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Public Oral Sex

posted 12/30/2006 8:47:03 PM |
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tagged: oral sex, straddle

Imagine going to a fancy resturaunt with your lover and to be waited on for a table. Once you get to that table with a long tablecloth you enjoy your dinner for a bit before you go underneath the table to give your lover oral without anyone noticing. This can work for either sex. What I would do is while underneath that table would glide slowly between her legs while she has a skirt on and depending if she had panties on or not, I would start licking on the lining of her clit teasing her with my throbbing tongue and flick her with it every now and then. I would then slip the tip of my tongue in her while she tried to keep a straight face while people are around. I would then continue working on her getting to cum while in that resturaunt around all those people. The question I have is whether you're a man or woman is, would you do this to your lover in a public setting just for the thrill of it?

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Dec 30 @ 9:00PM  
one of my favorite fantasies!

Dec 30 @ 9:21PM  
Excuse me, garcon? Table for two please??

Dec 30 @ 9:50PM  
Oh yes...and as soon as possible!

Dec 30 @ 10:37PM  
Dose it have a REAL LONG table cloth,

Dec 30 @ 10:40PM  
And if it did, would you try it, Zena?

Dec 30 @ 10:43PM  
I don't know there Straddle, I will have to think about it, LOL

Dec 30 @ 10:45PM  
That would take some courage Straddle. Not sure I could do it. Closest I came to public was giving my husband a blowjob in back seat of a car while we were driving with friends. It was dark and I didnt think they had noticed until I suddenly made a huge slurping sound on his dick at which point all my friends started laughing. That was years ago and I am much more open these days but still.........

Dec 30 @ 10:50PM  
Now how embarrasing would that be!!

Dec 30 @ 10:51PM  
OMG, that was funny about the comment you made about years ago with the slurping sounds. But we have all had embarrassing moments in our lives.

Dec 30 @ 11:06PM  
speak for yourself there bud, your on your own there. I have NEVER done anything embarrasing, RIGHT!!!

Dec 30 @ 11:44PM  
It's always so much more erotic when you are in public....just last night I rode my man at my pool....I live in a large apartment complex, we have an indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, etc.....we were in the hot tub, he was kissing my neck as I had my back to him...jets pulsating on my pussy...his cock sliding inside me from behind, my head back as he is nibbling on my ear, thrusting inside me...I bend over and push him back, I turned around and laid him down on the floor, got on my knees and rode him like it was our first all around...the light were dim......anyone could have walked in at any was HOT......good thing it's not aids on both knees would look a kittle silly!

Dec 31 @ 12:02AM  
Almost 28 years ago... BJ on my husband while he is driving the car down a busy highway...

makes me hurt just wondering how I fit in that small space back then...

Dec 31 @ 12:13AM  
When I was in high school, during a rehearsal break for a concert, I had sex doggy style on the stage in one of the set houses with a boy who was a virgin.

Dec 31 @ 3:01AM  
I would if the table was tucked away & not in the middle of the damn floor.

Dec 31 @ 3:41AM  
If you don't finish that part of the meal do you take it home in a doggie bag?

Dec 31 @ 4:04AM  
Canu, I would have to say yes, you do take part of that meal home if it's not finished. Waste not want not! lol

Dec 31 @ 5:36AM  
omg lol

Finish that pussy young man there are horny men in Etheopia!

Dec 31 @ 6:07AM  
or omfgz "If you don't eat it tonight you'll have it for breakfast"

Sorry man, since I got the news I struggled through the holidays to hear I been full of piss and vinegar!

Dec 31 @ 8:12AM  
long table cloth so no one can see? I'd go for that no problem. In fact the more out in the open the better, I'd want the table right in the middle of the restaurant so she really has to work to hide it lol. The story about the pool was great too...those are really the two types of public sex: one is where there are people all around and you're having sex but no one notices, and the other is where you're in a very open public spot but no one is there at the moment but there is the risk that someone will happen to come by and see you. Both are on my list of things to do :)

Dec 31 @ 10:15AM  
long table cloth so no one can see?

Oh come there no one here who doesn't get a thrill from being seen??? *giggle* Me thinks that would be half the fun!

