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AMD Week in Review

posted 2/27/2010 6:37:38 PM |
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Hey everyone! Sorry about there being no review last week. But, if you read my bulletin, you would have known I had a busy week at work last week, and was just too tired to fire up the computer, let alone take notes and such for a review. But, it’s been a calmer week, and I’m feeling rested and ready to go. I just want to say thank you for not filling up my inbox with demands of a review and all. At least now I know I don’t have to hide from an angry mob or anything. So, we will start off this weeks review now.

And to start it off, Ewe_Wish has “A Birthday Wish” for our very own LilGriz. Only 29 huh? Well, he had me fooled. Actually, so did CL..didn’t realize she was only 28.

whisperingcomet blogged about “Tiger Woods” In answer to comet’s question….I could really care less what Tiger Woods has to say. I didn’t care about his affairs either as they don’t concern me.

RevDocLove asks “Ain’t Dogs Great???” Yep, you betcha! Why do ya think I got 5 of them?

el_gato blogged “Two Jokes-Anal Sex and Las Vegas” Well, now we know how politicians are conceived. And, we learned about “Chip Monks”.

PinkToeNails is looking for a “Pet Parade~~~Part 2???” Another parade to show off our furry friends.

NightOfOld wrote “MY FRIENDS” Don’t know about the rest of you, but, I’m proud to have Chuck as a friend.

Max49 blogged about “Women Drivers”..guess maybe he’s a little jealous that women can drive 85 mph, put on mascara WITHOUT dropping their coffee in their laps. You know we luv ya Max.

RJ53 wants to know about our “unusual hobbies” She talks about how she makes her own soap. Ya know, I looked that up, and discovered it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Anyone out there thinking of making their own soap, follow those directions accurately.

texastigress told us “I wasn’t there when the plane crashed”. This is in reference to the plane that was flown into the IRS building in Texas. So glad to see she is safe and wasn’t in that particular building. Thoughts and prayers being sent to the families of both the pilot and the innocent victim who lost their life in that horrific act.


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Feb 27 @ 6:44PM  
shy_sexy_kitten said “ASSHOLE” Wow!!! Someone got her fur ruffled. It would be nice if some would really read essays before sending off emails, but, they don’t.

StraddleMyNose asks “Should first cousins(kissing cousins) be allowed to wed?”In all honesty, no. To me, that’s too close of a blood relation and, to me, isn’t right.

KayJay19 wrote “Kevin and the MILF” wow! Look what can happen when one goes to Olive Garden to get some dinner. Way to go!!!

verywellhung4you wrote an “Update” Looks like he’s having some luck. Hope it goes well for him.

grindel1 says “a little harder,” No ya pervs!! Not THAT!! Geez!!!! Do ya always have to have your minds in the gutter? He’s talking about communication, ya know, talking and all that other stuff. He raises (again, get your minds outta the gutter ) a good point. Don’t just stop talking and leaving someone hanging… at least let the other person know why you find whatever it was that was said/done offensive.

StraddleMyNose blogs about “Deepthroating” whoa!!! That wife really enjoyed herself in that video!

vidorob blogs about “Thinking like a man”….so…now the myth is proven… all the brain activity is down south.

ladykendra blogs about “judging weight” I look at this as an “to each their own”. We all have our own preferences.

chocolatemilf blogs “Ahem…Anal!?**” Myself, I don’t care about size, it’s still an “exit only” .

Wordsofwit raises a good question in “Meeting a fraud…stay or go?” I can’t bring myself to really hurt someone, unless they get me really angry. But, IMHO, no good relationship starts off with a lie. So, to me, if you’re going to lie, I’ll be polite, maybe a friend, but that would be as far as it goes.

DesertSmile says “Pazazzzz in the bedroom ” So…how would we go about letting someone down? Tell the truth? Make excuses? Me….I would probably just admit the chemistry isn’t there, but I would still love to be friends.


Feb 27 @ 6:50PM  
KitKat25 blogs about “The Big Move…Long Distance Relationships” There is a lot of good advice and information in that blog. It’s so easy to say one thing, but then when it comes time to “put your money where your mouth is”, that can really throw a monkey wrench into a relationship.

somnium says “I’d say, they’ve been at it a mite too long..” Well, I didn’t realize skeletons could go at it. You learn something new everyday in Pervia.

sundance64 popped in to tell everyone about “Our weekend trip” Sounds like she and her family had fun “exploring” D.C. So much for GPS.

