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Anyone want a Dog?

posted 2/17/2010 7:39:59 AM |
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tagged: doggie

Hello there, yall pervs....!!!
Hows life treating ya?

My Mom passed away last 2 PM.....and I really have not had a chance to Mourn yet!!!!!
See... my Mom had a Dog....a Pit Bull to be exact!
This dog was pushed off on her by her nephew....(which is in jail...) long story... anyhow...
She had the dog for 5 years.....!!! (his whole life)
He (the dog) really bonded to her.....I'm saying she couldn't fart unless he sniffed it at least twice!!! They were very say the least!
When she became bed ridden...and we had to get her a Hospital bed....he started freaking out!!! He use to sleep in the bed with her!!!! (Very bad habbit right there!!! )
We could see that Mom was gonna pass away....soon...last thursday...! The dog was freaking out!!!!...He Knew..I'm sure!!!
When we had to turn her...she would holler out in Pain...which would make him very deffensive!!!! To the point of barking and growling....!!! We had to turn her to keep away bed sores...Gosh I hated doing that!!!! But we had too!!!
The last nite Mom was alive...he "Snapped" at my sis inlaw....which was caring for Mom....
I had decided since Mom wasnt aware of the dog anymore....I knew I had to do something with him!!!
Monday morning.....I finally decided to take him to a local animal stay for a few days....and to get all of his shots and even his nails done!!!
My bro and I took the Hospital...and....within 5 mins of returning, Mom passed away!!!!
It was a relief for me..because she Suffered sooooo much!!!! Thats all I'm gonna say about that!!!
Well anyhow.....I had to take the dog in.....
He has been very sheltered....because he is a "Pit Bull"...they were scared to introduce him to children...hell, even adults!!!! Which was a Big mistake!!!! He had only been exposed to maybe 10 or 12 ppl..his whole Life!!! (5 years)

We had the Funeral Friday....and I Picked him up that afternoon!!!
The lady at the Vets office said he did real well!!! Which was a relief in itself!! lol
My lady friend Drove us..and I rode with him in the back seat!!! All went well!!!
I have a doberman lab home this is gonna get good I'm sure!!! I'm keeping My dog in the Kennel outside..and Moms dog inside.....! I take Moms dog out many times a day..and most of the time we will visit "Blackie" my dog! They sniffed for the 1st couple of days...but now Moms dog growls and carries on when we go visit blackie...! Fuck!!!
Sat. nite my lady friend came over..and stayed the nite....
All went well....till bed time!!!!
She and I went to bed....I put his foam bed(he has been sleeping on that) down in the Hall way...near my door.....He laid on it that was cool!!!
I touched my lady friend....she touched me....and we started Making Love.....
BAD IDEA!!!! She would quietly Moan out loud.....and he head it.....Oh Lord!!!! I thought the bastid was gonna rip out my heart!!!!
I stayed up with him in another room most all nite! finally at 3;30 am..I got back in bed....and so did he....he slept between Us!!! WTF?

So I'm guessing that Mom's dog is a Womans Dog!!!??
Any of yall ladies seeking a Good dog? He's very Loyal...and Noone will fuck with ya ..if ya had Him!!!!!
In all honesty...he is the Smartest Dog I have even seen!!!!
I have Broke him from sleeping in the Bed..with me!!!! and I'm working on his other problems...which are just meeting other ppl!
I still have not found a Job....but I am really considering "Trucking" I will have to get rid of Both dogs!!!!
Anyone want a Good Dog...or 2?

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Feb 17 @ 7:46AM  
My condolences. That dog was a good companion to your mom. Wow. I have the same kind of dog & he sleeps with me too.

I wish I lived closer & had a bigger place, I'd love to help out.

Feb 17 @ 8:23AM  
Size restrictions here, but every girl needs a good companion.

As for you my condolences.