Dec 31 @ 11:06AM  
Sxze let me think........................ah NO!! I Wouldn't want to get caught,

Dec 31 @ 11:54AM  
to answer your question - yes - it's awesome! have been both the giver and receiver...

also like to go out to with my friend wearing a remote controlled clit vibe.. i get the remote though.. - this way its a bit more discreet but by the time the appetizers come - neither of us are intereted in dinner. though i have to say - if not positioned correctly - and your sitting at a table with a wooden chair (no cushion) - it can be quite loud and draw attention.. hehe - yeah - everyone is looking at you and her head is back, table cloth clinched in her hands.. at that point - all you can do is say - ohhh well...

Dec 31 @ 12:36PM  
Hey Zena - I said being seen, not getting caught! I'd be mortified if I was caught, but to be seen? Three words: OH HELL YES! Call me an exhibitionist if you like...I'll love it! *wicked laugh*

enjoyingitall, I want to go out to dinner with you! I actually suggested this toy to my guy friend...some day I'll get what I want (if he wants what got! ;)

Dec 31 @ 12:37PM  
Been there Done that....Getting a handjob while eating is out of this world but please ask for extra napkins

Dec 31 @ 12:57PM  
Sxze, is being seen not the same as getting caught, lol. Or am I just missing something!!

Dec 31 @ 2:07PM  
Zena - yeah, but not really... from my point of view anyway.. being seen - well that's pretty obvious - someone saw you... being caught on the other hand - means someone actually says something to you or calling the cops or something of that nature..

i've been seen before.. but fortunately havent been caught..

Dec 31 @ 2:19PM  
Enjoyingitall, that explanation is as bad as the "it's not stealing unless you get caught".

Dec 31 @ 2:28PM  
the more erotic the better don't cha all think?

Dec 31 @ 5:55PM  
I guess someone here must have seen the movie "Unfaithful" (with Richard Gere playing the cuckold), especially the cinema scene where the guy was giving her an oral. That movie made me incredibly horny.

Dec 31 @ 6:10PM  
Hmmm...I have never seen that movie. I may have to watch it sometime.

Dec 31 @ 6:12PM  
Great fantasy, but that tablecloth would have to almost reach the floor and the lights dimmed. If the woman was into something like that, then maybe.
Been there Done that....Getting a handjob while eating is out of this world but please ask for extra napkins

Giving a helping hand at a restaurant or elsewhere in public would be easier to do. I like public displays of affection.

Jan 1 @ 11:41AM  
never had under table cloth,in restaurant,
had rode head 2 weeks ago ,nice

Jan 2 @ 9:44AM  
That's not really "PUBLIC"!!
How about in a parking lot....I literally mean, standing in a parking lot...people around....yes, I have done it!!! It was more or less teaching a guy a was our first meeting and he was a complete asshole. So, I took him outside to the back of his car in the parking lot, unzipped his pants and sucked on it....stood back up, said "Fuck You!!" and went back into the place I was at for a drink!! Just wanted to give him a little of what he couldn't have....if he wasn't such a dick...I would have loved to have a taste!!

Jan 2 @ 11:42AM  
I'd have to think about a public place. I have gotten a girl off in a movie theater during a boring movie, but it was practically empty.

Jan 2 @ 2:46PM  
I dated a Girl that is what she loved to do

Jan 4 @ 1:44AM  

My friend and I were at a some burger joint one evening with 5 of our friends. We were all sitting in a round booth and I slide my hand in his pants and gave him a hand job while we both carried on with the conversation at hand. He told me later whe we left that I was a "bad girl" but he loved it. I got a thrill out of it also. Oh and we had extra napkins.....LOL

Jan 4 @ 8:30AM  
IN the Bar , a Girlfriend of mine would do a hand job while we were drinking. Of course she asked for more napkins

Jan 9 @ 10:53PM  
In 2000 my Gem & i walked into the Pink Floyd laser show inside the Charlotte Planetarium. We had smoked a little pot & both enjoy Floyd music. We were both totally relaxed & quite in the open as the seats provide little cover. We were close to the laser guy & he so totally watched as i unzipped her pants & proceeded to give her a hand job to all who could see. They watched as she moved & moaned in pleasure till the screams of her orgasm chimed along with the loud rendering of Run. The blow job afterwards started the moment we entered the van till almost 1 hour later as we pulled up to the room & i exposed her & thouroughly drenched her from chin to belt line. It was truly a knee weakener. Just yesterday we were looking for houses & in the car behind 1 we were at i had her sucking my cock for anyone to see & yes we love the thrill of " maybe getting caught.

