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Controversial billboards use race to fight abortion

posted 2/15/2010 7:37:38 PM |
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A billboard in Atlanta featuring a black child is part of an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from African-Americans has been mixed.

ATLANTA -- The message on dozens of billboards across the city is provocative: Black children are an "endangered species."

The eyebrow-raising ads featuring a young black child are an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from black leaders has been mixed, but the "Too Many Aborted" campaign, which so far is unique to Georgia, is drawing support from other anti-abortion groups across the country.

"It's ingenious," said the Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of the Life Education and Resource Network, a North Carolina-based anti-abortion group aimed at African-Americans that operates in 27 states. "This campaign is in your face, and nobody can ignore it."

The billboards went up last week in Atlanta and urge black women to "get outraged." The effort is sponsored by Georgia Right to Life, which also is pushing legislation that aims to ban abortions based on race.

Black women accounted for the majority of abortions in Georgia in 2006, even though blacks make up just a third of the state's population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nationally, black women were more than three times as likely to get an abortion in 2006 compared with white women, according to the CDC.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue, said the billboard campaign is necessary. "Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions."

Anti-abortion advocates say the procedure has always been linked to race. They claim Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted to eradicate minorities by putting birth-control clinics in their neighborhoods, a charge Planned Parenthood denies.

"The language in the billboard is using messages of fear and shame to target women of color," said Leola Reis, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Georgia. "If we want to reduce the number of abortions and unintended pregnancies, we need to work as a community to make sure we get quality affordable health-care services to as many women and men as possible."

In 2008, Issues4Life, a California-based group working to end abortion in the black community, lobbied Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood, calling black abortions "the Darfur of America."

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, said a race-based strategy for anti-abortion activists has new energy, especially after the election of the country's first black president, Barack Obama, who supports abortion rights.

"He's really out of step with the rest of black America," Scheidler said. "That might be part of what may be shifting here and why a campaign like this is appropriate, to kind of wake up that disconnect."

Abortion-rights advocates are disturbed. Spelman College professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall called the strategy a gimmick.

"To use racist arguments to try to bait black people to get them to be anti-abortion is just disgusting," said Guy-Sheftall, who teaches women's history and feminist thought at the historically black women's college.

"These one-issue approaches that are not about saving the black family or black children, it's just a big distraction," she said.

By Erinn Haines


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Feb 15 @ 7:47PM  
Black children are an "endangered species."

If the billboard was referring to Antarctica, I might believe it.

As you have so wonderfully demonstrated, a blog need not be perversely odd and repugnant to be weird and irrelevant!

Feb 15 @ 7:52PM  
It's tasteless.

Feb 15 @ 7:54PM  
If they are an endangered species it isn't due to abortion, it is due to black on black crime.

Feb 15 @ 7:57PM  
it is due to black on black crime.
You're right, I can see that to a great degree.

Feb 15 @ 7:57PM  
hey i'm with Murph

Feb 15 @ 8:02PM  
In my part of Texas, what used to be the hood is now largely the barrio.

Feb 15 @ 8:02PM  
Black people multiply like cock roaches so I don't buy it but they are human beings so don't knock it but don't let the door knob hit you where the good lord split you .....

Feb 15 @ 8:06PM  
Memphis is the murder capital of the world per capita. I hear it everyday. It is 99 percent black on black crime. You can give people all the funds you want to try and help them with everything to health and education, but it is like giving a man a gun, you are just offering them a reason to shoot unless they make a decision in their life to walk the walk and quit taking the handouts.
People use abortion as birth control. Others have the babies at a young age and have no clue how to raise them for they weren't taught how to function in this world by their parent. There is usually only one, plus the parent and the grandparent who is more than likely the care taker in the end. It is the trickle down affect that is torchering the general populous. Bottom line is, anyone can have a baby, it is what you teach this child that will pave his/her road.
Maybe shock value will help, but probably just give that populous somethingelse to prove the world is racist. Even if the statistics are correct that particular populous will call the race card and ignore the facts.

Feb 15 @ 8:13PM  
Parenting is just something that is going downhill. It's fucking kids having kids. Parents don't want to raise their children and would prefer that a television do it. It's ridiculous.

