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Horrifying Sounds

posted 2/17/2010 7:54:25 PM |
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tagged: fuck, opinion, sunshine

I was driving today when I heard screams. It sounded like children. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but it sent a shiver thru me like no other.

It made me think, what horrifying sound really bothers you? I know for me it's children screaming. It could be any child. I guess I feel this way because I'm a mom now. But, when I was a teenager, the sound that scared me the most was tires screaching & cars crashing. Sound still bothers me alot. I've been in about 6 major car accidents. I will never forget the sounds of a car crash. It's a scary sound.

I know those are the 2 sounds that bother me most.

What sounds to you are just terrifying to hear?

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Feb 17 @ 8:02PM  
When a car hits another car, and while I'm at home hearing what sounds like a car hitting an animal.

Feb 17 @ 8:39PM  
Actually what bothers me is dead silence where you cannot hear anything, not even a bird or a cricket.

Feb 17 @ 8:51PM  
Hearing brakes screeching and then cars crashing into each other. And yes, I'm one who does NOT like the screeching chalk or fingernails on the chalk board.

Feb 17 @ 9:15PM  
My alarm clock.

Feb 17 @ 11:30PM  
the drill the dentist uses.

Feb 18 @ 12:08AM  
Female foxes make an eerie sound in mating season, it sounds like
a woman screaming in terror, I kid you not:

The vixen's wail
This is a long, drawn-out, monosyllabic, and rather eerie wail most commonly made during the breeding season; it is widely thought that it is made by a vixen in heat summoning dog-foxes.


Feb 18 @ 12:20AM  
I am not bothered by everyday sounds; such as my phone vibrating with the alarm I set to wake me because I have a job. daily sound that jolts me is horns honking and the vibratin of music being played too loud by the drivers of cars. It unnerves me more than it horrifies me. What unnerves me?...I am sure when my 300 year old oak tree falls on to my house...I will be unnerved.

Feb 18 @ 3:40AM  
you should go on youtube and listen to a tasmanian devil screech, then multiply it by pitch black darkness in the bush of a night time....

if that doesn't make your hair stand on end, nothing will.

Feb 18 @ 5:22AM  
Being a father and grandpa,I would say the scream of a child in pain would be the worst sound,and the screeching tires without a loud contact sound,makes me wonder if they hit someone or just had a close call,,,
You have been in 6 major wrecks,I have only had 2 minor fender benders,neither were my fault.

And of course,yes .

Feb 18 @ 5:45AM  
The worst me are.....
When she says..."Not tonight"! , when my lady friend also says "I'm 4 months Late" ,and when she says.."Baby...the doctor says You need to be Checked also"!

Feb 18 @ 9:37AM  
I'll go with children screaming......and I'm talking uncontrollable kids in public places, especially when I'm trying to have a nice meal at a restaurant and I have to listen to that.....I've had to deal with babies crying in movie theaters too....leave your baby at home with a babysitter if you want to go to a movie.

Feb 18 @ 9:42AM  
I can't stand the sound of dogs fighting... or cats even! It just horrifies me to hear that!

Feb 18 @ 10:10AM  
It made me think, what horrifying sound really bothers you?

Lately its my daughters female cat..........she is in heat...........OMFG does she make the most horrible LOUD sounds..........I meant to have her fixed last summer but just never got around to it..................Guess what she is going to have done next week....................

Feb 18 @ 11:25AM  
I have to agree with EWE on that one too! I hve a male cat and he is driving me crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with his wailing!!! But alas! He gets neutered tomorrow!!!!

I bet he's not thinking.....


Feb 18 @ 1:03PM  
Screeching brakes behind me while my car is stopped.

Feb 18 @ 3:28PM  
Not exactly horrifying, but an undisciplined child screaming in a store and their mothers screaming back!

Feb 18 @ 10:44PM  
Animals fighting and children screaming are the two noises I hate the most. Things being blown around and crashing into each other are also a noise I hate to hear. It usually means a tornado is coming.

Feb 23 @ 3:55PM  
A female bitching in my ear when I aint done shit to her.
I remember walking through the pitch black woods w/o light at night & no firearm , heard a panther scream which made me make like underwear & haul ass.
The next day my dad his friend & myself found it's tracks less than 300 ft. from where I was when I heard it.
The story is true that when they scream it sounds like a woman is being torn apart.

Aug 2 @ 8:16PM  
okay, here is mine, and it's kind of a story (thanks sunshine for reminding me, so I could put this down)...

Mine is the sound of rushing water, and then someone screeming in pain....

the story goes, I was 5 or 6, and my dad was letting me help him fix our car (it was running hot).... well my father desides he needs to add water right to the radiator and opens the cap... all I hear was a load rush of water (you'd think steam... but no) as a boiling gyser shoots out of the radiator. My father, for the love of him, pushes me to the ground and jumps into this gyser to block it from hitting me.... only damage suffered on my end was a couple little burns on my forehead (luckly), but my father had 3rd degree burns everywhere where that water hit.. my mom was in the house and heard his screems and rushed me into my house after she saw what happened and got my grandfather to help him to the working car we had... so now, I get nervous opening that cap even if the car has been off for days.

Aug 2 @ 8:22PM  
mine is.... "Alex" Your time is Up!!! From a Voice Very deep!!!

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Horrifying Sounds