Jan 11 @ 1:41AM  
To answer your question, I certainly would! I've had handjobs and blowjobs while driving IN city on your average road. I think we were spotted a few times and only one honked but otherwise it was hot! ;) So doing something like that in a resturant like receiving some fun with a long tablecloth(or even a short one) would be something I'd go for! This invite is to ALL you ladies who want to do something like that in a public place!

Jan 11 @ 10:23PM  
Sounds like most people if not all is willing to try this in a public setting.

Jan 28 @ 5:23AM  
not in a restauraunt, or movie theater, or in a parking lot, but i have eaten out my who is now ex at a carnival and got caught on the ferris wheel where every one watched from above and took pics! it was all fun and pleasure until i was asked for an autograph from a 32 Y.O. woman cause she saw my 2004 military fantasy debut hustler DVD, then i was dumped cause i gave her the autograph. then asked her to go on the ferris wheel! LOL

Feb 12 @ 2:05AM  
I love public sex...will try it anywhere that wont get me arrested....

Mar 2 @ 3:31PM  
LET'S BE REAL and stop all this self-justification ....people don't shave their pubic hair so they will be CLEAN. The women shave it so they can look like 10-year olds, the men like them to do it, because it makes them look like 10-year olds and when I want a 10-year old I'll turn in my membership at the "GROWN MAN CLUB", stop trying to turn my partner into something she is NOT and go looking for jailbait. I want a FULL GROWN WOMAN who LOOKS like a full grown woman, because I have no appetite for children.

Mar 2 @ 3:44PM  
Talkpro, I think your comment was meant for the pubic hair blog (done by someone else on here) instead of my public oral sex blog. lol

Aug 21 @ 1:43PM  
Just did it again this past weekend, fingering her at the table while she stroked me and thanks for the extra napkins....I came with a straight face, well kind of

Aug 25 @ 10:09PM  
thats one of my fantasies and given the chance i would do it although ive never been to a restaurant where they have long tablecloths
as soon as i find one then HELL YEAH


Aug 30 @ 8:42AM  
I worked in a bar once, and a girl I was flirting with unzipped me and started stroking me. The other bartenders watched, jaws on the floor. The DJ saw it too, and later told me I had king kong balls. Not a reference to my genetalia, which are anything but - but to being gutsy enough to put my job on the line for a handjob.

Also, one girl I hooked up with liked to do it in the park. I drove a pick up, so we would go to the park after the bar closed and get it on doggy style in the bed of my truck. The first time was such a turn on for both of us, it became a regular Friday night routine for about 2 months.

Sep 2 @ 12:10AM  
Me and my girl full around in public all the time. One time we were at a state park in the middle of the day a road about 50 yards from us and employees of the park about 300 yards away when i whipped out my dick she dropped to her knees and sucked me off. While she was sucking me a car drove by and when we left we saw the employees staring out the windows.

Sep 5 @ 6:57AM  
It would almost be fictional

Sep 11 @ 10:07AM  
My ex and I were on our way home from a wedding. We were at a rest area just south of Jacksonville Fla. We were sitting at a table in the area. I knew he was feeling a little frisky so I started rubbing his cock through his pants. He laughed a little and asked if I was brave enough to give him head right there. I didn't say a word but took his cock out and started. As soon as I finished we heard truck horns. When we looked there were 2 tractor trailer drivers looking at us and hitting their horns. After that we stopped at rest areas at night to give a show. Sometimes I would do him other times he would do me but it was fun knowing that the truckers could see us

Sep 11 @ 10:24AM  
Lets start a petition to require all restaurants to have floor length table cloths! I'm sure that given the stuff that goes on in Washington we will be able to find more than a few Senators to hop on the bandwagon.

Oct 30 @ 9:14PM  
I agree.Being seen is not the same as being caught.
I've gotten head @ the Falls where Superman was filmed next to the rapids.The only ones that saw were the fisherman on the other side of the river.
Also in lake erie at a public beach. We were out @ the rope line & she went under water & blew me. As for under the table @ a resturant. I dont think so...You would get caught.

Oct 31 @ 11:15AM  
Girlfriend gave me a BJ and I fingered her on a BART train - late at night and empty car, but you never know who rides those things. Good times, baby!

Nov 4 @ 12:18PM  
not only would consider it but have done it several times

Nov 7 @ 7:33PM  
my question is...............can you find me a date at this resturaunt????

Nov 7 @ 9:26PM  
I would love to do this with a women. Would love to stay under there until she came in my mouth.

