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judging weight.

posted 2/20/2010 8:51:27 PM |
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how do you judge? I really would like to find someone who would not care to much about such things. in a time and place where many people are heavy set AKA fat. I likely fit in as average. if you go by the holly wood standards of sizes three on down to zero I am a bit big. I am glad to be able to say that I have never hit 200 pounds. right now I am well under my heavy high of 175. still I do have at least 20 or so extra pounds. can you be OK with that?

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Feb 20 @ 9:09PM  
I am overweight. I wasn't for 50 years. I don't mean to sound hypocritical but I am not attracted to obese people. Consequently as I am a fatty and not attracted to fatties, As a result, I sit out the dating scene. My choice. Don't like it, tough shit, it's my choice, and my life not yours.

Feb 20 @ 9:18PM  
As rude as it may sound, I'm with Bruce. I prefer a toned, muscular, athletic body on the opposite sex. Just a preference. I'm a fatty who doesn't like fatties too, lol

Feb 20 @ 9:25PM  
Question is what is fat? I have seen women who weighed 170 pounds who were all curves in the right places and looked great and women who weighed less who looked out of shape. I am not a short person so when I weighed 130 I looked skinny. Back when I was a size 1 I probably looked like a walking skeleton. I think it really depends on where a person carries their weight more than a magic number.

I can honestly say in men I have never minded them being slightly overweight if they had a great personality. A few pounds here and there tend to come with age and I am more interested in what is going on in their head than around their waistline. On the same level there are limits to that. If you weigh a little over 200 that is one thing 400 is something else.


Feb 20 @ 9:32PM  
So from your description your not fat just normal. Yet it also sounds like your not comfortable with yourself. If your comfortable in your own skin others will be ok with you to. I am fat I wear a size 20 and I don't care if someone doest like me there are plenty that do. I have a awesaome BF who is tall thin with an 8 pack who loves me for my personality and isn't hung up on my size.

Feb 20 @ 11:38PM  
Because I love to cuddle... it's easy to answer your question! I'm ok with it- in fact, I prefer a few extra pounds- makes a lady 'softer', which is much more desirable, to me anyway!


Feb 21 @ 4:58AM  
I'm overweight and finally doing something about it. I gained weight from depression and other things but I don't think a little extra weight on anybody is a bad thing. Sticks are kinda gross to look at sometimes XD

Feb 21 @ 5:35AM  
I have been out of the dating arena a while- by my own choice. I am overweight- considered by some men a BBW, while other men think I'm too thin to be considered a BBW.
When I decided I wanted to start dating again, I joined a BBW dating site. Right away I met this guy and we quickly developed a rapor online. After a couple days of chatting we took it to the next level and talked on the phone. The rapor deepened with each conversation.
We then decided to meet for dinner. I went to the restaurant and waited for him with great anticipation, because I knew we were just going to keep hitting it off.
Then I saw him. And, like a deflating baloon, my anticipation gave way to, "What excuse can I give him to get out of spending the next couple of hours in utter agony?" LOL
I didn't leave. I promised to meet him for dinner, and that is what I did. And it wasn't really agony- more like an ego boost because I could see men in this place checking me out, with looks on their faces that said, "Why are YOU with HIM??"
I read in someone else's post that it matters how and where someone carries his/her weight. I'm lucky. I'm tall, so I'm better off than most. This guy I met that night was a good four inches shorter than I am (a fact he was not open about in our chats/discussions prior to meeting). Secondly, he probably weighed almost 400lbs. (on that 5'6" frame). Had he been my height or taller, it probably would not have made that much difference. But his ass was much bigger than mine! LOL
Anyway, I'm overweight, and can't tell you the number of times I've been discriminated against by guys who want the stick-thin-model-chicks. Then here I was, discriminating against a guy for the very same reason I'd been discriminated against. I can only say I haven't been out on a date since.....

Feb 21 @ 8:20AM  
I don't mind a woman with a little more weight than myself, as i always say "more cushion for the pushin"..I have a female friend from AMD that is over 200 pounds and
we have lots of fun in and out of the bedroom.

so no size to me doesn't matter..

Feb 21 @ 10:00AM  
For myself and many people, I think the preferences are often for a person of the opposite sex to be somewhere close to the normal/average range in anything physically. A person can be too thin, too fat, too short, too tall, etc.

Respectfully, I find it tiresome when somebody overweight disses people who are not attracted to those who are obese. I have seen many rail about the person being into skinny sticks that appear anorexic. More likely than not, the person is not into that body type either, but prefers someone who is HWP.

Feb 21 @ 10:37AM  
Well I am curvy and beautiful....and I love it!! I do not hide if you don't like it...don't look!!!

Feb 21 @ 10:49AM  
There is no doubt body size is an issue with most of us, myself included but more my own than others.

However, back in the day when I was looking I was very specific in my profile that I was a fuller figure gal and if you preferred slendor size gals I accepted and recognized we would not be a match. This immediately let the viewer know I was comfortable with who I was and let them know I was not going to feel jilted for not being picked. Confidence!!

When you meet that special man, who weighs less than you, but tells you that you are "simply delicious" he has seen past the extra pounds, sees you for the sensual woman that you are adores you as you have arrived.

@sunshinegal...get back in the game....just ask a few more questions about stature and don't be afraid to say "I am not physically comfortable with someone shorter than myself".


Feb 21 @ 11:38AM  
I am a big gal, and because I find many guys don;t mind I am less self conscious about it. And the better my attitude, the less they mind. Boy have I got attitude.

I carry my weight very well, and many folks are surprised that I weigh more than 200 pounds. Actually I would even be very happy to be down to 200 or 210 lbs, LOL.

I prefer a guy to be a bit chunky, but have to admit that 2 large bellies and a cock that would have been merely adequate on the man without the belly is a problem.

Though I haven;t been seeking them out, I seem to end up with guys that are in really good shape. And the sex is really hot!

Feb 21 @ 12:50PM  
Funny thing is I used to be a size 1 and during fashion week I would always be hired to model bridal gowns when I lived in NYC. I was not a model but one of my friends worked for the fashion houses and they were always a few models short for the shows. I just thought it was a lot of fun, kind of like playing dress up on steriods. After that time I never really thought anything about it and after my accident and I gained weight I really never thought anything about modeling again. Well next week guess who is hitting the runway in a local event for a store who carries trendy clothes for larger young women? LOL I was shocked they asked me more because of my age than my size. But if they think I can pull off the rocker chick look I am not going to argue with them because it sounds like fun. And I think it is pretty cool someone would pay me to wear clothes I could never afford in a million years. .

As for my size this is the first time in my life I have not been the walking pencil and I think I like it.

Feb 21 @ 9:16PM  
Yep, I'm fat- don't care. Just don't call me a BBW, it sets my teeth on edge for some reason.

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judging weight.