RJ53 blogged about “Just thinking and that is probably dangerous………..” Dangerous? Nah!! But anyway, for me…when it comes to a s/o, yeah, looks are a part of it, but, intelligence is more important to me.

texastigress shares “The Dark Room” $1,000 for a ball and boots…. where did that priest get that kind of money?

RJ53 is “Just wondering” Very interesting… how many do answer blogs honestly? With all the different personality types, it’s sometimes a challenge to answer honestly, but, in a way so as not to piss off or hurt someone.

RevDocLove blogged about “Email Scams” yep, be careful about those emails claiming to be from paypal, your bank, or the FBI… But, remember one key fact….banks, credit card companies, will NOT ask you for your personal info through email.. they will contact you by regular snail mail. Just be careful with personal info out there everyone.

flavorbuster has a video in “IS IT BEING GREEDY, BULLSHIT, OR JUST ANOTHER STRADDLE VIDEO?” I didn’t get to see the video, my anti virus program blocked it..but judging from the comments…it was “huge”.

TexasRacer blogged about “Contract Of Wifey Expectations” All I gotta say on that one is this: that guy has serious control issues , and if she was stupid enough to sign that contract, she can have him.

1bunny629 blogs “The Difference” So now we know the difference between a light bulb and a pregnant woman… one can be unscrewed while the other..nope, no way, nadda.

themama says “I’m back and ready to play!!!!!!! HEHE” Welcome back themama!!!! She has returned, and is ready to play again.


Feb 27 @ 6:57PM  
Sunshine79 shares some “Dogs&Computers-Coincidence?” I dunno, those kibbles (dogs) and bits(computers) are pretty suspicious……

Ynot7769 asks “OK…Anyone get THIS ONE???” awwwwwwwwwww…how cute!!!! He got a love letter…..errrr….oops! Wait a minute…nope, it’s a letter of fortune! Go for it!! Jump on it!!! Hey, I’ve got ocean front property up here in Michigan for sale too. Those scammers will try anything.

soonersoccer blogged about “Something new (for me)” He asked a fellow student out for a date, got turned down…And, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he’s moving on because he knows there is some one out there for him. Too bad others don’t follow his example when they hear “no”. kudo to you soonersoccer!

StraddleMyNose asks “Ever try the “Pony Play” with your s/o?” Honestly, I had never heard of it, and, after seeing the video…looked boring to me. To each their own.

Sunshine79 blogged about “Anticipation” Ever waited for something too long and it didn’t live up to the anticipation? Hmmmmmmmmmm….no.

LadyRamRod shares “Triplets” all I can say is…that poor dog …shouldn’t have been near that boy when he was jerking off….then again, how was the boy or dog to know about that bullet?

ta2dgirl916 wrote “BLOGS, BLOGS, BLOGS” She had a long day at the court house… yeah, they can be a pain in the ass! I wish her the best in the next chapter in her life.

Sunshine79 shared some “Awesome Word Play” I still liked number 8.…. Exorcist is one of my favorite movies.

flavorbuster asked “HOW DO YOU DEFINE COUTH IN THE OFFICE WITH A FEMALE SUPERIOR?” Well, I guess next time your guts are rumbling… let it rip before going to her office.


Feb 27 @ 7:04PM  
RJ53 asks “What would you do if you got this delivery?” She provided a link to a news story where a woman got an unexpected package…..45 pounds of marijuana! I’ll admit, as little as 5 years ago…I would have been in 7th, 8th, 9th…ya get the picture? Heaven finding something like that. Today, I admit, I’d be tempted to keep some for myself. But in the end, most of it would be turned over to the cops. 45 pounds of that stuff is a LOT of jail time. And, I don’t know about other states, but, in Michigan, the law can grab your car, computer, etc… and claim it as “gains from the illegal selling of a controlled substance”.

Wordsofwit shared a “Wonderful Feel Good Story” about a 5 year old girls conversation with a 911 operator when her father was suffering chest pains. Definitely a feel good story.

