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Do You Share Your AMD Persona Outside of AMD?

posted 2/28/2010 7:06:38 AM |
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tagged: amd, question, people, life

I got to thinking about my AMD screen name and persona the other day and started asking myself the question...Would I be okay if my family or co-workers knew my screen name and were able to access my blogs and profile? My answer was a resounding NO! The thought of my son reading some of my more sexual blogs actually caused me to blush and I know I would never hear the end of it…which would be great entertainment for them...but really suck for me.

It didn't start out this way for me, but this is the reality of it now. My screen name is an old childhood nickname so there is nothing to hide there, but my profile essays, as well as certain blogs have enough of a sexual flavor that I would not be able to fully explain their contents to family and I stay incognito.

I can only imagine the shock of certain parents whose kids I work with if they knew I was writing threesome and orgasm blogs.

But my concealment goes both ways...not just with my family and co-workers. When I thought more about this topic, I realized I rarely, if ever, give out personal information such as my real name, a telephone number or street address to anyone I meet online...even if we've been talking for a while. Yanno...better safe than sorry right?

In my case, I think it goes farther than that. I have a lot of battle scars from the trenches of online playgrounds. Situations that start out all Disney-like in the beginning...can turn Friday the 13th very quickly if you make a bad judgment call. I know this first hand. These days, I trust my gut instinct along with a few other guidelines and it seems to be working. If I get spooked...I stop communication immediately and move on without regret. You have to in order to remain safe.

1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD?

2. If so...who do you share your AMD persona with?

3. Lastly, do you share personal information with the friends you've made on AMD...or do you stay incognito? guys and gals know how I feel about this topic.

Your turn...

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Feb 28 @ 8:10AM  
I think this is a great blog, KitKat!
1. I've never shared my AMD persona with family or co-workers and I've been coming to this site for 9 years now!
3. I prefer to stay incognito. I once gave out my address to a guy who was supposed to pick me up the following day for lunch- he showed up at my place within minutes of having received my address! He knocked on the door, I let the dogs bark, and after a few minutes, he went away, never knowing I was home. So ever since then, I've chosen to keep my personal and private information just that. Personal and private LOL

Feb 28 @ 8:31AM  
Since I don't do anything wrong I don't care lol Well I did take down my pictures there was one that wasn't for the "real" people in the world. But otherwise I'm just me, I don't write erotica. I have met two people here and yeah they know where I live and have my number. Turned out to be decent friends but since them I don't try anymore. I just keep up with my friends now

Feb 28 @ 8:32AM  
I don't let anyone know( my friends) around me or family know I am on this website.

I also don't give out personal info to people online. There is a couple that knew my phone number and I think 2 that knew my address( my old one). I made the mistake of giving my number out to a guy off of here so he could call and jack off while talking to me I had no idea that he was going to do that. , then he gave to a friend of his.

Since then I have changed my number's. I also gave my cell phone number not home number
I have those gut instinks also. I can feel if the person I am talking to is normal. Well what I consider normal. I have talked to a lot of weirdo's online.

Feb 28 @ 8:58AM  
What and who I am on here is pretty much just the way I am in
the real world..
There are only a couple of people who know me personally here..

Feb 28 @ 9:00AM  
1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD?

Ohhh... HELL nooo- with memories of some of my... rather... (ahem)... 'amorous' blogs that I've written in the past few months?? (yes, I know I could delete those blogs!) I'd have to resort to writing poems (no offense Chuck) My daughter knows a lot of people- my grand daughter is in the band in college and has a lot of friends- not to mention my grand son close to college!

Hell... I'd be laughed out of Michigan- which... come to think of it, could be a good thing- there's only a few people that know me in the deep South... hmmmmm!

Here, have a kudo... on me!


Feb 28 @ 9:36AM  
Before my "sabbatical" I had been on here almost 5 years. I have made some fantastic friends on here, mostly phone and back and forth emails, etc... But i would like to meet them in person if i ever get the chance.

I did meet my honey on a chat site, been with him 8 years, hes fantastic. I cherish my time I have spent with him.

I have written a few things on here that i wouldn't want my mom or dad read, but anyone else i could give a rats dupa, they can read it if they want to.

And quite frankly I had forgotten what i was gonna say here, so, imma leave it...

OH, and good luck, you will find some awesome friends here at AMD. Hopefully, I will be one?

Feb 28 @ 9:51AM  
1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD?
Nope, I try not to. I would be so embarrassed for my daughter and my family to see my blogs on here.

2. If so...who do you share your AMD persona with?
Other than who I have met on here who's no longer on the site, no.

3. Lastly, do you share personal information with the friends you've made on AMD...or do you stay incognito?
[B]I have for over the past 3 years on here, but I'm now going to stop having my life an open book for people on here, and to quit sharing things. I just recently found out that some people on here have been going to one or two people on here through emails and phone calls asking stuff about me, and even questioning some parts about me. It really boggles the mind to know that people have nothing better to do than to do this and make up some rumors and gossips about others on here.What's really bad is some I have considered to be friends. With friends like that, who needs enemies.... What I have learned is a lot of these type of people will talk about anyone and everyone.