Feb 17 @ 8:31AM  
A lot of animals especially male dogs have a strong bond with females & have an odd like jealousy over them & get quite protective against any male that comes along man or beast. My condolences as well OHT.

Feb 17 @ 9:02AM  
Sorry for your loss but at least she is no longer suffering. He probably needs to only be in a home that doesn't have other animals, especially a dog of the same sex and no kids. He also needs to be around somebody similiar to your mom, female and at least middle age.

Feb 17 @ 10:06AM  
Aw hun, my condolences and yes it's hard but a blessing when their suffering is done.

No dogs here...I asked and my cats was adamant...NO DOGS!!!

Feb 17 @ 11:32AM  
My condolences! I certainly have the room but not sure how long I'll be here! I do want to have a pet buddy who bugs me once in a while, just to break up my daily routine!


Feb 17 @ 12:01PM  
My condolences on your mother. We have a pitbull lab mix and anything with pitbull in it is going to be very protective and will find one person they really bond with. With Lola it is my four year old granddaughter Elaina. That dog follows her everywhere and if anyone even thinks about raising their voice talking to Elaina they had better think twice because they are going to be dealing with Lola as well. She was staying with me part of the time but would start whining and pawing at the door when they left so unless Elaina is over here the dog stays at their house. So my dog has been confiscated. If he has not been around children what he needs is maybe a single female living alone. He would be great protection.

Feb 17 @ 12:12PM  
Hope it was a peaceful release...

Feb 17 @ 12:21PM  
Another thing to consider in finding a new home for any dog people consider "aggressive", is to let the dog choose.

I have had pits, chows, akitas, airedales, and rotties. These are all breeds that can be bad ass and not to be messed with as they are powerful and very protective.

They can be very loyal, loving companions if they are in the right environment. They are highly intuitive also. With these breeds, DO NOT ATTEMPT IN FINDING A HOME TO PUT A SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE!! We are not talking about a labrador retriever.

He will make a wonderful companion to an older woman without other animals around. Give him a chance based upon who he is to be all that he can be while allowing that there are limitations to his adaptability. Making the best choice for a win/win scenario is essential. Good luck and let us all know what transpires.

Feb 17 @ 12:26PM  
Toad, I'm sorry for your loss. Big hugs.

no more dogs for me.. two is my limit.. and there are three in the house right now.

Feb 17 @ 1:57PM  
I am very sorry for your loss. I know you loved your Mom very much. My Mom's brother just died and we are all sure he is in a happier place without the suffering. I am sure your Mom is too. Bless your heart. Hugs, Bunny

Feb 17 @ 4:47PM  
thanks, however I'm allergic to dogs, and do want to have sex at some point in my life again, and while he would be great birthcontrol, I'd rather risk it with the normal stuff.

Oh not to sound mean by adding this last, my condolences on your mom's passing.

Feb 17 @ 5:18PM  
I have to pass on the dog... allergies, lack of space (and money) and grandchildren.

On a personal level, my friend I am so sorry for your loss.
But I also know how difficult this has been on you for quite a while now.
I pray that she passed peacefully and I am glad that you were there with her. I believe that some how she knew you were there.
Please allow yourself to take the time to mourn.

Feb 17 @ 6:32PM  
Sorry to hear this

Feb 17 @ 10:08PM  
My condolences.....just a word about dogs and trucking....many companies will allow you to have a dog in the truck, Consider this when screening companies.

Feb 17 @ 10:23PM  
My condolences on your mom's passing.

I've already got 5 dogs here and definitely do not have room for another one. I hope you find a good home for your mom's dog. WoW offered some good advice.

Feb 18 @ 12:16AM  
Toad.........I am so sorry about your mom, I know how close you two were but at least she is free from pain. Take your time and grieve for your loss and than go on to celebrate her life.......My thoughts and prayers are with you.

As for the dog issue, I wish i could help you out but I already have 3 animals.......two cats and one granddaughter............

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Anyone want a Dog?