Which leads to a blog by StraddleMyNoseShould 911 tapes be kept private, or should all be public record?” I’m all for them being public record, but, when they are so traumatic, at least have the decency to contact those involved before airing them on tv so they are prepared. Sometimes events are more traumatizing to some.

NightOfOld blogged “ABOUT MY NEW WIFE” She is one lucky lady to have the heart of our wonderful Night. Best of wishes to them in their happiness.

Sunshine79 says “Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!” Yes folks, it’s our very own Straddles birthday!!! Hey Lisa! Did ya mail him the straws yet?

flavorbuster asks “WHO THINKS THE KILLER WHALE SHOULD BE DESTROYED&WHO DOESN’T?” As the majority says…can’t kill it for following it’s instincts. Also, anyone who works with wild animals knows, no matter how docile or tame they act, they are still a wild animal and can and will attack without provocation.

Sunshine79 gave us “Sunshines Camping Tips” I have got to remember the tuba on the picinic table trick!

And a welcome back to our kudo whore…(can we still call her that… I mean..ya know..she has been MIA for a while…. .just kidding Sis!!! ) DeDe54 came back with “TITS And she made some of the guys here very happy with her return.


Feb 27 @ 7:06PM  
SpunkyRed told us “We’ve got a Birthday Boy today!!!…” Our very own RevDocLove had a birthday this week also. So Doc…just how young are ya now?

Wordsofwit gave us “Muse2Amuse”…what can I say? He called it “stale”, I call it “shitty”. uggggg!!! Now that was stale.

RJ53 asks “What Is Sexy?” A great ass! I also like long hair on a guy.

Lisa46 blogged about “Retirement at 65” Guess the fellow should have asked about the membership? For that matter, I never knew there were prostitute clubs.

There ya go…I said I’d get you a review for this week. And you got it. Someone commented on my last review that I don’t put my own blogs in the review. Guess cause I’d feel weird/funny “reviewing” my own blogs. Ya know..I’m kinda, sorta, in a way, bashful. Am too!!!!!!

Feb 27 @ 7:16PM  
Great review as usual

Feb 27 @ 7:25PM  
Another great review, Dawn! Kudo thrown your way!

Feb 27 @ 9:20PM  

Great job sweety. Here's a Green thing from me.

Feb 27 @ 9:24PM  
Very good review there sugar!

Kudo back at ya!


Feb 27 @ 9:31PM  
Great review Dawn!! Worth the wait!!!

I hope you're all rested up now!!

Have you taken a bow lately?!?!?!

Feb 27 @ 9:51PM  
Have you taken a bow lately?!?!?!


Feb 27 @ 10:13PM  

Excellent work sis!!!!!



Feb 27 @ 10:20PM  
Forget my Sis???? Never!!!!!

And a welcome back to our kudo whore…(can we still call her that… I mean..ya know..she has been MIA for a while…. .just kidding Sis!!! ) DeDe54 came back with “TITS” And she made some of the guys here very happy with her return.


Feb 28 @ 12:54AM  
Great review.....I needed that to get caught up...

Feb 28 @ 1:50AM  
Thanks for another great review was definitely worth the wait!

Oh...and we can't forget your standing ovation...and your greent cookie can we?


Feb 28 @ 7:53AM  
<<< searches diligently online for the prostitute club...

Feb 28 @ 8:36AM  

Feb 28 @ 8:36AM  
Great job Sugar! I'll lay your cookie on the table (but you don't get my girl scout cookies) Hey select let me know if you find that club

Feb 28 @ 3:09PM  
Thanks Honey! I forgot about last weeks review. I missed it, but didn't remember that I missed it??? You are on top of it this week though, Thanks! All these blogs seem a month ago or so...isn't that weird? I guess I forget so easily these days...cause I'm tired.....

Feb 28 @ 4:43PM  
Thanks for bringing me up to date on what I've missed.....

Only 29 huh? Well, he had me fooled. Actually, so did CL..didn’t realize she was only 28.
Did I mention that I love you???? lol I'd give just about anything to just Feel 28 once in a while.

BTW, I missed the blogs for Straddle and Revs B-days!!

Sorry guys.... a belated Happy Birthday to you both!!!

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AMD Week in Review