Nov 8 @ 8:11PM  
I remember one time I banged my girlfrind in the Walmart check out line...had two old ladies in front of us, she had on a summer dress with no panties and I slid it in when she went to check out the Enquirer magizine...shot my load just as she asked the checkout girl for a price check! No coupons required! Call me!

Nov 15 @ 1:40PM  
Go to one that has long tableclothes, drop your fork and go down on her...Been there done that....take your finger and touch her clit and mkae her cum right there....its fantastic

Nov 16 @ 2:01PM  
So many times and in so many places where do I start? The most memorable was in the back of a taxi while driving down the Vegas strip. It started with oral but didn't stop there. We were virtually naked within a few minutes of entering the cab. I remembering looking up at the faces on a packed bus that pulled along side at a traffic light. Towards the end of the ride down the strip we found ourselves stopped in a crowd of people who had just watched the Fremont Street experience. All we could do was smile back at them. It is Vegas after all. Not EVERYTHING that happens there stays there...... obviously.

Nov 29 @ 2:15AM  
Been there Done that and loved every minute of it!

Dec 14 @ 11:23AM  
yes, almost anywhere she ask for it

Dec 18 @ 2:33PM  
If you insist on shaved then forget me. I trim but I refuse to shave clean. I wouldn't do it for my ex so I won't do it for any other man either

Dec 18 @ 4:38PM  
I have both given and received,mostly given and will again.Very daring but wonderful.

Dec 27 @ 7:23PM  
never in a restraunt, but outdoors in the open many times. the best time was me and my girl in my boat at the lake. it was the middle of the summer in south texas hot ass hell we were cruising in the middle of thr lake and my girl was loking sexy in her pink bikini and was blessed with one hell of a set of tits so she had one are under them to keep them from bouncing so much and it was turning me on so i reached over and unzipped the front of it and started playing with them. i stopped the boat and took off her top and took one in my mouy and then the other while rubbing her womanhood. before long i had her on the floor giving her a god tongueing whhen a boat pulled up next to us, they just looked and took off. i guess they saw a boat floating and didnt see anyone so they came to check it out. but as soon as they left i finished my job and on the way back to the boat ramp she returned the favor. but at the dock there were boats waiting and we were both still horny so i did her doggie while we waited.

Jan 15 @ 5:23PM  
Here's a little story (true, no less!) I'll share with y'all. This is not something I did, but a couple sitting across the table from my date and me at the high school prom did.

My date and this other girl had gone to the ladies' room. (Why do females need company for this?) They returned shortly, and join those of us sitting at the table, and a few friends who were standing around visiting with us. Rather than sit on a chair, the girl sitting opposite us sat on her boyfriends lap. Since there were so many people right there at the table, nobody thought anything of it. That simply let someone else sit.

I was right there, and wouldn't have know what was going on had my girlfriend not leaned over to me and whispered that they were screwing right there at the table! It seems the trip to the bathroom had not been for anyone to relieve themselves. the girl had just gone there to remove panties and panty hose.

I looked at her, and she just grinned - she knew what was being whispered over on our side. They actually carried on a convesation with people around us, and I don't think anyone ever knew what was going on under that long gown she was wearing.

Jan 19 @ 6:19PM  
lillin , meet me in walmart parking lot . lets fullfill your favorate fantasy !

Jan 25 @ 11:01PM  
Hell yeah I would! Woman love that shit. And it makes them wanna do freaky and spontaneous shit for you too!

Jan 31 @ 2:37PM  
dont talk with your mouthful!!! LOL

Feb 3 @ 4:23PM  
Mmmm one of my very favorite things. I do like it when I give and recieve oral in a public place.Its a definate rush. I always look foward to the times when its requested from me from 'them' .

Feb 18 @ 10:24AM  
i have had sex in "public places" but the resturant just sounds crazy

Feb 27 @ 3:04AM  
hell yeah! I love it...done it many times...MY ex and I went to a 24 hour store after hittin the bar...while we were in the parking lot I got this urge, so I dragged him to the side of the store, which faces a huge condo complex and proceeded to give him "the best blowjob he had in his life"...another time it was a walk in the park and there was a first he couldnt get fully hard, he was scared that someone would see...I told him just to look at problems then!!...The most recent time it was very late at night, everyone was leaving a friend's house after a birthday and the birthday boy were horsing around outside on the porch, (which is across the street from the community college) waiting for our rides...when I got one of those urges again...and once again got to provide a man with "the best blowjob he ever got...EVER!!!"..and on his birthday! YaY public oral!!!!!!