Good blog, Kat! Kudo!


Feb 28 @ 10:15AM  
My real life friends know that I visit a web site to blog and read blogs...they know that I spend alot of time here...but I havent told the name of the site or my user name.

I describe a very adult version of facebook

Feb 28 @ 10:37AM  
At least a friend or family would read the essay before sending you an e-mail! Lol

But seriously, who cares if you have an adult site profile? We are all human, with human needs, and that includes sex, like it or not. And anybody willing to track down your profile obviously has no problem joining one too. As that is what they would have to do to read everything about you.
Personally I find it a better/safer way for people (single mothers especially) to have an adult outlet versus being a bar whore.

Feb 28 @ 10:46AM  
Excellent blog as usual, sliding you a green thing.

1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD?

No, I don't. I might make a comment to someone about a "social networking site" that I am on. I have always been one to keep business and pleasure widely separated. It has been very rare for me to socialize with coworkers.

2. If so...who do you share your AMD persona with?

I don't mention this site but never did shy away from mentioning mainstream online sites to people. It used to have a stigma to it 15 years ago, not any more.

3. Lastly, do you share personal information with the friends you've made on AMD...or do you stay incognito?

Yes, I do. I don't have a problem with that. I have not had bad outcomes on this site from doing so.

I have a lot of battle scars from the trenches of online playgrounds. Situations that start out all Disney-like in the beginning...can turn Friday the 13th very quickly

The past makes us what we are today. Our experiences very much mold and shape our approach to involvement with others, especially in transitioning from cyberspace to the real world. I do tend to think that a single negative experience holds more power and weight than a single positive experience. Fortunately, for me, negative online experiences have been few and far between.

Feb 28 @ 11:12AM  
My daughter knows I am on here. Her reaction? "Mom if you are going to be on an adult website shouldn't you be showing a little more skin than that?" I have not written anything on here that I would care if anyone in the real world read so I don't really have a problem with it. There are two people on this site that have my real phone number. One I only talked to once (disclaimer here it was not anyone in the blogs) and the less said about the crash and burn of that conversation the better (the guy was kind of perverted although he did not come across that way online and started telling me what he wanted to do to me about three minutes into the conversation A person needs a little warning if the conversation is going in the directioin of kinky sex ) and the other is a friend I have made on here that I would trust anyway. I am pretty much the same person on and off the site. What you see here is what you get in person. In fact what you see here is a lot tamer that what I am capable of being in person. Maybe that is because I have been here less than a year and just have not really settled in yet.

Feb 28 @ 11:21AM  
Well most of ya'll know.....I'm pretty much an open book here. I use AMD (or did) as sort of an outlet for my thoughts and emotions and it's always been my thought that if anything I share from my experiences can help others from making the same mistakes that I did then my work is to speak...

But I don't share my phone number or address to only just a few long time trusted friends....and I don't think any of them have my address. Then of course I move so much no one could find me anyway.....ROFLMAO...

My family and friends know I'm on an adult site...they just look at me kinda strange and don't ask questions. I just wish people...ANYWHERE....wouldn't automatically assume that being on an adult site automatically means one is fucking everything coming and going and doing every perverted thing imaginable. I have been striving to educate the people in my life that they need to quit letting their imaginations run wild....I am so NOT active that I am really concerned about my social/sexual know...the one that is so non-existant....

Good blog....cookie cookie cookie...well one anyway.

Feb 28 @ 11:45AM  
At last!! A Ukrainian girl

Feb 28 @ 12:24PM  
No. The name aftershox is only used here and a couple of bondage sites I frequent.

When I begin a conversation outside AMD or those other sites, I use another email that sounds like a name but is really just another screen name, And then if we get to talking on the phone, my voice mail only reveals my first name.

And when I go to any "events" I still go by my screen name.

Feb 28 @ 1:32PM  

Yes I've shared it with friends and family. I am very honest and have nothing to hide. Good blog. Kudo

Feb 28 @ 2:25PM  
me ?
I don't even exist, I'm just that voice inside your head...
and look, I can type too.

move along ppl's nothing to see here, just a speed bump in the highway of blogatree
(is there such a word ? )

so much to do, so much to dooooo.