Feb 15 @ 8:20PM  
prefer that a television do it. It's ridiculous
...that and my tax dollare that pay for their food and the education they are supposed to be taking advantage of to secure a future for their children.
It really erks me that I have to pay for these necessities, but I have no say in the raising of those who use and abuse them.

Feb 15 @ 8:32PM  
This is just a personal opinion, from my own observations. I agree whole heartedly with bunny, BLACK YOUTH, is it's own worst enemy. Black on black crime and murder in this country and ALL of it's major cites towns ect, is off the scales. They equate poverty with a right to lead a life of crime, to better there lot in life. It is that mindset, that is slowly killing off an entire generation. There youth have the highest rate of addiction and early death in America. In the African countries, they muder each other on an upreseadented scale, in the name of religious and cultural beliefs. As if And as Bill Cosby stated, it is due to there upbringing and lack of decent role models. the black population the world over, has created there own self imposed ARMEGEDDON! As for abortion, it is legalized murder of a living human being, concieved and growing, no matter how you cut it. And one of the most easily avoided situations in the world, if your bhavior is going to be that way, invest in birth control, thing with your brain and not with a dick or a pussy. Hell they offer birth control free of charge all over this country. NUF SAID! I can hear the response to this one now, oh God!

Feb 15 @ 8:40PM  
in the name of religious and cultural beliefs. are kidding It isn't that deep. They kill each other over the simplest things. You are on my turf, you messed with my girl. you act white, you sold my drugs, you have a pair of more expensive tennis shoes than I do, I saw kids on Beale wave at girls in a limo and the girls rolled the window down and the guys jumped in and stole their purses. I saw a kid across the street from where I live follow his brothers habit of selling drugs. His so called friend shot him on the street because they wouldn't let him in the loop. The kid was 10, and is now dead. I saw his Mom on the street after the shooting. She didn't even act disturbed. It is the norm. can offer all the birth control and condoms you want, but they don't think about a future, they only thin of the moment. They aren't planning to live long enough to have a future.

Feb 15 @ 8:47PM  
I still say all men should be chemically sterilized from age 10 until they are emotionally and financially equipped to make children and a permit issued to both to ensure that they have had parenting classes and that they passed the exam with a 93% or better.

Funny thing about the Right to Lifers that I've encountered when I used to go to Planned Parenthood, they were usually these little old Ladies who looked like Tammy Faye Baker. The Ladies lectured me on going there, saying they kill babies, I retorted back, if I have a child, will you be there to raise it? The Ladies looked like stunned. I'm a suburb kid, not a project kid, and was very offended by them thinking I was from the projects and lived off social assistance just cause I'm black.

Getting off my soapbox


Feb 15 @ 8:58PM  
It isn't just about young men getting neutered till they can prove their stable enough to have kids. It is also about young woman caring for themselves and being abstinent till they know they are ready emotionally, have an education, and the means to care for their children. oh and just because you are living in a suburb of any city it doesn't mean you are ready for the repercussions life brings you based on your lack of experience. It isn't just your soapbox. I am white and was treated the same way when I went to get on birth control as a young person. I did have to pay for it because I had a job.

Feb 15 @ 9:08PM  
Excuse me Helle, but when was the last time you spoke to your therepist ?
What are you , some kind of "BIG BROTHER ENTHUISIST", WTF

Feb 15 @ 9:10PM  
Hey BUN, want to go the the Holiday inn and watch color TV, or maybe indulge in a little sympathy sex .LMAO ?

Feb 15 @ 9:12PM  
I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you can spread your legs, you better be able to handle the consequences. I'm pretty sure they have a form of male birth control and it reduces the sperm count in males.

I think a huge issue in this is that kids are doing it because they're curious about the entire thing. They can't talk to their parents about it without being lectured, so they go and figure shit out for themselves. I would rather my kid (if I had one) ask me about sex and how to stay safe than do something stupid and end up with a kid. I was a lucky person and could talk to my parents about sex. There are the other kids that aren't so lucky and can't even stay out until midnight and they're 19 years old.