Mar 25 @ 3:52PM  
Yes just haven't found tablecloth that big enough All game

Mar 26 @ 10:09AM  
I'm not sure about a restaurant but my wife and our girlfriend enjoy this when riding in the backseat while I'm driving a long distance on the expressway. Only a few trucks have run off the road if the driver spots the two of them. I of course keep the rear view mirror adjusted correctly so I can't see them and run off the road too!

Apr 27 @ 12:07PM  
Been there done that.....My Favorite is fingering her at the table and making her cum while others wonder what is going on. Her taking my cock and making me cum is a fun time also......You name I have done it

May 15 @ 11:49AM  
Now that is gross. That sounds like something a teenager would do. I love to have anal sex infront of people but not while eatting.

May 19 @ 8:22PM  
I have had more than I can count in public, me and the ex-wife in a public pool in the middle of the day. me and my ex girlfriend in the middle of a hiking trail in the middle of the day. me and my ex-wife in the back of a jeep grand cheerioke driving down I-5 through LA during rush hour

May 25 @ 12:49PM  
funny thing that happen to me only different. i was on the beach at twilight we both naked, swiming in the ocean. and desided to head back to the blanket getting it on while allthose bluehairs up there in thier condos looking down at us. yelling and some laughing and cheering. didnt think about those people in the condos. lol

Jun 24 @ 1:48PM  
why not? hehe

Jun 26 @ 7:02PM  
Would I ? Yes, but haven't,however, how about running one's hand up and down she legs, caressing her calf's/ankle's , across her thighs softly, between her legs with a feather touching and finger her, until she cum's.....all while " no one know's the diffeence," except, the look in her eye's? ( And, you don't need a long table cloth either! ) Done that a lot of times!!!!

Jul 2 @ 5:42PM  
About 2 weeks ago my gal and I were at happy hour at a local bar. They have a unisex bathroom. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. We disappeared in there and she went down and me and gave me one of her mind blowing, tongue lashing bjs. I guess I was louder than I thought because when we came out 2 waitresses were standing there with their jaws slack just staring at us. I winked at them and went back to the table.

Jul 5 @ 5:31PM  
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the fourth of July is over; we, on our first date, went to a Concert. We, after leaving the park, stopped and , ate at a great Pizza place, yum, something. Now is is twilight, brought her to her apmt.. Outside we talked, " I was waiting for her envite,"( which never came) when she took my hand and we walked to the side of the building; there she unbuckld my pants, slide he zipper down, slide her hands into my under pant and messaged my stick...up, up and away it came whee, she knelt down slide her lips up, down and licked my balls
and finally, took my head od my cock in her mouth.......
who said," long slow blow-job's?" Well,, when she finished sucking and i exploded,
she swallowed it all, fell back against the concerte wall and ytrembled as she came herself.....I, feell against the building wall, we both were, well " had! " Sine then, i found out she only cum's when swalowing......' shuch a doubt the nightbor's liked it too! Little do they know, " what i found! "

Jul 5 @ 5:40PM  
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the fourth of July is over; we, on our first date, went to a Concert. We, after leaving the park, stopped and , ate,.... at a great Pizza place, yum,... something. Now it is twilight, brought her to her apmt.. Outside we talked, " I was waiting for her envite," ( which never came) when she took my hand and we walked to the side of the building; there she unbuckled my pants, slid the zipper down, slid her hand into my under pants and messaged my stick..." up, up it came whee,... she knelt down, slide her lips up, down and licked my balls
and finally, took the head of my cock in her mouth.......
who said," long slow blow-job's?"
Well,, when she finished sucking and I exploded,
she swallowed it all, fell back against the concerte wall and trembled, as she came over and over,herself.....I, fell against the building wall, we both were, well
" had! " Sine then, I found out, she only cum's when swallowing......" such a doubt the nightbor's liked it too! Little do they know, " what I found! "
(Oh, by he way, this is the same girl, if you read my comments earlier about getting a blow-jop while visiting her in the hospital! )

Aug 4 @ 3:31PM  
You bet I would go down on a woman under a table and love it

Aug 8 @ 10:08PM  
Pick me up at 8!

