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The Fine Art of Cunnilingus...... or eating shaved Pussy at the Y.... By "J"

posted 2/9/2010 3:02:19 PM |
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In order to be a truly great lover, you must be able to give good cunnilingus (aka "oral sex" or "going down on her"). I think the term "cunnilingus" is a little more old-world and romantic, far sexier than the locker-room appellations some people use (eating cunt pie, muff diving, going downtown to lunch, etc....).

Whatever you call it, cunnilingus is a vital skill. While not easy to master, the rewards of practice as well as success are great.

Before you're ready to go down on her, you want to take care of yourself. First, go shave if you are a man (nothing ruins the moment like whisker-burn). Take a shower or long hot bath. Brush your teeth. Wash your hands and make sure you don't have any rough fingernails that are going to snag her in a sensitive spot. Wear a sexy fragrance or perfume that she loves.....

Set the mood. Remember, this experience is all about her – so let her know. Light a candle(s) and some incense if desired. Put on Ravel's Bolero or your Barry White album, or some other slow sexy jam in the background. Setting the mood for sex has an incredible influence on the outcome and desires to be stimulated....

Women prefer to be excited so they can truly enjoy the experience of cunnilingus. So go extremely can never go too me.

Get her comfortable on the bed. Use your mouth all over her body to arouse her (including lots of kissing), and especially her nipples (making her nipples hard and keeping them hard), will add to her overall pleasures. When she moans regularly, it's "cunnilingus time".

Even tough the art of eating pussy goes back thousands of years. Every generation must relearn it.

Eating shaved pussy is a sexual turn on for men as well as women. The "turn on" is chemical in nature. Licking and sucking on a pussy causes it to produce pheromones.

Breathing in the pheromone as you are eating pussy fires neurotransmitters in your brain that causes sexual excitement. If you are tired from a long day or think that you are all, "Fucked Out", try eating some shaved pussy. You will get as hard as a steel pole.

You may have read older erotic stories where the author refers to the, "Vulva." It is simply an older polite term for what, we today call, "Pussy". Sexual excitement will open it like a pretty pink flower. Lightly use the tip of your tongue. Slide it from the top of the slit to the bottom. Very slowly repeat this until you see the unfolding of her lips. This is caused by the woman's sexual excitement engorging her pussy with blood. Your excitement is going to begin to build at a rapid rate and urge you to hurry things along. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. Put the thought in your mind that this is a time of pleasure only for the woman....make it linger for hours of exploring her shaved cunt. You are gift giving. Whatever delights that comes your way is a mere bonus. This (cunnilingus) is for her. Believe me, she really wants to have her shaved pussy eaten extremely slow.

Eating a completely, shaved pussy is much more sensual to both the man and woman. The pubic hair mutes the the tongue as it passes over the labia majora. The labia majora are, pussy lips. The pussy lips are comprised of erectile tissue. Meaning that they fill with blood as sexual excitement builds. The outer more prominent lips are the labia majora. The inner pussy lips are called the labia minora. Both are extremely sensitive to the tongue and lips. Foreplay is a major part of eating pussy. When you get to licking the pussy lips, both inner and outer, you are well advanced into the foreplay.

You must pay lots of attention to both the labia majora and labia minora. They are the keys that unlock the terrifically sensitive clitoris. The tongue is best used on the pussy lips as a tracing tool. Dip lightly into the vagina to coat your tongue with pussy juice. Lubricate the pussy lips with this juice and use your tongue to, very lightly, trace the lips both inner and outer. Take your time and pretend that your tongue is a feather. You must understand the sensitive nature of a pussy. You cannot be TOO soft when you eat pussy. You cannot hurry it along to orgasm. (making her cum). You must give the woman time, lots of time, for her sexual excitement to build. The labia fold must be parted by gentle touches of the tongue in oral sex. Do not use your fingers to hold them apart until later. Let the labia unfold of their own accord.

Pussy juice or vaginal fluid is comprised of glucose and fructose. In other words, sugar. If you ever run into a pussy that smells like fish, you can be pretty sure that the woman has an infection and should see a gynecologist. Pussy juice has a slight syrupy consistency which makes it an excellent lubricator. When you are done eating pussy and if you have done it right, your face should look like you are a messy eater who just finished a glazed donut. Present in this sweet tasting juice is a pheromone that will fire neurotransmitters in the brains of both men and women causing sex to smash to the forefront of their brains. It is an altogether pleasant sensation.

The clitoris or clit is the most sensitive place on the woman's body. It swells with blood as it is aroused. It is interesting to note that the clit and nipple are made of the same type of erectile tissue. Further, that the nipples have a direct neural connection to the clit. Begin your foreplay at the mouth, neck and ears. Continue to the nipples and you have a direct connection to the woman's clit. As always, slow, light , and easy attention to ALL parts of her body are necessary. The clit has many more parts than are visible. They interconnect and interplay. Devote your attention to the hood, tip, and shaft of the clitoris. The clit is still hiding under it's little hood initially in the art of arousal. You must coax it out by lightly moving your tongue around the very top of the crack. A small indentation is present just above the hooded clit. Use your tongue softly there. brushing extremely lightly over the clit itself from time to time. If you hear gasping for breath from your partner.... move on. Never stay long in one spot. Remember to dip your tongue in her vagina to pick up the lubricating pussy juice.

Go easy. Don't jump right on her clit. Flatten your tongue and give her long, slow doggy-licks all over her labia, vagina and clitoris.

Instead of licking her clitoris directly, lick the hood – the fold of skin that covers the actual head of the clitoris, which is too sensitive for direct touch (on most women). Don't use quick flicks – women want steady pressure. Ask for feedback during this stage of cunnilingus. That's the easiest way to get it right.

Take her clit into your mouth and suck it lightly. This can send some women straight into orbit. Lightly tapping the "clit" with your fingers can arouse a woman too.... can also cause a woman to "squirt" her vaginal fluids out of her shaved pussy which is

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The Fine Art of Cunnilingus...... or eating shaved Pussy at the Y.... By "J"