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Anal part duex

posted 2/14/2010 12:09:34 AM |
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tagged: anal sex, sex

I read a blog here earlyer askingabout or discussing anal sex. There were a few comments from ladies who didn`t like it. Others were okay with it. I know there are a lot of women out there that absolutly love it. I have personally experiance girls who cum faster from anal as opposed to vaginel sex. I think it comes down to perception and the desires each has when the sex act is performed. I`m not just talking about anal in this instance. For example how meany women here have cum while giving head? I have had a girl cum while giving me head and it was because she desired to please me. Sex is mostly mental as we all know. If each perticipant desires to please the other than all of the forms sex takes become pleasureable. There is no physialogical reason for a woman to cum while giving head but it happens anyways. There are however nerves that are stimulated from anal sex in a female. I think it`s more mental than anything. It`s my contention that any female if properly prepaired and motivated would enjoy anal sex. I am not saying that a womans preferance has no play in this. however preferance is a part of motivation. To support this I ask that the ladies comment on there anal sex experiances. Did he give you time toadjust an relax, or did he ram it in there without consideration. Did you desire to please him, or were you hoping to be pleasured?

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Anal part duex
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Feb 14 @ 12:24AM  
I read a blog here earlyer askingabout or discussing anal sex. There were a few comments from ladies who didn`t like it. Others were okay with it.
Would that be my blog you read?

Feb 14 @ 4:12AM  
Yes it was your blog I read. no thunder stealing intended.

Feb 15 @ 9:42AM  
Do you like anal sex and having something up there? I don't want anything put in my ass. I've got a pussy.....use that.....the other hole is not for dick entry

Feb 15 @ 3:23PM  
That seems like a lot of opinion. What about your experiance did you not enjoy it? Was it painful? Why? I was hoping that people would take this blog seriously and perhaps have a real discussion about the subject. I see there are a great number of views and only a few post. The point is that yes opinions are abound. I love the ones that will never try it no matter what. "it`s an exit only". The only issue I have here is how do you know you don`t like it if you have or never will do it. I have had girls switch after there first time. What i mean here is not just changer there opinion but also there preferance. They no longer like getting fucked in the pussy as much. Everyone sould have there own opinions and I appluad that. I`m not here to convince anyone to change there minds. I hope to cause people to open up, as this seems a taboo topic.

Sep 27 @ 5:20AM  
I'm up to a real conversation on the subject.

There's a few reasons why women have issues with anal sex. #1 and most importantly - is that they don't know their own bodies. (There's a whole Freudian arguement about this vs. American culture and small girls who touch themselves and are taught that it's evil)

Most women don't know that there are 3 - count them - 3 ways to orgasm. 70% of American women only have clitoral orgasms, which to me are the weakest of the bunch. In my opinion, that's why you find so many women who want you to go down on them. That's the only way they can get off.

The second orgasm is the g-spot vaginally. And only 30% of American women know how to even find their g-spot (there is a technique for doing it. It's very simple actually. Even simpler for you partner. Once he can feel it with his fintertip - he'll memorize the friction spot, and he'll know exactly how to hit it. It's like...penis memory). You don't need a huge dick to hit the g-spot vaginally. Most people don't even know that it's only about 2 inches in. Obviously, I have much to tell on this...I'll let it go and refocus.

The last, and strongest, orgasm is the anal. Only 10% of American women can pull it off. Not only is the woman getting the sensitive tissue of her anus aroused, it's the one position that he can hit your g-spot full frontal - from the back. He can cover more 'area' of the tissue anally.

There are 3 ways to stimulate the clit. 3 for the g-spot. A woman has to know which is her way. Once she discovers that, she can tell her partner every time - and never be disappointed again.

Personally, all I know, is that the anal is my favorite. It's the strongest, and the orgasm can last up to a minute and a half. I see stars and colors, and I don't even know he's in the room. Everyone is very right on target here with procedure. Something they haven't pointed out, is that the penis should follow the curviture of her spine. If you're working against the natural curve of her spine - you're going to hit a wall, and that will hurt.

If I were a guy going in for the first time...I'd go down on her - make sure she came, and continue the foreplay. I'd spend time teasing her anus. and getting her relaxed. If I could pull it off - I'd have vaginal sex with her.. and give her another orgasm. The purpose is to relax not only her sphincter...but all of the muscles around it as well. the vaginal canal backs right up to the's a muscle, and it constricts. After a solid orgasm, her vag will loosen up quite a bit...that's exactly how you want her.

Also...her brain needs to be completely focused on a fantasy of hers...if you're that curious...tell her to dream of George Clooney - why do you care? You don't really know what she's thinking of anyway. Women are 95% mental. Our minds have to be honed are 95% visual - so they always want to watch.

Buy her an erotic novel and leave it in the bathroom. Take $20 and go with her to Payless and watch her try on heels. When she finds a pair - exlaim your delight - over and over...and when you get home...fuck her in the heels over the bed. She'll remember that everytime she puts on the heels. - She'll associate it with being hot. You want to get her hot - and her feeling hot means she needs to feel sexy. For her to feel sexy - it's going to cost some investment. Some capital - in your sex life.

Be it clothes, shoes, make-up, lingerie. (One of the must luxurious times for me is when he takes me to a boutique lingerie shop while I parade in stuff direct from L.A. and NY. It's expesive...but wow. I feel like a queen! and none of that Victoria's Secret shit - seriously. What you love you invest your time and money into...INVEST in her - she'll pay out.)

Work her up like that. Make her feel sexy...over and over...positive words...the itty bitty parts of her body you love...and I promise the time you get her into bed, and you're ready to start your 'procedures' she'll do anything to make you happy.

Sep 27 @ 6:13PM  
^^^Read like fucking War and Peace or something. TL;DR: Youre a slut, we get it.

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Anal part duex