Aug 9 @ 12:01AM  
you best believe i would, and continue until she just about sank down low in the chair, or until she had a total orgasm,,,,,,,

sam escuerra

{email address removed}

Aug 9 @ 12:03AM  
you best believe i would, and continue until she just about sank down low in the chair, or until she had a total orgasm,,,,,,,

sam escuerra

{email address removed}

Aug 26 @ 10:51AM  
I haven't met a woman yet who wanted that in public... so I have missed out on doing that. I wouldn't need much to get that started, that's for sure :P

Aug 30 @ 1:18AM  
my craziest time was when this girl i had always liked said come over and hang out. she had just been dumped by this guy and she seemed upset. i got over to her house just as it was getting dark. afer talking a little bit she asked me to take a walk... we ended up in her x boyfriends back yard. she then said take em off and we did it in his backyard. it sounds good right? WRONG!
he had rotweilers which he let outside. since then public stuff has been a slight issue... however anything else just you and me

just wait

Sep 7 @ 12:55PM  
I would do this to my lover. I love public erotic acts. another good place is the movies :)

Sep 13 @ 8:05PM  
30 years ago when my wife and I were lots younger, she gave me head while I was driving. I pulled into a rest area along the interstate and we finished by having wild, hot sex on a picnic table. We finished just as a trucker turned on his headlights and "spotted" us.

Sep 23 @ 12:25AM  
its was one of the most exciting evenings i have had...its definitely worth the time...

Nov 29 @ 4:04AM  
I love giving and recieving oral sex! It makes me more aroused when i make her just get all juicy and loud.. i sometimes try to tounge fuck my woman guys try it, theyll go wild if you got the tounge for it.....

Dec 9 @ 11:37AM  
been there done was great

Dec 31 @ 11:18AM  
Absolutely love public sex.
I have done it quite a lot, and even gotten in trouble a couple and learn!
The first time was at McDonalds...we sat in the corner and she gave me a hand job while I fingered her...we got seen by a guy, but he just watched...must have loved that illegal snatch he was viewing (we were both 16)...
I had sex in a grocery store, at a park (not where kids go to play), oral in the car while driving (hard to give a girl oral in a car while she is driving, but it can be done with a little contortionism)
Even in a pubic restroom and at a movie theater(had full on sex, no one even noticed) - There was one time at a movie theater that my girl gave me head and a guy was watching, jerking off...
Once even on my gal behind me, jacking me off...we pulled along side a car, and the woman driving watched...she kept up with us until I blew my load on my gas tank...
ALWAYS more exciting in public!!

Jan 29 @ 12:27PM  
I was riding in a car to see a friend of ours and the topic of road head to a girl while driving could be possible. Needless to say after talking about it for a bit we both were really horny and she had a short skirt on so, we set the cruise control and slid the seat back and i climbed in. She was moaning and squirming and couldn't keep the car straight.

Next thing i knew she pulled into a rest area and yanked me out of the car and we had some crazy sex on a park table for all to see as it was mid day. It was some of the greatest sex i've had.

Jan 29 @ 12:40PM  
Hmm....111 comments...well, I probably won't be able to say anything that hasn't really been said (no, I haven't read them all )...but I do have a story to share.

I had this girlfriend many years ago. She was very cute and so my type...but she was horribly boring in bed...well, this was during my settle-for-what-I-can-get years, so I just accepted that.

Well...I guess that was a good thing, because it turned out that if there were people around, she got all wild and crazy...totally different person!

It didn't matter if it was somewhere with a slight chance of getting seen, under a blanket at a party or just within plain view among a crowd...she was crazy!

Now I tend to be quite open when it comes to most things, but some of her ideas were too crazy even for me to feel comfortable with

Feb 13 @ 11:01AM  
A couple years back I had an affair with a married guy. He would call and tell me to meet his various places. He'd say come without panties - wear a skirt - that kind of thing. So one mind winter day we were walking in the woods by a river. Very scenic. He was very aroused cause he had no underwear on. He undid his fly and I started giving him a hand job. He told me to take it out and get on my knees and suck it. I didn't want to but we played this way - he would be very demanding and I would obey. So in broad daylight I was on my knees on a wet ground sucking his cock. Just then I heard runners and wanted to stop. He told me to continue. His exact words were, "don't you fucking stop". I continued to suck his cock and he pulled my head to him using his hands. There were 2 guys and they ran right past us without stopping or commenting. It was pretty wonderful all in all...

Feb 15 @ 2:04AM  
My ex and I did it on the roof of our house ( while looking for the opening that the squirrels were using to get into our attic ) in broad daylight! What was I thinking?? LOL!

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