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AMD Week in Review

posted 2/13/2010 8:41:53 PM |
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tagged: review

Well, it’s nice to see that things are quiet in Pervia lately. I so dislike those who try to stir up things, they make it so unpleasant for others. Looks like this week had a blog or two about the snow storms. Hey, Michigan got hit with it’s first storm of the season. I got 11.5 inches to dig my driveway out of , and the dogs had 11.5 of fresh snow to play in. BTW…they are still enjoying all of that white stuff. I can’t complain, well, I could, but, this is nothing compared to the 2 previous winters where it seemed we were getting slammed at least once a week. Ok, enough of amature meterorologist hour. Let’s get onto the weeks review.

We start with some “Advice!” from whisperingcomet who gave some pretty good advice about filling up the tub with water and all in the event of power loss during a storm. Here in Michigan, Consumers Energy, DTE, and others are so used to power outages that some of those utility workers can reconnect power lines with their eyes closed. Ok, all kidding aside….comet offered up some good advice.

DickSlippery told us about “Taxation Without Reparations?” Ok DS, you got into this week’s review without having to resort to offering sexual favors. Gonna let you off easy this week.

Sunshine79 gave us a “True Story (Recollection) about her first time to go “muddin” with someone she met on Matchdoctor. For those who don’t know what muddin is….you’re missing out. It is a BLAST!!!! Unless of course you don’t like getting down and dirty.. then it might not be for you.

RJ53 asks “What are you looking for?” What are we looking for in a s/o? That’s a good question. A definite winner for me is a whacky sense of humor. I love to laugh.

RevDocLove asked “Who Dat?” Yep, the Saints won the SuperBowl! Go Saints!

ksk72 wrote “He learned something at the mall” A “tall” tail about her guy, Rob, finding out how she feels having to “look up” to him all the time. I would have loved to see a 6’5 man come face to face with a 7’3 man. See? Don’t just go to the mall to shop…one can learn there too.

theSkwirl told us about “Super Bowl Commercials and Questionable Content” I totally agree with Skwirl folks , “co-freakin-exist” When are we ever going to learn to “live and let live”?

PinkToeNails blogged about “It’s commercial time” A blog where everyone shared their favorite commercials.


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Feb 13 @ 8:48PM  
mo stargazer blogged about “I feel so….numb” Ok, most of the time when I do these reviews, I like to focus on the more light hearted, fun blogs. But this one can’t be ignored. Domestic violence is not something that will go away just because one wills it. Threatening violence on someone one claims to love is not love, it’s abuse. And it’s been proven over and over that threats lead to actual violence. Love is about feeling good, alive, and happy. Not numb and stressed.

fordman09 says “Good Morning Pervs, I think” He’s one of the “lucky” ones, or should I say “unlucky” ones who got hammered by one of the snow storms to hit the east coast this past week. But he’s a trooper… still begging for some sympathy sex.

surv6969 gave us the final score in “Super Bowl Champs”. How do ya like that? The first time I predict a team to win, and they did!!!! I called for the Saints to win, and they won! I should have bet on that game.

Well, the first snow storm to hit got to selectusername , he found some bizarre sex toys and shared them in his blog “Sex Toy!

And here comes flavorbuster with his blog “IS YOUR PUSSY AN ALCOHOLIC?” Ya know what I like about this blog? That Straddle for once is speechless. Didn’t think that was possible. Just having some fun with ya Shawn.

RJ53 blogged about “ Domestic Violence” I agree with her…if anyone out there finds themselves in an abusive relationship…get help. Again, love isn’t supposed to be abusive.

Ynot7769 blogged “Its As Good As Anything Else Today” He posted a link to a dance couple. Talk about a “wardrobe malfunction”. But she kept right on going.

RevDocLove shared “GOOD OLD SAM’S CLUB The Pregnant Blonde!!!” So that’s how the doctors can tell a woman is having twins. They use a twin pack pregnancy test kit.

Sunshine79 shared “A Trip To The Zoo” Ya know, if my nickname were “Peanuts”, and I was skipping school with my friends, and we went to the zoo…I’d be staying away from the elephants.

Dione gave us “A different spin on ‘Rock Hard’” Did you see the picture of that rock? If you didn’t, you need to go back to Dione’s blog. It is cool.

ynot7769 told us about “BWD” (that’s blogging while driving) I think he’s the only person I know of that can be bored while driving.


Feb 13 @ 8:54PM  
DickSlippery gave us “SONG of the DAY!!!” Yeah!! AC/DC still rocks!!!!!

DesertSmile told us about her “Weekend in San Diego” I’m hoping she has more that 10 good pics, and, that she posts them so we can see them.

Straddlemynose gave us two blogs, “Ladies have you ever used a butt plug”. This one had a funny twist to it, to say the least. Straddle learned to WATCH the whole video before posting it. Thanks to flavorbuster letting all know the “she” in the video was actually a “he”. And then on to Straddles second blog, “Human Potty Mouth/For $5000 would you try this on a dare?” In 2 words…..HELL NO!!!!! I should have known better than to click on the link..but click on it I did. Yuk!

Let’s welcome a new member to the world of blogging, ta2dgirl916 who wrote her “first blog”. Hopefully hanging out here in the blogs will help to alleviate some of the boredom for her.

Sunshine79 blogged about “Vanity” I’m thinking the owner of the car with “FUN GAL” should have thought of a different way of letting others know she’s a fun person, cause, if read as a whole word, it comes out as “fungal”. .and there just isn’t anything “fun” about fungus.

maxximuss1967 asked “DO YOU BUY VALENTINE FLOWERS?” He’s got a lucky lady.