Feb 28 @ 3:02PM  
My screen name is bunny because one of my pups from years back looked like a bunny when I pulled her ears up on top of her head and tied them togethter with a rubber band! ...a very loose tie and only kept it there a minute. I called her bunny alot, but her real name was Fiona.
If I here a funny joke here I might pass it on to a friend. If I talk about something from here I just say I got it from a blog site.
A couple here have my phone number, but knowone has my address. They can have it iffin they want to send me a card or regift a dildo or somethin!
My family? Isn't it enough that you kids, being my home away from home put up with me? sO. NO MY FAMILY AND i HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DISCUSS AND EXPERIENCE TOGETHER....oppssss...sorry cap locked it
Cute blog...cookie to you...or should I say snicky snack?!

Feb 28 @ 4:28PM  
I have told two very close, nonjudgemental friends what the site is.
My daughter and other friends know that I am on some kind of site where I read and write blogs and have met friends. I mean other wise it would have been rather difficult to explain how I met Griz....

Mar 1 @ 1:41PM  
1. No I have not. Well my wife does know but no one else.

3. Very little

Mar 6 @ 1:25PM  
I pretty much keep Chocolate milf contained to this a few that I speak to on yahoo thru here, but it would detract from how special it feels here.......What can I say...I lubs it!!

Mar 6 @ 1:49PM  
aint i pretty much the same here as outside in real world??

Mar 6 @ 2:02PM  
1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD?

2. If so...who do you share your AMD persona with?

3. Lastly, do you share personal information with the friends you've made on AMD...or do you stay incognito?

1.I wasn't aware I had a "persona"; I am the same person consistently on and off..only less sexier in the real world. Lunanegra isn't an extension of me at all.

2.See #3

3. Lol, after almost 3 years, everyone still thinks my name is "Luna" , so take that as you will. I've only swapped yahoo IDs/email with non-regs and talked to regs through personal email on the site.

Mar 6 @ 3:53PM  
1. So you share your AMD persona outside of AMD? Same person online as I am offline............

2. If so...who do you share your AMD persona with? My kids and my late husband when he was alive is/was aware of me being on here.............hell I have had my kids help writing blogs a time or two............I have nothing to hide or be ashamed time tho a friend in my offline world saw my pic in an advertisement for this know one of those come to AMD and find some of your friends and pics of ppl from that area in the pics.............he signed up and emailed me pretending he didnt know me............took me exactly two emails to figure out who he was and call him on it.............we both had a great laugh over it.

3. Lastly, do you share personal information with the friends you've made on AMD...or do you stay incognito? Hell some of my friends I have met here have been to my house........Some i have been to there houses...........I have a lot of ppls phone numbers from here and know where they live.............and they have the same with I give my number to everyone hell no...........but to ppl I have become friends with sure.........

Mar 6 @ 3:55PM  
3. Very little
Surv shares so very little with us..............I wonder if he knows I have his default profile pic hung up in my bedroom....................and bathroom........................and Kitchen.......................and living room.................

Mar 13 @ 2:50AM  
Personally, I don't care who knows I'm on here. I don't have kids and all of my friends are open-minded. In fact, I don't have any reservations whatsoever about referring my friends here if I feel there's something worth sharing. I'm the same person here as I am anywhere else, so I don't feel like I have anything to hide.

I told my brother about AMD and he's checked out the site, including my blogs.

I haven't had any really in depth conversations with anyone here, but if I really hit it off with somebody I wouldn't be opposed to giving that person my name and phone #.

Apr 15 @ 7:46PM  
1. Heh heh yes, but not in the same way, real like has a slightly different context, but I'm still a perv.

2. Close friends and Neighbors... again not the site though...

3. Very occasionally yes.

Apr 15 @ 9:28PM  
Hmm I missed this one here.. ummm so.

1. yeah, I even invite people to come meet y'all pervs.
2. people.. never with animals cuz .. dogs n cats chase skwirls.
3. The operative word here is FRIENDS.. if I consider you a friend here.. you are a friend everywhere else too. So yeah.. that and most people know my name and where I'm from anyway cuz I can't seem to shut up.

Apr 15 @ 9:30PM  
PS. I know Luna's real name... and a few other important bits of information.. so she forgot one of us Pervs knows more than others :D.. luckily.. her secrets is safe wit me.

Apr 15 @ 9:33PM  
**tackles pudge cuz he's just standing there lookin all smexxxy and stuff.*

Apr 16 @ 12:22AM  
Yep, my family and friend know. I'm not much different here than at home anyway......well other than the boots get traded for heels and hose 5 days a week. But I'm still my outspoken, highly opinionated, bitchy self. Course I'm also still the loyal friend, got your back, sexy as hell in my own damn way self too. The only thing I "hide" on here is my face and those that know me well, know exactly why. It's not hiding it so my friends don't see it, it's hiding so folks "round these parts" so to speak don't get too friendly! (that is folks that I just don't wanna be friendly with!) But back to the question......yeah, those that know me best know I'm here, know I've been here a very long time (10th anniversary this damn sad is that???)

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Do You Share Your AMD Persona Outside of AMD?