I think if parents would do their job and be more open with children, things like this wouldn't happen because they would have someone to talk to that's an adult. An adult that can help their children go in the right direction instead of letting their child choose the wrong decision because they want to live in the moment.

Feb 15 @ 9:23PM  
My hubby sees this on a daily basis..."My daddy baby..." and while it may be an epidemic among blacks, it's because they don't or won't take responsibility for their actions. I, for one, amd sick of it!!

Feb 15 @ 9:29PM  
Excuse me Helle, but when was the last time you spoke to your therepist ?
What are you , some kind of "BIG BROTHER ENTHUISIST", WTF
...your comment Fordman is one that doesn't show that a side of compassion or understanding of others experiences or views. You commented the same way when Taisen stepped up to the plate about her issues. I didn't say anything then because I had a feeling it wouldn't do any good. It probably won't now either, but I do want you to know I don't find your comments that hit below the belt. when we are discussing delicate subjects. to be amusing.

Feb 15 @ 9:57PM  
I think people are being a tad to sensitive. Gimme a break. What if it were a picture of a Chinese kid or a Cambodian kid??? Please......find something else to bitch about.

Now, I do have something to bitch about. A new condom commerical that came on at 8pm the other nite on a regular channel that pretty much showed people fucking, but with their clothes on. Nice for my kids to see, huh???

Feb 15 @ 10:04PM  
ok, so the comment on males from age 10 and up to be chemically sterilized was a little harsh but if the parents and/or schools arent giving these kids any type of sex ed, something should be done to prevent unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. Kids are still beind seduced by classmates, older students and the old pervs at an alarming rate, all because they are searching for love and believe anyone who says they love them if only they would prove it by letting them having sex.

I remember in 6th grade, my uncle, the progressive lawyer, gave me and my brother a book, Where Did I Come From?? I took it to school and it was immediately snapped up by one of the teachers as dirty book and was taken away for the rest of the day, with a note home about appropriate reading material for children.

Fordman is locked into his little happy world and that's alright for him but those of us in the real or atleast this version of it, know things are different and adapt to change, like it or not.


Feb 15 @ 10:11PM  
Billboards or no billboards...this is simply a marketing campaigne aimed at generating emotions. I don't really like this type of marketing plan. Do I believe blacks are an endangered species? Nope. I do however agree with several points made by bunny...such as black on black crime. I believe black on black crime endangers blacks more than abortion ever could.

I sure hope these billboards come to British Columbia...NOT!

Feb 16 @ 12:46AM  
where i've lived you don't see many blacks having abortions...i always thought it was mainly whites doing the abortion thing! i am very anti-abortion..i feel its murder so whatever works to stop people from doing it great! although i am not for those idiots who kill doctors and blow up clinics..not extreme like just makes me sad thinking of all the murdered babies. abortions are expensive so if they are having them they aren't people on welfare! i do think that billboard sounds pretty bad and out there! they deserve all the bad publicity they get on that one!

Jan 31 @ 7:17PM  
I`m not religious but always thought all abortions should be stopped especially in North America as we are killing off the replacements and shipping in people from all over the world and it`s not right ... why more black girls having abortions ? ... from my experiences they are more into being sensual and once they meet a guy they can`t seem to have any control of themselves to be able to stop ... whereas some white girls I`ve met you have to light a fire under them ... lol ... that reminds me of the black girl I replied to on this board and sent her my phone # 1-905-592-2396 with instructions to hang up on the second ring and I`d phone her back ... but she loved my voice so much and being able to talk to me in the afternoon that she wouldn`t hang up even tho I pleaded and told her don`t waste money as my call was free and I`d call right back ... she was so into sex she said NOOOOO!!!

Jan 31 @ 7:27PM  
About 3 hours later I finally got to hang up ... I even asked where I could send some $$$$ to help pay for the call but got another no ... only white girl come close to a call like that was one that called every nite for most of a year ... well sometimes a second time as she couldn`t sleep because she kept thinking of everything in the first call ... gee ... If I get calls all the time I guess I`ll start writing a book ... no names or places of course ... dont want those calls to dry up

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Controversial billboards use race to fight abortion