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prequlified sex?

posted 2/16/2010 10:58:17 AM |
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I`m curious what women use as a criteria to determin who they have sex with. Sure I see women claim they are horny and that they need sex now, this dosen`t however seem to deture them form placing conditions on it. The perspective male still has to jump through hoops to gain the prize. The aspect I`m attempting to highlight here is that typically the female acts as though she is the one with the prize. I know girls love cock as much if not more than guys love pussy. So what is the deal why is the guy the one doing the tricks for the treat? I`m just talking about the normal observed behiavior. In other alternative situations the tables can be turned. I don`t know about everyone else out there but I don`t perform for pussy.So wuts up guys do you do tricks for the goods? Do you mind jumping through hoops? Is it part of the chase, or could you do without it?

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Feb 16 @ 12:35PM  
That's life! The only place that guys don't have to "rooster up" is the middle east, and we all know they are fucked in the head from birth!

As far as the internet scene is concerned its all guys! You are a dime-a-dozen, no profile pic doesn't help your cause either. Plus if you read 99% of the bullshit that gets sent to these girls you would understand why they are that way.

Feb 16 @ 7:33PM  
So what is the deal why is the guy the one doing the tricks for the treat?
Well when your in a place that the guys outnumber the women 10 to suggestion is if you want to get laid and she wants you to jump thru should start jumping.........otherwise there will be a dozen more men behind you willing to do the it fair........hell no.........but thats life...........btw thats 10 to 1.........taking in all aspects of what the women are looking for...........if you are just looking for NSA......than I bet the numbers are probably 100 to 1............Whats that hoop jumping looking like now?

Feb 16 @ 7:57PM  
That's life! The only place that guys don't have to "rooster up" is the middle east, and we all know they are fucked in the head from birth!

Them being that way is just a learned behavior just like ignorance and prejudice. No one has anything when they they're first born.

Anyway,back to your regularly scheduled rant.

Feb 16 @ 8:03PM  
That`s a good point. The question really is, why isn`t it the women who are doing the hoop jumping? Is it that women don`t desire sex as much? I know guys well enough to tell you that they aren`t very picky when it comes to sex. So are women more picky? If so why? What drives this need to compaire and to compeate? All I`m saying is there seems to be an uneeded element of competition that is inserted by the female. If a female desires sex than why is there need for all this other stuff that has little bearing on the issue?

Feb 16 @ 9:07PM  
This is a question as old as time and there is no simple, straight forward answer.

Much has to do with genetic DNA of women, that which sets us apart from men. It has much to do with women being "recepticals" and I am not saying that in a bad or demeaning manor. By design the vagina is not to be used as a waste receptical and inately women know and feel this. It is unexplainable but we feel it when we think we are being used in that manner.

Yes, we are the ladies who love sex and we adore cock so stop making US feel guilty for not laying down at every invitation we receive.

If we could change we probably would but unless there is genetic altering that can be done to our brains I don't see that happening any time soon.

Be yourself, be respectful, be honest, be worthy of trust and you won't need to be hoop jumping all day.

Feb 16 @ 10:05PM  
very good post. I think I`m a lil excited. well the last comment was half right. It is an old argument in psychology "nature vs nurture" Is it the genetics or the enviornment. I think like most modern psychoanalist beleave that it`s a bit of both. The woman has been taught a lot of things about relationships by sociaty. It starts at an early age when girls are introduced to fantisies like Cinderella or Snow White. Even Barbie has her role here. Women are taught that the only true love is the everlasting all inclusive all exclusive love of prince charming. Then it`s reinforced with playing wedding day dress up. The lil girl becomes a woman with such environmental or nurture learned behaiviors. It`s my contention that a woman is tied down and held back by such things, social imparatives. It`s rather simple if oen stops worrieing about such things they are free to experiance things they wouldn`t have thought of. I`m not specifically talking about only women here but men as well. I only desire for people to free themselves from themselves. The bases for stoicisem is that all external i cannot change i can only change that which is internal. The begining of wisdom is to admit to yourself you know nothing. People WAKE UP. You are the cause of your pain. well Thanks for the comments. I`ll likely post again soon. Keep reading.

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prequlified sex?