who told PNT.....................You did of course

ME?? now now you know me better then that 'm too damn loveable to do that ..

Mar 8 @ 9:55PM  
'm too damn loveable to do that
thats true you always reminded me of ............well you have always reminded me of. this

Mar 8 @ 9:56PM  
Oh I love me some ewe during shearing season.. it's my favorite!!!!

Mar 8 @ 9:58PM  
Oh I love me some ewe during shearing season.. it's my favorite!!!!

Oh My..........

Mar 8 @ 10:00PM  
oh my ? oh fuck...i don't believe this shit

Mar 8 @ 10:02PM  
.i don't believe this shit
What??!!?? Im innocent I tell you.

Mar 8 @ 10:04PM  
hey innocents MY LINE DAMN IT!!!! "


Mar 8 @ 10:07PM  

Is Damn it your last name?

I be Dayna

Mar 8 @ 10:11PM  
i also be nuttier then a fuckin fruit cake after christmass

Mar 8 @ 10:14PM  
i also be nuttier then a fuckin fruit cake after christmass
You do realize its always after christmas...........even the 24th of dec is after the last christmas.............and since it hasn't been a full is after christmas................are you seeing my logic here?

Mar 8 @ 11:41PM  
Thanks for taking the time out your busy schedule to write this review every week. I know I'm not alone when I say your hard work is very much appreciated.

And as always...a fantabulous job my dear Sugar!

I would leave you a basketful of kudos if I could...but then again...ynot would steal them anyway ...he's a kudo whore as you well guard it with your life or you will not have it for long.

Mar 9 @ 9:25AM  
Awesome job as usual...and I come draggin' in...late as usual. Kudo rollin' down the ramp ur way...keep up the good work...

Mar 9 @ 11:16AM  

Great review precious. Wanted to comment last nite but was to sick.

Here's my Greenie.

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