PinkToeNails asked “What is your favorite flower?” Mine, it’s a toss up between daffodils and tiger lily’s.

whisperingcomet blogged about “Online” She got to meet Ynot. And she survived! Ya know, that crazy sense of humor he has…. and those pics he likes to post.

girlcountry asked “If you had to choose…” she’s asking if we had to give up one sense, which would it be? That’s a hard one……. I still can’t decide which I would willingly give up.

This blog led to Sunshine79 blogging about “Online Banter-Faceless Friends” She’s asking if any of us have a friend who we laugh with, joke with, but yet, have never seen their face. Myself, yep.

NightOfOld wrote “TO MY FRIENDS” He has explained why he cannot blog….All I will say is, thoughts and prayers go out to a wonderful friend here who we love and hope to see back when he’s ready.

ta2dgirl916 blogged “Fantastic!” Yep, looks like she’s going to stick around. And I like that she is open, honest, and says what is on her mind. And….she loves video games too!


Feb 13 @ 8:59PM  
whisperingcomet blogs about “Real Time Party” She’s wanting to throw a Pervian party sometime up the road where everyone can meet and hang out. Sounds like a great idea….hopefully it is something that can be done. If not this year, maybe next.

DickSlippery shared some “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” Pervert? Here at AMD????? Nah!!!!!

selectusername blogged about “Double Fucked” Damn!! Thought he was gonna be bragging about a threesome with a couple of ladies, but, alas….he’s talking about the big snow storm that hit the East Coast. Actually, it’s the second storm in…….what? 2 weeks? And, I just saw on the news today where they might get hit again. Only calling for a foot of snow this time around.

Speaking of snow….soft_touch938 blogged “And so it snows….” She was snowed in, which gave her time to putter around her place and rediscover treasures she has. Myself, cabin fever is hitting. I’m ready for Spring!

Straddlemynose gave us some advice in his blog “5 Moves to Make Ahead of the Credit Card Law” All good advice. I followed my own…I don’t have a credit card right now. Last thing I want or need right now is another debt.

Ok..then Straddlemynose blogs about “LACTATING” Guys, does this turn you on, and if so, would you drink it?” Whew!!! He’s back to normal after the credit card advice blog.

selectusername is snowed in and putting it to good use by “Dancing”.

RevDocLove shared some “Performance Review Terms” EXCEPTIONALLY WELL QUALIFIED? Yep, that’s me! I haven’t made any blunders at work…. at least ones I will never fess up to.

Sunshine79 ponders “To Share Or Not To Share” I always say sharing is great, but, there are times to be a little selfish…

Straddlemynose told us about a real “cheesy” way to heal an injury in his blog “Alpine skiing-injured Vonn tries cheesy treatment”. Trying to remember if the article said what kind of cheese was used.

ynot7769 asked “Virgin Pussy…..Is It That Important?” dunno… but, DickSlippery is wanting his kitty back.

Lisa46 shared “Tree Hugger” Well, ya ever see someone hugging a tree, wander off somewhere out of sight and hug a tree yourself to see if you can hear the music.


Feb 13 @ 9:03PM  
WordsofWit asked “How Do You Feel About Joke/Humor Blogs” Looks like most enjoy them. I personally thought it a good blog…giving everyone a chance to “talk” about how they feel about such blogs. Good blog!

Sunshine79 blogged about “Two Men & A Baby” I think most babies get a little “loud” about their temperature being taken.

whisperingcomet wants to “Share my JOY”. She is excited about her daughter’s pregnancy. Congrats to Comet’s daughter and to Comet.

Ya know..Sunshine79 has been busy this week as she has another one “Just For Shits&Giggles” and gave us a quiz to see what would be ones job in heaven. I forgot mine.

RJ53 blogged about “The squirrel” Her new pic is of the squirrel eating some birthday cake. Cute little buggar ain’t he?

ynot7769 blogged about “AMD Female’s prayer….???” He got that one right!!!!

RJ53 shared some pics in “I am just loving this” She got some good snow finally and took some very beautiful pics and shared them with us. Thank you RJ.

KitKat25 asked “Olympic Sex Fantasy….Who Would You Do?” It was a hard choice, there were quite a few handome fellas in those pics.

And, to end this week’s review on a happy note, Sunshine79 has a blog, “Happy, Happy Birthday” for alybai and dmbchick! Happy birthday ladies!

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone.

Feb 13 @ 9:36PM  
Wonderful!! Awesome!! Stupendous!!!

Another great week in review Dawn!!

Thank you for your time and effort!!!


Feb 13 @ 10:11PM  
And you just keep on getting better and better every week with this. AWESOME JOB! kudo!

Feb 13 @ 11:26PM  
Great Job

Slipped you a green one..Don't tell anyone.

Feb 14 @ 12:18AM  
Ok DS, you got into this week’s review without having to resort to offering sexual favors

Oh, that's just fucking great! And I've had this weekend set aside now for how long? Wonderful...

As always a tip-top job, dear!


Feb 14 @ 12:53AM  
Great review as usual. A greenie sliding acruss the ice to you.

Feb 14 @ 8:00AM  
Wonderful job have a cookie

Feb 14 @ 9:51AM  
Greenie Lady!

Feb 14 @ 10:33AM  

You rock girl

Feb 14 @ 12:44PM  
Each week you fail to mention one of the greatest blogs! YOURS! Great job!

Feb 14 @ 12:51PM  
Thanks for the mention... it is one cool rock!

Feb 14 @ 12:57PM  
I got 11.5 inches to dig my driveway out of , and the dogs had 11.5 is very rare that we talk about 11.5 inches of anything around here...makes me happy that amount of anything still exists! ...Nice job on the review. You are quick. whitty, and a very good organizer! Thanks for sharing, it is always a plesant read! ...Happy Valentines Sugar!

Feb 16 @ 11:29AM  
Great job babes!

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AMD Week in Review