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Fun SPAM Facts

posted 2/16/2010 3:42:39 PM |
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Since we're on the subject of SPAM!

According to the official SPAM press release from Hormel:

In America, it's consumed at the rate of 3.8 cans a second by more than 60 million Americans.

It's trademarked in 92 countries, and sold in 45, from Anguilla to Zimbabwe

If laid end-to-end, 5 billion cans would encircle the earth 12 1/2 times

5 billion cans of SPAM would feed a family of four, three meals a day, for 4,566,210 years -You can grill more than 29 billion SPAMburgers with it, and that supply would last 5.4 days if everyone on Earth ate one spamburger for dinner each night

Each year, 100 million pounds (45 million kg) of SPAM are sold around the world.

SPAM is made in two U.S. locations - Austin, Minnesota, and Fremont, Nebraska - and seven other countries: England, Australia, Denmark, Phillipines, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The average consumers of Spam are families with several children, especially in the southeastern U.S.

In 1989, the U.S. armed forces bought 3.3 million pounds of SPAM.

Hawaii, Alaska, Arkansas, Texas, and Alabama rate the highest in SPAM consumption respectively.

Among the 50 foreign countries where SPAM is sold, the UK and South Korea are the largest markets.

In South Korea, SPAM is considered an upscale food and one of the most popular American imports. The Wall Street Journal recently spotted a Seoul executive in search of the perfect gift. The executive deliberately skipped over traditional gift items such as wine and chocolates in favor of SPAM, explaining, "It is an impressive gift."

Hormel PR man Allen Krejci says: "SPAM has endured because of it's convenience and versatility. You can eat it hot or cold. You slice, dice, or cube it. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. In fact, the only thing that limits your use of SPAM is your imagination."

Nikita Krushchev once credited SPAM with the survival of the WWII Russian army. ''Without SPAM, we wouldn't have been able to feed our army,'' he said.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Viginia eats a sandwich of SPAM and mayonnaise on white bread three times a week.


How did SPAM get its name?

Kenneth Daigneau, an actor and the brother of a Hormel executive won $100 in a meat-naming contest in 1936. Hormel was looking for a good name for a spiced ham product made with pork shoulder, since other companys had started copying their popular canned spiced ham. The name "Spam" is a contraction of "spiced" and "ham", which is rather odd since there are no spices in it anyway.

How many people here are SPAM fans??

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Feb 16 @ 3:52PM  
Even though I have never bought the stuff, every three or four years a can mysteriously shows up in my pantry. It isn't bad if you fry it up as a meat to go with eggs for breakfast.

For comic relief, here is a link to the well known Monty Python skit about the stuff.


Feb 16 @ 4:30PM  
Did you know that in Hawaii there are 7 million cans of SPAM
sold every year??

Feb 16 @ 4:53PM  
BTW, Hormel makes spam (they also make these hideous canned tamales that look they came a straddle blog). But Armor offers a version of the stuff called Treet. Neither one are a treat.

Feb 16 @ 5:31PM  
Bleh, pork shoulder is disgusting, no wonder it's so bad.

Feb 16 @ 7:26PM  
How many people here are SPAM fans??
I always have a can in my cupboard.........its there in case I ever get hungry and its the last thing i have to eat.........its time to rob a bank............

Feb 16 @ 7:34PM  
Are we talking about the meat, or the junk mail?

Feb 16 @ 8:05PM  
You betcha I Spam ... especially since I'm a Minnesnowton ... I fry it at times but is best grilled ... Now if only to get CL to enjoy it????

Feb 16 @ 10:05PM  
Guess I fit the statistics...I am Korean and there is 3-4 cans of Spam in my cupboard at any given time and I make a few different dishes with it. There is also a great hawaiian place in town I go to and often order spam.

I am gonna later

Feb 17 @ 8:48AM  
I thought Hormel was famous for chili & beans.

Feb 17 @ 12:18PM  
I have never eaten Spam.I thought it was Scientifically Produced Animal Meat....idk,I,for one,have never seen a Spamalope.......

Feb 17 @ 7:51PM  
Lots of Spamalopes up around Camp Verde on the river..

Feb 17 @ 8:39PM  
I like spam now and then. It is a good item to take on a camping trip. Several years ago I visited the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. Was quite interesting. Found out there how Spam fed our fighting men and women in WWII, Korea and other conflicts.

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Fun SPAM Facts