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I have a problem...

posted 3/7/2010 3:34:48 PM |
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I'm obssessed with the singer\songwriter, Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries. At first, the songs "Dreams" and "Linger" were just those all too common songs that were always on the airwaves, and that I never considered them more than just good songs. Then about a year and a half ago, I realized that there was something in the voice that was fascinating. So, my curiosity was my weakness, for the more I learned about her and listened to her, I became so drawn. I went frrom doing prison terms to downloading pictures of her whenever I can. Like how a 16 year old teeny bopper will scream at the sight of Hanna Montana. Only I'm sure I would scream louder. I went from spending an average of 2 hours of surfing porn a day to 8 hours of trying to turn Facebook into Dolbook, and Youtube into Doltube. (Oh my god! I'm just realizing that I'm trying to do it here, too. What am I to call it? -"A'DOL'matchdoctor"? You should see the part when I tell women that first start liking me about my dolores obsession. I usually hit them with that within the first 30 minutes (Isn't that still under the "first Impression" timeline?) They try to act interested, and I think to myself, "Yes! Another person that's willing to listen to my Dolores topics!" And most people don't even really know her(here in the US). So I bust out my cell phone and give her a slideshow of all the downloaded pictures I've accumulated on my microSDcard. If she really likes me, then she'll keep pretending to be interested. Then I'll ask her what she thinks of all my Dolores ringtones...If she's still there, I'll recite all the Dolores words I've collected from her fans to form a Dolictionary (Dolovely, DOLby surround, DOLMG!, etc.) I know when I'm pushing it when they start trying to disguise their yawns. And yet, I don't stop... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME PEOPLE!!! This may seem funny to you guys, and it is, but it's my reality. I just really want to know what is causing me to be this obsessed. She's the most...let me stop

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Mar 7 @ 3:40PM  
OMFG............if you had no intentions of this being have failed...............I almost spit my coffee on my monitor............

Mar 7 @ 3:41PM  
Okay... It only became a problem when my life became unmanageable...This blog is so stupid.

Mar 7 @ 3:46PM  
.This blog is so stupid.
perhaps............but its also amusing............I meant to give you a kudo before so now i will do it........

Mar 7 @ 3:46PM  
DOLMG! I knew it was funny when even my neighbors started gossiping about me. And yet here I am, just wanting nothing more than to just go check my "Dmail"* (The old me would have kicked their ass )

*Dolores e-mail"

Mar 7 @ 3:58PM  
Your life became unmanageable when you became obsessed. But...ya might have become obsessed because you couldn't figure out how to manage your life...or...ya jut fuckin wanted to ignore all the boring responsibilities and just go with your cravings! All good.
This blog is funny, but I don't think it is because we are laughing at you. Probably because it would be easier just to go with our yearnings, and we don't have the guts to do it. Don't expect others to be as interested in your obsession as you are. Ya might want to try and keep to yourself when entertaing a girl of your dreams date...but....if she isn't going to like the real you, then fuck her...or at least fuck her before ya tell her! Good luck!

Mar 7 @ 4:00PM  
AWWWW! EWE WISH....I checked out your vids and you are a country girl! Cool! That's normal. Look ant my vids and you'll see I'm a weirdo. I even see this, but yet why won't I stop... I'm going to have to figure this out before I die a confused old man....(in the voice of an old geezer)..."Where's my laptop with all my dolores pictures? Call it a dinosaur if you want, but it does what I- =coughing spasm= -what was I looking for? Oh, did * ever tell you about the time in 2009? Well it was the best concert I've...

Mar 7 @ 4:08PM  
Thanks for keeping real...but I just can't "not bring up dolores". So The meaty portion of my sex life as of late has been the occasional web cam experience with a female Dolores fan, usually from europe and south america (those women a HOT!), I mean hot women love Dolores

Mar 7 @ 4:17PM  
I am going to resist the urge to analyze this. That is hard for me (four years of abnormal psychology) But let me say this, if this obsession is getting in the way of you having a normal life just maybe you need to rethink it. A potential girlfriend is not going to want to come in second to your obsession. Women are like that. We like to be first in someone's life. How would you like it if she were obsessed with let's say Bret Michaels from Poison and she were doing all that you were doing? Would you think that just maybe she might be taking things a wee bit too far? I have musicians I love but I know where to leave it. On my cd's.


Mar 7 @ 4:24PM  
Wow, I thought I had an obsession with the 'F word', but you got me beat!

Mar 7 @ 4:25PM  
You're right and I know this... but, maybe it's a mental disease that some people become obsessed like this. Maybe it's something that we can't help, but then again, I use to think Slayer was the shit, even The Cure was the shit, but none of those musicians had a foothold in my life once I let Dolores in. She is by far, and I can state fact after fact, the most talented artist that has ever walked the planet. She just don't allow Big Record companies to tell her what to do, therefore, she doesn't get the mainstream publicity. So, either I'm sick in the head ( I call it Dolmentia) or she is a bad ass artist... btw, her other fans are just as obsessed if not more...they've been obsessed since the early 90's......Dolmetia. But I thank you women for your good humored laughter and honest advice

Mar 7 @ 4:36PM  
Long time no see. Great to see you in the blogs again...

Mar 7 @ 9:49PM  
Hey, pal! You remember me, cool! Thanks. But sadly to say, I'm definitely different now, LOL!

Mar 7 @ 10:07PM  
So... for you to be interested in any female...
Would she have to be a Dolores clone.. wanna be...
Kinda like the 80's Madonna/ Boy George/ Cyndi Lauper/ Joan Jett ect. girls...

Mar 8 @ 1:56AM  
She does not have to in any way, look like Dolores (but I welcome the irish accent ;) I like women that make me feel good... like I use to make my money as easy as I could get it, hence the prison terms. Along with the associated lifestyle...yeck! But since I've become obsessed with this perfect individual, my mentality has changed as far as not associating myself with that negative past. Dolores makes me feel secure in that sense. ANY FEMALE THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS gets my attention. But then I would rob a bank if I knew of a Dol clone I could purchase. I love women, and if they love dolores, I'd love them even more... (you guys are laughing aren't you)

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I have a problem...